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Old 01-25-2020
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Summer duals

With the season coming to end in next 2 months, I've gotten a few calls if I was putting together teams for Grand River Rumble or other 9 & 10u duals. This year I am not putting a GRR team together. I will however happily post a list of kids that imo are some of the standout competitors at each weight. Most these kids are just off the top of my head so if I left a couple out, I apologize. Feel free to add to list kids who should be on here.

Last year IL brought 9 9u teams to GRR and made it difficult for some teams to roster a full team. I'm sure some of these kids are already on a GRR team but il list them anyways. If considering a team, I suggest not waiting til last minute to start filling rosters because its stressful enough assembling a team muchless finding the last few kids when times up.

So heres a list of some kids I'd suggest for whoever is putting teams together this offseason. Again, feel free to add names. Also, I'm not sure who's all putting teams together but I'm guessing they already started.

Grayden schloemann. lucas bush
Lila carson. Brennan caruso
Calvin Babcock. Jesse berman
Mason poll. Mason Allen
Decklyn thompson. jackson allen
Pedro champion rangel

Julian godina
Cooper kiwior
Grady glowacki
Easton mcdonell

Cale dauber. Reese babcock. zander hollis
Carter noonan. Hogan rice. Weston frazier.
Wes janick. Brady myatt. Connor collins
Colin crouch. Julian medina. Isaac Showalter
Noah thomas. Cole lemberg

Crue hatchell. Mason munson. Finn McDermott
Jaden Washington. ethan hamilton. Reilen hermsen. Barric heraty

Barrett speck. Kai enos. Colton schultz
Julius cole. Devin ehler. andrew jones
Davis ventures. Hunter brandon
Taj Stephens

Brody page. Mason swartz. Max mandac
Charlie connors. Titan Henderson. Axel Rodriguez
Kane dauber. Aiden McClure. Azarius overstreet

Miles Greenfield. Wade rees. Ameer khalil

Brock janezcko
Rage Henderson

Hampton kingsford
Daniel jackson

With the age cutoff in IL, it gets confusing who may be eligible for 9u or 10u or both. Most duals have a 12/31/19 cutoff for 9u. If its 10u, I can add a lot more names but to help w/ 9u teams here is a very solid list. Hope this helps any and everyone putting dual teams together.
Good luck the rest of the season to everyone

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Old 01-25-2020
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Crue is already hooked up with a GRR team, but wondering in anyone is interested in making a 10U team for Nuway Nationals first week of April. It's the same week (I believe) as folk style Nationals, but we've gone the last couple years and had a lot of fun. New Age groups this year is why we're hunting for a new thing
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Old 01-25-2020
2on1 2on1 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2017
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Mike, lmk the bday cutoff for 10u. If you want, I can help w/ that. Need to know bday cutoff & weights. Just call me and we can discuss
For anyone else looking for a team or kids to fill rosters, feel free to reach out to me via email or phone. For those who dont have it, my email is and ph# is 630-854-0583.

My guess is theres more teams than I'm aware of but teams I'm guessing for grr are
IL Battle lead by Coach Noble
Renegades of funk lead by Coach Vester
Sot lead by Coach hoselton
King Select lead by Coach King

If I'm leaving any out, please post here so people can reach out.

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