U17: Medlin dominates Pan-Am Freestyle and doubles up in gold

SANTO DOMINGO. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC • After a great opening Pan-American Greco-Roman tournament that resulted in gold, Medlin, who would now enter the Freestyle field at 65kg, was looking to double up his gold medals before returning stateside. 

Already bandaged up after an intense championship bout a day earlier, Medlin would open his Freestyle run by shaking hands and squaring off against Chile’s Vicente Chacon Maturana.

After a snap down and short-drag and go behind that ended with Medlin scoring an additional two points off a gut wrench that transitioned into Vicente Chacon trying to rotate into Medlin while attempting a step over. In that step-over attempt, Medlin would reposition himself and come up with Vicente Chacon’s leg hooked, and, from there, force the Chilian to his back for another two-point

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U17: Pan-American Grego gold goes to Medlin at 65kg