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Old 10-21-2005
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The Burk Blog 10/21

Another week of practice is almost done, with an afternoon practice still to go. This week was not as rough as the previous 2 weeks because I believe that I am getting used to having 2 practices per day. The afternoon practices have picked up as we are wrestling on our feet as well as on the mat. Our conditioning should begin to improve with the change in pace. That is one thing that I like about Coach Grant, he has a belief that conditioning wins matches, which I also believe to be true.

My weight is still not where I want it to be. I was up to weighing a little over 190, but I am down to around 185 right now. I lost weight just through working out and not putting the amount of calories that I needed back into my body. I do not mind it as much as I would because my lifts are still getting higher, so I just think I am getting into better shape.

As Danny said, our wrestle-offs are in a week and a half now and they should be interesting. We have mini tournaments that includes each guy in the weight class and then the finals will occur on Wednesday the 2nd between the 2 guys that survive the mini tourneys. I am hoping to be able to get to the finals of those and just wrestle well. Then we will move onto the Wisconsin-Stevens Point Pointer Open and then we travel to Omaha, Nebraska for the Open there. We should see great competition there, with Iowa State, Iowa, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Nebraska, and from i have heard, possibly Virginia Tech and Hofstra. Many believe it to be tougher than the Midlands these days.

School is going well so far. I have learned to balance my classes with the practices. Days can get to be busy, but it is just something that each of us has to deal with. Balancing school and wrestling is just something that each of us has agreed to do with the commitment that we have made to the team and coaches. If a class does conflict with practice, individual practices are set up for that particular wrestler with one of the coaches. I have to have an individual each week on Thursday, as I have a class at 3:30.

Well, I am going to go right now. The season is beginning the pick up and excitement to wrestle in meets again is building up. Again, good luck to all wrestlers this year...enjoy it and have fun. PEACE---WOW

*P.S.---Mike Grimes wants me to talk about him so...yeh I just did. Cya
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