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Old 09-13-2018
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Girls Wrestling Eligibility Q & A

Coach Jason Acevedo, Plainfield South, emailed Sam Knox, IHSA Asst. Executive Director, regarding girls eligibility and here is the response:


Thanks for the communication.

Girls are limited to the same participation in by-law 5.173 that boys must follow.

That means girls can participate in up to 21 duals and 4 tournaments if they still want to participate in the IHSA postseason.

If a girl doesn’t want to participate in the IHSA postseason, she can wrestle in a 5th tournament during the regular season.

For example, a girl who is on your postseason roster has the following options with tournaments.

4 traditional boys tournaments
3 boys tournaments & 1 girls tournament
2 boys tournaments & 2 girls tournaments (including the IWCOA Sectional & State Finals)
1 boys tournament & 3 girls tournaments (including the IWCOA Sectional & State Finals)
4 girls tournaments (including the IWCOA Sectional & State Finals)

The IWCOA Girls Sectional counts as one tournament.

The IWCOA Girls State Finals counts as one tournament.

If she participates in both events, that counts as a total of two tournaments.

She can participate in the IWCOA events and still have eligibility for the IHSA postseason.

Our weight descent plan will be based on the weight classes in the NFHS rule book (106, 113, etc.). A girl’s descent plan will look the same as it has in the past.

When she wrestles in girls events, if that event uses the IWCOA girls weight classes, she will still have to meet her descent plan that you’ll see in the Schools Center.


Thanks Jason

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