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Old 03-11-2011
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Strongest sectional in 1A

Well, I've beaten the Iowa tournaments to death. Go to The Predicament and look for posts by soonoffthebeat discussing what areas of the state are strongest.

Now it's Illinois' turn. A little more cut-and-dried, I suppose, but here's how I worked it.

I gave 1 point for each preliminary win, 2 for each quarterfinal, 4 for each semi, 8 for each final. In addition, I gave standard bonus points (1 for a major, 1.5 for a tech and 2 for a pin/DQ/fft).

Who's the strongest? No question (Oregon). By a lot? (Yes). How much? Read on...


By sectional:

1. Oregon Sectional (329 points).
Snapshot -- The northwesterners got out to a quick start with a 1-2-4 effort at 103, more than doubling up the other three sectional point totals combined. The sectional was shut out of the medals at only one weight (135) and by then could have stopped wrestling entirely from 140 on up and still ranked second. It had all three of its state qualifiers medal at three different weights, led by the 1-2-3 from Twyner-Hubbard-Skiles at 130 (by far the best point total by any weight from any sectional at state). In fact, it wasn't until the final weight -- with added bonus points endemic to 285 -- that the other three sectionals had more than half of Oregon's point total.
Medalists (24; 1st).
1sts -- Josh Alber (Dakota, 103); Jake Snow (Newman, 112); Nick Harrison (Stillman Valley, 119); JJ Whaley (Stillman Valley, 125); Thorian Twyner (Orion, 130); Mark McDonnell (Morrison, 140); Trace Engelkes (Winnebago, 152); Jake Apple (Dakota, 171); Trey Griffin (Lena-Winslow, 189); Michael Sojka (Winnebago, 215).
2nds -- Garrett Webb (Newman, 103); Maxx Hubbard (Newman, 130); Zach Nelson (Mercer County, 145); Seth Whan (Sherrard, 189); Mitchell Keppy (Riverdale, 285).
3rds -- Zach Butler (Orion, 125); Austin Skiles (Mercer County, 130); Steven Bradley (Byron, 145); Dan Stott (Harvard, 160).
4ths -- Chris Denning (Rock Falls, 103); Jeremiah Shearer (Stillman Valley, 112); Tad Hawley (Stillman Valley, 145); Branson Cain (Riverdale, 160); Reid Sealby (Byron, 215).

2. Plano Sectional (164 points).
Snapshot -- Right away, the northeasterners established themselves as -- on a sectional standpoint -- the only viable threat to the Oregon juggernaut, with five medals in the first three weights. But Plano took an 0-4 barbecuing at 130 and an 0-3 shutout at 285. Its first champion was Chancey at 152, but it did score fairly solidly in a few other weights as well. It outpointed Oregon at 160, thanks to a 1-2 finish from Hoselton and Young there.
(Medalists: 18; 2nd).
1sts -- Billy Chancey (Reed-Custer, 152); Andy Hoselton (Prairie Central, 160).
2nds -- Trent Lyons (Reed-Custer, 112); Alex Young (Peotone, 160); Channing Dolliger (Bishop McNamara, 215).
3rds -- Stephen Kettner (Wilmington, 103); Andy Rodawold (Wilmington, 112); Steve Rosenburg (Reed-Custer, 119); Alex Valentine (Seneca, 135); Blake Olson (Wilmington, 140); Elliott McClure (Gibson City, 152); Steve Liaromatis (Wilmington, 171); Felipe Martinez (Hoopeston Area, 189).
4ths -- Jameel Carter (Uplift, 125); Zach Skoryi (Wilmington, 135); Travis Tomac (Plano, 140); Jamal Carter (Uplift, 152); Zach Boyer (Reed-Custer, 171).

3. Tolono Unity Sectional (100 points).
Snapshot -- It took a few weights to get going, but Tolono bagged the first non-Oregon champion (Miller of Macomb at 135) and pulled its way into a certain 3rd early on. But the weight class only scored in double-digit points in four weights (highest was 18, at 135), and took a bagel at 112 and scored just one point at two others, with only five medalists through 171.
Medalists: (8; 3rd).
1sts -- Austin Miller (Macomb, 135).
2nds -- Devin Bullington (LeRoy, 119); Justin Meyers (LeRoy, 125); Phillip Norton (Macomb, 171).
3rds -- Aaron Ford (Argenta-Oreana, 215); Trent Trudeau (Argenta-Oreana, 285).
4ths -- Kyle Powars (Argenta-Oreana, 125); Dakota Patton (Bismarck-Henning, 189).

4. Vandalia Sectional (67 points).
Snapshot -- Just never got going. It didn't get its first medalist until 130 (4th) and didn't score in double digits in any weight until the last one, when Crum and Sauer went 1-4 for a 21-point effort (nearly one-third of the entire sectional's points). The sectional took four bagels, with two of those the 0-4 variety, and in two other weights it only won in the consolation side of the bracket.
Medalists: (6; 4th).
1sts -- Tanner Crum (Mt. Carmel, 285).
2nds -- Coy Davidson (Litchfield, 135); Dalton Brown (Shelbyville, 140); Levi Fortner (Herrin, 152).
4ths -- Alex Jones (Shelbyville, 130); Brad Sauer (Murphysboro, 285).

Now, I'll switch up the focus to look at each of the four sectionals over the next four days. I'll start with Vandalia, and work my way up. Then 2A, and then 3A. Who said I was going anywhere? LOL

Thanks for reading!

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Old 03-14-2011
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You have Chancey & Engelkes both champs at 152.
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