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Old 11-27-2019
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Originally Posted by maddog81 View Post
When rankings we're posted I took at quick glance at them. I saw Labarbera ranked #3 at 182 for Matea Valley.Which he now goes to Montini.Swier was ranked #1 in 182 also from Montini. At 106 it had Danny Sheen of Montini ranked 3rd. And Joe Fernau of Montini ranked #7. Sheen goes to Wyoming Seminary now. I posted that information in the forum here. I looked back alittle later and it was changed. Those were the only two I saw. Then I deleted my post. A few weights are incorrect but that is hard to rank because of not knowing what weight they will be at. There will be Freshman having an impact on the rankings which very few if any we're mentioned. To my previous point you need to wait and see what weight they are wrestling before preseason rankings come out. It is almost impossible to do before hand.

Rob is the most knowledgeable guy I know when it comes to wrestling not only Illinois but Nationwide. I am big fan of his watch his podcasts weekly and sit there in amazement how much he knows. But IMO I agree with the previous poster that there was very minimal research done on these rankings and that they were published just to put them out there.

I saw the same thing, with some smaller others. I also see he has updated schools on some kids.

But when you miss two big changes to the top team in IL, you sorta notice. Sheen going to Wyoming has been know for some time. Same with Josh coming over from MV. I won't fault Rob on the weights, good luck calling those early, but..come on. That deserves atleast being mentioned.

Also, some kids from the same team being ranked at the same class.I know he speaks to the coaches and I know they don't tell him they are in same brackets.

Add on some freshman being ranked very high, when years past, they weren't ranked until they won their first HS match? With that being the case, Nasir Bailey not ranked...V Robinson either? They will be "ranked" when it counts.

Rob does a great job, and is one of IL's best....but, the first ranking..first draft has not been like years past.
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Old 11-28-2019
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Yeah somebody let him know about school changes. I remember the no freshman rule. It looks like if a fresh did something in Fargo they got ranked. I look forward to the post Holiday rankings. Most guys go their lowest certified weight at Whitlach, Dvorak, Cheesehead, and or Clash. Until then let the speculation begin.
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