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Old 01-23-2019
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More about the Mini-soda dual:

Back to the the Kanzler match. I liked that he was taking shots against the Gopher former All-American even though he was down big in the third period. That tells me that Kanzler wants to get better, and will likely get better. Also, Thorn got the benefit of a blood timeout and an eye-poke timeout, so he really didn't have too much of a chance to gas. Here we see (like in the Carr/Storr match), the opposing wrestler getting away with not only hands to the face, but also causing damage to the ILLINI, and then getting to pick bottom because Kanzler had his eye poked by Thorn.

Eric Barone had a strong shot at a double in the first period, and he threw in an underhook like IMAR used to do, and then went to a Russian tie and double underhooks to get a stall call on Bleise, all in the first period. Barone was going for the lead with a takedown, but although he had the Bleise's leg elevated for about ten seconds, the second period ended.

Guns was coming back into the lineup and cutting weight. Not a good combination. Still showed some gas in the tank. He just wasn't quite "back" back to his old self.

Skatzka leads with the top of his head into the face or forehead of Carver James x2. Again, Skatzka with the benefit of blood time outs for his weak gas tank, and those blood time outs were caused by him.

Emery Parker was Emery Parker, but still building that gas tank.

Andre Lee has the most wins on the team. That first-period inside trip was a beauty! Loved how he took the Gopher to the mat from a single leg as well. I think Lee is an NCAA Qualifier, my friends! Andre Lee has the most wins on the team. That probably has something to do with all the injuries and illnesses the guys have faced this year, but it bears repeating, Andre Lee has the most wins on the team.

Gable avoided ties for the first minute. That was smart. He went for two low singles. As soon as he started to tie up, we almost had Deuce on the Loose!

Gable quickly pulled his head out, but that position happened in an instant. The Lesson? Don't tie up with Deuce! He gets to his throws while you blink your eyes.

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