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Old 01-24-2009
NIref NIref is offline
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Under no circumstances can the figure four to the head be put in from neutral. That includes the drape with the arm.
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Old 02-06-2009
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Originally Posted by NIref View Post
It's not usually a "go-to" move. We stop it often for illegal or potentially dangerous (usually a PD), mostly because kids suck at putting it in.

The figure four to the head is only legal when someone on top does it. It cannot be put in from the neutral position. This usually happens when a kid shoots a low double, is dropped to his knees, and picks up the wrestler from his knees, putting the opponent's feet in the air. If he puts the figure four in, it's a technical violation, if he scissors the HEAD, I believe it's an immediate stoppage and penalty.
Actually, you are incorrect to say that it is only legal when someone on top does it. The bottom wrestler can also put it in and not get penalized. Think of it this way. Often we see the top wrestler drop down to a single to return the bottom guy to the mat after he attempts a stand up. The top wrestler remains in control while he is on the leg and should not get warned for stalling as long as he is working to improve, i.e. working to remain in control. Should he get his head buried on the inside (between the defensive wrestlers leg) while still maintaining control of the leg he may attempt to lift the defensive wrestler. The defensive wrestler then could figure four the head and not get penalized.

You did mention correctly that the figure four is a technical violation from the neutral position. The neutral position is the only place that a figure four would result in a TV.
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Old 02-18-2009
marco_coach marco_coach is offline
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Talking does anyone on your team use the move?

Originally Posted by rasslcub View Post
anybody else out there love to use this hold? I find it very effective to pin

looking for thoughts/ideas about the hold... I've never had the hold applied to me.... so anybody on the receiving end can add to discussion...

does your team coaches teach the hold and actively encourage it? do any of your team members use the hold as well?
We have a young lady on our team that uses the figure 4 with the wing very effectively. She has pinned alot of the young men with it...
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Old 03-02-2009
Crippler710 Crippler710 is offline
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Big Ten Network

Niko Triggas the 125lber at Ohio State has used it twice in the past 2 weeks, to secure 2 falls...Both televised...Im sure you can youtube those, as they were both done very effectively.
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Old 03-02-2009
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Brandon Giletine From Peotone Has Used This Hold In Most Of His Matches But He Has Many Other Moves Too
Phoenix From Peotone
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