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Old 03-13-2011
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Breaking down Tolono Unity

So Tolono had quite a few twists and turns along the way. Like Vandalia, three different regionals held the lead during the course of walking through each weight. At the 152-pound weight class, all four regionals were within 10.5 points of one another, which with as many matches are contested in a sectional and with as many bonus points that are available, it's just two wins with bonus points. But a huge push at the end gave one regional the advantage.

Here's the breakdown:

1. Argenta-Oreana Regional (Argenta-Oreana, Bismarck-Henning, St. Thomas More, Schlarman, Fithian Oakwood, Monticello, Rantoul, St. Joseph-Ogden, Tolono Unity) -- 271 points.
Snapshot -- The regional was never really out of the picture, though it did stand in third place and just a point and a half out of the bottom after the 140-pound weight class, and was in last place as late at 171. But the A-Oers were particularly strong in the upper weights -- no great surprise there, it's been a traditional strength for years in that part of the state -- where they scored 100 points in the final three weights.
State qualifiers (13; 6 alternates) -- 1st.
1sts -- Dacian Alvarez (Oakwood, 112); Dakota Patton (Bismarck-Henning, 189); Aaron Ford (Argenta-Oreana, 215); Trent Trudeau (Argenta-Oreana, 285).
2nds -- Zach Whitsel (Argenta-Oreana, 103); Dylan Knisley (Monticello, 130); Dan Ball (Argenta-Oreana, 140); Kenny Lindsey (St. Joseph-Ogden, 215).
3rds -- Jacob Carter (Bismarck-Henning, 112); Kyle Powars (Argenta-Oreana, 125); Luke Dunn (Monticello, 145); Henry LeCrone (Tolono Unity, 152); Morgan Supergan (Bismarck-Henning, 285).
Alternates -- Austin Hyde (Monticello, 112); Zach Martin (Bismarck-Henning, 125); Ramsey Hoss (Monticello, 135); Clay Wright (Monticello, 152); Beau Thomas (Monticello, 160); Andy Bensyi (St. Joseph-Ogden, 189).

2. Macomb Regional (Beardstown, Camp Point Central, Illini West, Farmington, Havana, Macomb, Quincy Notre Dame, West Hancock) -- 245 points.
Snapshot -- Macomb was the one regional, after all four were within 10 points at 152, that seemed to make the first breakaway, with 54.5 points at 160 and 171, but couldn't overcome Argenta's overwhelming push at the end. It scored well at 103, jumping out to a sizable lead, but then didn't score in double digits again until 130. The regional had its best efforts at 103 and 140, respectively (32.5 and 32 points, respectively).
State qualifiers (10; 5 alternates) -- 2nd.
1sts -- Jack Lucie (West Hancock, 103); Austin Miller (Macomb, 135); Jonah Coggeshall (Camp Point, 140); Jacob Smith (Camp Point, 160); Phillip Norton, (Macomb, 171).
2nds -- Rory Hibbert (Camp Point, 119); Gage Stephens (Quincy ND, 125); David Acosta (Beardstown, 145); Clayton Seward (Beardstown, 171); Garrett Kestner (Camp Point, 189).
Alternates -- Blake Shute (Quincy ND, 130); Jarrod Rockhold (Macomb, 140); Jordan Slater (Macomb, 145); Kodie Schilson (West Hancock, 215); Matt Hugenberg (Quincy ND, 285).

3. Eureka Regional (Chillicothe IVC, El Paso-Gridley, Eureka, LeRoy, Dee-Mack, Peoria Heights, Tremont, Midland) -- 218 points.
Snapshot -- A 40-point performance at 119 lifted Eureka into first place, a spot it would hold all the way up to 152. The regional scored 40 points (best at any weight in the sectional) with its 1-3 finish from Bullington and Egli, and titles at 125 and 130 helped push the lead. But from 140 through 160, the regional would only score in the single digits, allowing the other three regionals to get back into the race.
State qualifiers (10; 2 alternates) -- 3rd.
1sts -- Devin Bullington (LeRoy, 119); Justin Meyers (LeRoy, 125); Tyler Woolridge (LeRoy, 130).
2nds -- Austin Matlock (LeRoy, 112); Ben Pintar (Eureka, 135); Jared Lauber (IVC, 160).
3rds -- Dylan Egli (Tremont, 119); John Morrell (LeRoy, 135); Drake Sinn (Tremont, 171); Brad Simmons (LeRoy, 215).
Alternates -- Bret Hoover (IVC, 103); Chase Scherer (Eureka, 171).

4. Petersburg PORTA Regional (Clinton, Illini Bluffs, Midwest Central, PORTA, Stanford Olympia, Warrensburg-Latham) -- 206.5 points.
Snapshot -- Quite honestly, I was a little surprised at this regional being the one to finish last, what with PORTA's presence here. But other than a 1-2 showing at 152 that led to 25.5 points and another 25-point effort at 140, there was never that wow weight that made it stand out from the rest. It never led at any point and wasn't even second at any point. Other than 112 and 215, it didn't have any bad weights, however.
State qualifiers (9; 1 alternate) -- 4th.
1sts -- Bradey Kolb (PORTA, 145); Cody Willis (Clinton, 152).
2nds -- Stormy Hild (PORTA, 152); Nick Herkert (PORTA, 285).
3rds -- Jordan Richardson (PORTA, 103); Marcus Durrett (PORTA, 130); Brett Meyer (Midwest Central, 140); Luke Markham (Olympia, 160); Tyler Claussen (PORTA, 189).
Alternates -- Nathan Mitchell (PORTA, 119).

Coming Monday: Plano.
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