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Old 03-07-2018
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Originally Posted by Tuff On Top View Post
whats a good over/under number of our guys to be AA?
2.5 would be my number. IMar obviously. Parker is a good bet. The Big Ten is so loaded at 184 with 7 of the top 9 ranked guys from the Big Ten and he finished fifth there. His only losses this year were to top 10 guys. Carr has a decent chance as well. He moved up to #7 after his strong Big Ten performance, but he is inexperienced and 141 is a very strong class outside of the Big Ten this year. There are some guys below him capable of finishing ahead of him in his first NCAAs. Duncan has an outside chance depending on the draw he gets. I don't think he'll get a seed, but it would be close. I just don't see Pio getting it done. There are so many good 125s and after his 9th place finish in the Big Ten, I just don't see it happening.
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