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Old 11-25-2019
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Novice Weight Classes - Hmmmm

I know we said last year they would obviously need to re-org the Novice weight classes after pushing the 12 year olds up to senior last year. And obviously of course they did. I just happened to take a peek out there. Only 15 weight classes in Novice as opposed to 18 in senior. The spreads jump up pretty quick in Novice (e.g. 93 to 100, and 100 to 108). That is quite a jump up and will no doubt / 100% promote more weight cutting than is probably necessary for 10 and 11 year olds. I seriously sometimes have to wonder what they are thinking. Or maybe they aren’t thinking. Or maybe they want to make the brackets look more populated. Who knows. Maybe I am imagining it, but it did sort of make me do a double take when looking through the weights.

Make sure your kid doesn’t weigh in at 100.5. Otherwise they very well could be wrestling against a kid coming down from 113 or so. Or of course higher than that even.
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