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snow0817 snow0817 is offline
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Who thinks this thing is a scam? Where does the money go?
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Crystal Clearly Crystal Clearly is offline
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Originally Posted by Mike Honcho View Post
I do disagree with at least your approach on one of your comments about no scholarships are given out in middle school. Not that I disagree with the statement itself, because at the end of the day it is middle school wrestling, but more so the idea that wrestling or any sport competed in up to HS is just about a scholarship. I think people would sign this petition, more so out of recognition that it was a great opportunity to allow young people to get to get out and demonstrate who has worked harder towards a common goal. While I agree with 99% of what you say, I have and always will disagree that sports should ever be about a scholarship. There are way better things that come out of sports in general than money...

I'm not being sarcastic, I am genuinely confused by your statements that I highlighted above.
Are you saying that I am accusing these parents of doing this just to get their kid a scholarship or that you think I am encouraging parents to use wrestling (or any sport) to get their kid a scholarship?
Perhaps you aren't saying either of those.
I am doing neither. It actually was a dig at the way some parents act, I have seen it many times.

Maybe my reading comprehension decipher ring is low on batteries...

Was this the right decision to cancel all these events?? Time will tell. I told someone today that if we look back on this event in time and can still say that the reaction to it was over the top and was too much, then that is a good thing because that means it never became what it was thought to be, but people will still be upset because there were opportunities lost...just my two cents...
Excellent point.
For either side of the argument it can become a self fulfilling prophecy.

Was canceling the various events throughout the state and country (and world) helpful or hurtful? It may never be able to proven in any definitive way. Meaning, if the virus is beaten down, (which I'm sure it eventually will be) there will be people who say that it wasn't as bad as the alarmists made it out to be, and there will be people who say it wasn't as bad as the alarmists said because of the precautions taken by the federal state and local governments.
No surprise, I will adhere to the latter.

I absolutely agree with you that there are so many better things that come out of competing in sports than money. Many won't be realized until adulthood.

Thanks for your response.

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wrestlingmom71 wrestlingmom71 is offline
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Originally Posted by ctdad View Post
If you want to try and do some good, go buy some gift certificates from some of you favorite local restaurants or other small merchants. Their business will be way down and they could use the cash flow now.
Thanks for the advice. Gifted that.

Still. Who cares if someone petitioned?? Why are everyoneís panties in a bunch over that??

Some of us lowly moms have literally done everything from bullpen to concessions to brackets to hospitality to everything. I donít even want to hear about how people donít know what goes into these tournaments. I KNOW the work thatís required.

Someone puts out a petition and everyone is offended. Get over it. Who cares!!???

Realize not all of this is for you. Itís for Clearly. Donít make assumptions about the knowledge and experience of others.
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