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Old 01-09-2006
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The Burk Blog 1/9

Sorry this has taken so long to be put up....I've been spending my down time reading a lot, trying to keep my brain working some!

We competed really well at Midlands as a team. We finished tied for 6th, which is by far the best we have done there. Pat Castillo wrestled great and finished 2nd at 125lbs. We had a lot of other nice performances as well, and some that could have been improved. I kind of cost myself a seed by losing to the kid from Indiana before Xmas. So at Midlands, I was lucky enough to have the #1 seed, and eventual champ, in the first round. Although i enjoy competing against great wrestlers, I would rather not do it in the first round of a big tournement. However, after the opening round loss I rebounded well and came through the consolation bracket with 3 wins in a row. I ended up a match away from placing, and that was a match I thought I was going to win. I kind of walked away from that match with a concussion, but I can't make excuses.

We had a tough week of training last week. I was still nursing the concussion, because I tried to come back too quickly and got dinged up again. But I was able to get a lot of cardio in, and eventually get back onto the mat to drill some before Friday, when we wrestled Buffalo. To be honest, our team didn't compete too well against our first MAC opponent of the year. A lot of guys were slow and didn't seem to be into the match at all. And Buffalo's guys came out to win the dual, and they almost did. We had some nice leadership by guys like Pat Castillo and Mike Grimes, who came through in the end of their bouts to get extra team points. I was the 3rd to last match, and I knew I had to get some extra points to kind of clinch the dual. I was able to score a fall in the second period, so I was happy. I just wanted to help the team the best I could, because we needed a big pick up there.

I try to lead a lot by working hard all the time. But also, I try to be a leader in the sense that when our team needs something done, I am going to do it. Mike is the same way. Last year at the MAC tourney, we both had Kent St. guys on the second day of competition. We had both lost to those guys earlier in the year, and we were trailing Kent St going into that days round. But Mike and I kind of looked at it like "not only do we have to do this for ourselves, we have to do it for the team". And, we both did it. The Buffalo dual was the same thing.....we lost a couple close ones early, and before Mike's match I said "hey, we have to pick these guys up, we need some points". Mike scored a takedown late in the third to seal the major, and I was able to get the pin. That is the type of thing that an older member of the team has to do, and our team has guys that step up and do it. Josh Wooton majored his kid, and Pat pinned his kid late in the match. And, although we didn't knock off Oklahoma St or anything, the Buffalo dual was just symbolic for our team. We have guys who will step up when others are down. And that goes for everyone on the team.

I won't lie, I was very hesistant in the match to shoot for some reason, possibly because that is how I got the concussion. But i think I am over that now, realizing that hesitating is the worst thing I can do in a match, regardless.

This week we have National Duals. It is a great honor to be invited to such a big meet with the best teams in the country. I think we can do well. We just need to move past the Buffalo dual as a team, and realize that we belong with the best. I am hoping to wrestle some of the best guys in my weight class. This is really the last time I'll get a chance to wrestle a lot of the top guys before NCAA's roll around, so I am excited to see our draw and to get out there and wrestle.

Duke is still doing great. He is working hard everyday and pushing me to get better every day. He suffered his first collegiate loss this past weekend to Phil Keddy (sp??) from Iowa. The kid was real big and strong, and Duke just couldn't get his shots going at all. He lost 2-1. But, Duke realizes that it is ok to lose sometimes; that its not the end of the world. His better days are ahead of him, there is no doubt. Next year he is going to step in and be ready to compete right away with the best in the country.

I will try to stay on top of this blog more often now, to give you guys something to read weekly. Thanks again for reading, and hopefully your holidays were safe and fun at the same time.

God Bless,

PS - I have to send this week's shout out to Kalen Knull, who has the coolest "hick" accent I have ever heard. Actually, just because he's a real laid back guy, just like me, and he's a fun dude to be around, because he always has something witty to say to make you laugh. And besides, he comes from TEAM JORDAN......the best ever

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