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Old 11-23-2008
Timesfreelanceguy Timesfreelanceguy is offline
Wrestling Media
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A fun thought as the season is about to begin

I saw this on the wall at Geneseo while I was covering a girls basketball tournament Saturday afternoon and evening. Thought I'd share it. Remember, I've never wrestled. I know it's true for non-wrestlers.

Championship wrestlers leap tall buildings in a single bound. Average wrestlers leap small buildings in a single bound. Non-wrestlers bump into buildings.

Championship wrestlers are more powerful than a locomotive. Average wrestlers are almost as powerful as a locomotive. Non-wrestlers get run over by a locomotive.

Championship wrestlers are faster than a speeding bullet. Average wrestlers are faster than a slow bullet. Non-wrestlers shoot themselves in the foot with a bullet.

Championship wrestlers put opponents on their back. Average wrestlers fight off their back. Non-wrestlers nap on their back.

Championship wrestlers take down all opponents. Average wrestlers take down some opponents. Non-wrestlers take down the laundry.

Championship wrestlers get reversals. Average wrestlers get escapes. Non-wrestlers get gas.

Championship wrestlers lift weights. Average wrestlers make weight. Non-wrestlers are overweight (at least some of us are).

Championship wrestlers work out. Average wrestlers try out. Non-wrestlers chill out.

Championship wrestlers kick butt. Average wrestlers try to kick butt. Non-wrestlers sit on their butt.

Championship wrestlers hit the switch on tough wrestlers. Average wrestlers hit the switch on some wrestlers. Non-wrestlers hit the switch on the remote.

Championship wrestlers shoot takedowns. Average wrestlers shoot escapes. Non-wrestlers shoot the bull.

Championship wrestlers show leadership. Average wrestlers show up. Non-wrestlers show off.

Championship wrestlers can't be scored on. Average wrestlers can't be pinned. Non-wrestlers can't be bothered.

Championship wrestlers make things happen. Average wrestlers helps things happen. Non-wrestlers wonder what happened.

I guess the lesson learned -- in all the humor -- is which one of these you want to be.

Well, here's one guy who hopes that every one of you makes the right choice. Good luck this season. For Moline, Rocky, UT, Harlem, Kaneland, Yorkville, Morton, and Sycamore, I'll see you on Tuesday night.
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Old 11-24-2008
ctdad ctdad is offline
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I like this; good stuff.

Shannon, Yorkville and Harlem will not be there. Those schools had prior commitments on Tuesday, so when UT switched the days, they could not come. Morton was already on Moline's schedule later in the season, and didn't want to dual them twice, so Moline varsity will only have 2 duals that night; the other schools will have 3. Moline's 3rd dual will be a JV match with the UT JV team.

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Old 11-24-2008
FoxesFan FoxesFan is offline
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What a shame, I was wondering why Yorkville wasn't going, and didn't know about UT's moving the event from Wednesday to Tuesday. Yes, Yorkville has a dual on Tuesday night, so I guess the contract covered this year. Maybe back next year? I would hope so.

While it's a long drive, the admosphere and level of competion was great. Good Luck to all of our friends in the Quad Cities!!

Yorkville added Stillman Valley, and will be there on Wednesday night.
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Old 11-25-2008
Timesfreelanceguy Timesfreelanceguy is offline
Wrestling Media
Join Date: Jan 2006
Posts: 903
Yeah, I'd heard about the missing teams earlier tonight. That's unfortunate. Wish that would not have happened.
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