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Old 11-09-2019
GrossNoises GrossNoises is offline
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It is a novel idea that one can go to a high school that is not the flavor of the month wrestling program and achieve success in life. Also it is crazy to me that the affluent private schools of Chicagoland have students with success on and off the mat.

You can do just find if you send your school to most any district outside the CPS and provided you raise them right, they will see success. Now if you want them to go to Harvard and win state and you have never reached anything close to those heights, then you will probably be disappointed. Losers breed losers and some underfunded school churns them through.
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Old 11-10-2019
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O yeah lol

Originally Posted by GrossNoises View Post
You straight up did not answer her question with this incoherent rambling. This is like writing an essay about particles when presented with a simple math question.
Her question, his question. Who gives a damn? Here’s an easy math problem for your gross snoring...

If a train was traveling OUT of illi-noise, how long would he or she pray to god before they crossed a river if he was thinking about corn every second?
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Old 11-12-2019
Red Turban Red Turban is offline
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Glad to see some passion back in these boards. You guys were WAY too quiet last year!


Your #16 Northwestern Wildcats vs #7 Northern Iowa

Sunday 5:00pm Welsh-Ryan Arena
Evanston, IL

Ranked Matches and Matches featuring local guys:

125 #3 Sebastian Rivera vs #9 Jacob Schwarm
149 #15 Yahya Thomas (HPDT & Mt Carmel) vs #3 Max Thomsen
157 #3 Ryan Deakin vs ??? (Deakin is just awesome to watch, He beat James Green)
165 Shayne Oster (Jr Porters & Lockport HS State Champion)
184 Jack Jessen (Izzy Style & Willowbrook HS State Champion)
197 Lucas Davison (RWA/Junior World Silver Medal) vs #4 Jacob Holschlag

Will be a great time and First Class wrestling talent on display in a very competitive dual that either team could win. See you guys there! Go CATS!!!
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Old 11-15-2019
Leg_Cradle Leg_Cradle is offline
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Originally Posted by maddog81 View Post
Oak Park will be in there soon. I'm surprised they weren't in there. As for individuals definitely not as many. Montini with only two. Danny Sheen Montini transfer is ranked #7 at 106 for Wyoming Seminary.
Why did he end up transferring???
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Old 11-15-2019
allpowerfuloz allpowerfuloz is offline
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Originally Posted by Leg_Cradle View Post
Why did he end up transferring???
Probably because he couldn't beat Fernau for 106 at Montini.
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Old 11-15-2019
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Originally Posted by Don E. Brook View Post
For what it's worth, that same Sandburg team also has a wrestler at Penn. All three of them came through the Orland Park Pioneer program.
True, but like a lot of teams - kids come in from all over, unless its remote like Yorkville or something. Probably only 25% of those kids came from Pioneers, 20% Bulldogs, 60% other, like the Catholic feeders because a ton of those parents when to Catholic schools, then their kids pursued them to stay public because that is what their Friends are doing - but then again good programs like that have more move-ins than most. Although, if you were going to move, and not top 10 most years in your state then you were probably better off going to a 2A school like Lemont or something - if you were not elite. 2A almost as tough, but a shade different, obviously depending on the luck of the weight. This is not even an issue for 98% of kids.
There are two guys in that zebra costume! Very funny...
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Old 11-15-2019
nobert nobert is offline
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Originally Posted by Vito View Post
What ever happened to Providence, Glenbard North, and Sanburg? They have been down for almost a decade now..

Does every HS wrestler in IL want to Wrestle at either Montini or OPRF?!? or Does every wrestling PARENT in Chicago want to send their wrestling son there? Please, this recruiting is becoming ridiculous... (If it is recruiting)

Anyone have an Idea how we can get more TEAMS up to Montini's Speed?

Yes, the way to get teams up to Montini's speed is easy in theory, but very tough to actually get done.

First, find a world class coach and coaching staff willing to dedicate all of their time to coaching High School wrestling. Then, find a facility (or 2 or 3) that they can train at that has plenty of mat space, and training tools to get to allow kids to reach their maximum potential.

Then, find a school that kids can move to or transfer to, or be able to attend that will allow and support a this world class coach in all the facets he needs to be able to make this team as good as the best in the world.

On top of all this you you need to find a way to support these coaches and their families financially, and have enough budget to support the necessary travel, facilities, tools, etc to keep all of these great coaches and kids around.

I really think some of this is happening all over the state of Illinois to some degree.

Beat the Streets in Chicago is in the beginning stages of creating some great wrestling environments up there. They have Mike Powell, Dan Willis, Mike Poetta, Brian Medlin mentoring a host of young new coaches being sent in to Chicago.

Ryan Cumbee is getting something started at Joliet Catholic.

TJ Williams is coaching at Tremont High School near Peoria.

Washington High School Wrestling Room is getting there.

The coaches are getting close. With more and more facilities being opened, somebody is going to start challenging Montini.

I hope it is from a school we haven't heard much from yet!
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Old 11-15-2019
Vito Vito is offline
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IMO, yall better Pay your Coaches WELL. When an individual commits to a program / school, he or she has to commit to not work from about 2:30 pm-8pm Monday - Friday and every single weekend. That is very difficult for a 22-30 year old to do because money runs everything. When that so called "coach" does not see one single dollar and or receive any payment OTHER than a miller lite here and there.. Thats Just F***** Bull ****!! (I know, it happened to me for 4 years) Sorry, Not everyone is laid off making unemployment every winter...

Izzy style and Factory seem to have the right wrestling families entering their rooms. It seems they have a solid "Business" mindset, and have produced A Lot of Talent. Ryan Cumbee is doing something truly special at JCA, along with TJ in the Washington Area... Really excited to watch the trophies line up for JCA in the next 5-10 years..

With ALL these IL wrestlers leaving the Great State of IL for "better oppertunites", it will need a lot of persuading bringing them back as a coach... IMO, it's not the "Land of Lincoln" anymore, its the Land of Loneliness and frustration... (End of my Rant)
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Old 11-16-2019
Cfc46 Cfc46 is offline
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Originally Posted by onyourtoes View Post
I personally don't expect my son to wrestle internationally. He's 9. I'd be super pumped if he didn't get upset whenever he was losing in a match.

Original poster asked how do other schools catch up....that just seems to be something unique to Montini, along with the caliber of education these kids are getting in large part due to wrestling after Montini.

Elite kids programs....
Izzy, Harvey Twisters, 1006, Force, Storm, SCN, Arlington, Wrestle Factory/Poeta...sure there's others, but those stick out.
How is 1006 a elite program,never produced a ihsa qualifier,great at recruiting kids from elsewhere tho
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Old 11-16-2019
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Originally Posted by Cfc46 View Post
How is 1006 a elite program,never produced a ihsa qualifier,great at recruiting kids from elsewhere tho
Well he did say “elite KIDS programs”. I’m not sure, but didn’t they win IKWF senior duals and win either novice or senior in Rockford? As of right now they are one of the elite kids clubs in IL. As far as high school kids, I have not heard of anyone YET, but how long have they been around?

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