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Old 02-11-2019
dadudaman4 dadudaman4 is offline
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Originally Posted by ChiefIllini1 View Post

By the way the secret message that followed the "white rabbit" was in the last, far right line of numbers and letters on the picture at the top of the original post in this thread. Spelled out vertically in white letters was the word "rabbit." What followed that was the secret message, also vertical, which read, "F the badgers."

I think the ILLINI qualify eight. The individuals on this team will have crazy-high RPIs. If there are any of those eight who fail to nail down one of the conference's allotments at his weight, he'll get pulled in with a wild card. The RPIs will be too good to ignore.

It all depends on how many qualifiers per each weight class. Right now I doubt we qualify at 149, 174, and 285. Pretty sure we qualify at 125,133,141,157,165, 184 and perhaps at 197. You never know with Lee. The more interesting question is how many champions we will have. I think Carr and Parker are our only realistic shots at No. 1. Parker needs to watch out or he could be looking at 3rd or 4th.
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Old 02-11-2019
IlliniinIowa IlliniinIowa is offline
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I think James has a real good shot at qualifying, but I agree with you on 149 and HWT. I thought Wiscy was incredibly boring. Other than 157 and HWT, they barely had any offense. Even their top guys don't take shots. Moran should have been hit for more stalling and Wick is so very tough,but not very interesting to watch.
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Old 02-11-2019
jay31 jay31 is offline
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Originally Posted by PapaBearSLIM View Post
Are you saying the Illini have only had bonus in 4 dual matches this year? Everything isn't rosy but that sounds far fetched.
I agree it sounds unlikely, and as much as I would like to say I rattled those off the top of my head I went back and looked at all the dual recaps on the Illini site. For some reason the Iowas dual wasnt linked so i went to the iowa site. It is possible I missed something but I dont think so. Of course there have been plenty of bonus points in the open tournaments.
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