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If this is what impeachment looks like we should do this to all Republican President

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Glenn Beck nails it:

"On the bloody morning after, one tin soldier rides away..."
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Originally Posted by MAL View Post
Democrats do not want witnesses...they want to be able to claim that they were denied witnesses. Impeachment has been over for a long time...probably since before it started. If witnesses are called it will interfere with the Democrat primary...The Bidens will be called...this is probably the main reason. Biden has a lot of friends in the Senate, in both parties. Biden would get destroyed under questioning and the Senate would never do that to him. The other reason Democrats do not want witnesses is, they do not want Trump to call his witnesses.
Now here and may be something I agree with. Hunter Biden has a very checkered past. The appointment to the board of a major gas company in a foreign country when your father is vice president just reeks of impropriety. I just read today that a woman in Arkansas Is suing him for child support and he has not been forthright with documents and such. Just like the president.😉. I actually went to college and have seen the Grateful Dead with his ex-wife Kathy and she’s a very nice girl. The substance abuse can happen to anyone. Nevertheless, calling him as a witness would be extremely embarrassing. The only reason I say you’re wrong is it appears that the Senate has soul control over whether to call witnesses. I think they realize it would embarrass the hell out of both sides. But since this is a trial for impeachment they should gather as many witnesses documents and fax as possible. I don’t know how anyone would agree that it is best not to call witnesses in a trial.
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Our "Crime of the Day" is fittingly on the subject of impeachment. What the impeached president did was to "convert" to his own use funds that belonged to the United States of America. He converted the money to his own use by placing an indefinite hold on them and then using them for an illegal shakedown of the Ukrainian government.

That's a very serious violation of the law.

No wonder Trump doesn't want witnesses or documents at the sham trial. He's a crook.
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