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Tanner Farmer Wrestling NAIA

Not sure how this works with eligibility, but I was surprised to see that former IHSA 2A state champion Tanner Farmer is wrestling for Concordia University of Nebraska. This is after spending 5 years at the University of Nebraska playing football and earning a Bachelor's degree there. According to his bio on Concordia's website, he started on the offensive line for 3 years with the Huskers. I know he also worked out with the wrestling team there for at least a couple years after football season and even wrestled in some open tournaments per Trackwrestling back in 2016 for Nebraska.

Not surprisingly, he's been pretty dominant thus far. He just won the Missouri Valley tournament, that is known to be the best NAIA tournament in the nation with all the top programs from across the country. His bracket had 49 wrestlers.

Not sure what the specific eligibility rules are in NAIA no that allow him to still have eligibility. But then again, Steve Mocco was able to play football for OSU are wrestling for the Hawkeyes and Cowboys for 4 years, so maybe it's not so different from NCAA.
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Tanner's eligibility at the D! level goes by semesters with a running clock once started. 10 semesters. Tanner, during his RS senior year, already with degree and taking grad classes, and not going to a bowl game, renounced his scholarship and tried his best to go the NFL route. Didn't work out the way he'd hoped I believe.
He then volunteered to coach at Concordia with some encouragement from some in the area. During this time they found out about the semester of eligibility. NAIA goes by total semesters. Doesn't have a running clock. Hence the wrestling. I guess he wants to see what he can do wrestling.
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