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Old 04-25-2012
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Lets get back to the fun!

Who are top 25 8th graders going into HS next year?

Wrestler, School (if it's known), IESA/IKWF accolades
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Old 04-26-2012
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Originally Posted by Bridgeporter View Post
There are exceptions desaun hurley transferred from mp to julian and was able to play. If you transfer from public to private or vice versa you are eligible also.
Hurley did transfer, but it was not up to the state it was up to cps as to if he could play or not. Calvin Davis allowed him to play two or three games before the playoffs. I must say you are correct in saying you can transfer from public to public, but it depends on the reason. In Hurley's case it was said that he transferred because of football reasons and not because he moved. Everyone knew this to be true. Anyway I wont get into details, but I will say you are correct when you say a person can transfer from public to public and still play and this is not run by the state, but it is based on each districts rules. The catch is You must get that clearance sheet signed by the school you are leaving just ask the AD at Rich Central.
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