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Movie/TV reviews while waiting for wrestling season?

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  • Movie/TV reviews while waiting for wrestling season?

    Anyone feel like posting a review of either new or old movie/tv shows as we wait out this really long off-season? I have a few i will post later.

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    The Hunt

    A Movie Review by ChiefILLINI

    I had heard that The Hunt was controversial, and that its premiere in movie theaters had been delayed because of some kind of public outcry. Because I live under an overpass in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, I don't hear much public outcry other than from the folks who put bread in my jar and say, "Man, what're you doing here?" But occasionally, some jolly fellow would say, "Here's a tip: Don't go see The Hunt." This, of course, made me more eager to see it. It is what has become known as The Streisand Effect.

    The Streisand effect is a social phenomenon that occurs when an attempt to hide, remove, or censor information has the unintended consequence of further publicizing that information, often via the internet. It is named after American entertainer Barbara Streisand, whose attempt to suppress the ... photograph of her residence in Malibu, California, taken to document California coastal erosion, inadvertently drew further attention to it in 2003.
    In the future, perhaps we should call it The Trump Effect? (Conversely, we should also adopt a name such as The Giuliani Effect for when somebody tries too hard to publicize something, but nobody cares or believes him.)

    Anywho, the first minute of the movie must have been okay. I don't remember it very well. During the second minute of the film, I began to have a few reservations. The idea of hunting Deplorables doesn't suit my particular taste. Where's the sport in that? Just set up a tray of donuts in the woods and wait.

    That's what I'd do.

    If this was somewhat similar to The Hunger Games or The Maze Runner, though, I could live with that. The third minute was nondescript. The fourth minute held more promise, as a passenger apparently escaped from the back of a plane while it was in flight and made his way to the front, near the cockpit, in a fashion that reminded me of the movie World War Z. If this was going to be a movie like World War Z, then I would really like it! The fifth minute involved a supposed doctor sticking a ballpoint pen in the guy's neck to kill him. That's when I stopped watching The Hunt.

    I would give the movie film negative stars and hunt anybody involved in the production of it.


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      Somehow i made it through that movie but i was only halfway paying attention to the tv screen when it was on. It really was confusing to me where the screenwriter was coming from there. I give it 2/10.


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        Originally posted by jay31 View Post
        Somehow i made it through that movie but i was only halfway paying attention to the tv screen when it was on. It really was confusing to me where the screenwriter was coming from there. I give it 2/10.
        I did end up reading the entry about the movie on Wikipedia, which indicated that somebody survived The Hunt.

        It wasn't me!

        The thing that should have been the flashing red sign and clang-clang-clanging alarm was that the DVD had as its only special feature: "The Death Scenes." You are being generous, my friend, but that is far from a sin. Cheers!


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          The Karate Kid (1984)

          Chronicle of the Downfall of a Champion

          Johnny Lawrence had it all. Cheerleader girlfriend, a group of popular friends, a sweet dirt bike, and a leadership role at an afterschool program with the local martial arts studio. More importantly, he was the defending All Valley Karate Tournament champion.

          Things begin to spiral when new arrival Daniel, possibly with ties to the New Jersey mafia, starts to befoul Johnny's paradise. When Johnny makes the mistake of spending one night out with the guys, Daniel tries to stalk Johnny's lady, Ali, all across the beach with his corny soccer ball gimmicks and knowing looks over his wiener-roasting spit stake.

          Thus Mr. Lawrence's spiral begins. Though Johnny successfully defends himself from Daniel's cheap shot thuggery in an oceanside confrontation, Daniel will not be deterred from his obsession with the defending champ. Whether staking out Johnny's home dojo, trying to force-feed horse-history lessons on the school quad, or trying to bribe Ali with cafeteria munchables, Daniel continues his psych-war campaign which sadly has its desired effect.

          In one of the worst examples of harshing someone's mellow ever captured on film, Daniel ruins both Johnny's halloween costume and sweet green persuasion in an unprovoked aquatic attack in that most sacred of shrines, the public restroom. Finally at the end of his rope, Johnny harnesses his cardio training and precision striking to attempt to put an end to Daniel's abuse once and for all. However, it was not to be. Johnny sinks further into his personal abyss after being assaulted by a deranged handyman.

          Emboldened by his Okinawan ally, Daniel once again tries to interfere with Johnny and Ali's relationship. Just as the star-crossed lovers reunited with a passionate kiss at the local country club, Daniel managed to ruin the moment by intentionally spilling a huge platter of spaghetti, destroying a waiter's only tuxedo in the process.

          Somehow our imperfect hero Johnny manages to persevere through Daniel's demented parlor games, making his way once again to the finals of the All Valley tournament. Sadly capitalizing on a questionable disqualification, Daniel somehow makes his way to the finals as well against the incumbent title-holder. Milking a pseudo-injury for additional rest time, Daniel fake-limps to the mat for the final showdown. While we will never know if there was a deleted scene involving bribes to the shoddy referee, the calls made in the final best-of-three battle remove any doubt that Daniel either paid or blackmailed the official just enough to cheat his way into a 2-2 tie before stealing Johnny's trophy with an illegal kick.

          The film culminates in Johnny's Christlike forgiveness of Daniel's transgressions as Mr. Lawrence hands over the ill-gotten trophy to Daniel, a symbolic crucifixion with the crown of thorns represented by Johnny's ever-present headband.



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            Haha! It was a very sad movie. Cobra Kai Forever! Cheers!


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              My favorite movie review of all time was written by somebody else, I've forgotten who, for the movie Highlander 2: The Quickening. The entire review read as follows: "There should have been only one!"


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                My favorite dramatic movie of the last 10 years is I Kill Giants. The basic premise is that a girl tween sets out to protect her town and her family by trapping and killing giants. There is a twist, though, that I can't get into, as I wouldn't want to spoil the plot. The special effects were good. Surprisingly good for what to me felt like a low-budget independent film. The giants were gruesome, although not much money had to be spent on special effects because it was the general mood that created the tension.

                The young girl in the movie became more of a hero to me than Ironman, Rey or Sylvester Stallone post-Rocky. Dr. Strange and Antman are up there, though. I don't know that I'd recommend any other movies in the last decade except Ex Machina, which was also well done. Has anybody else seen I Kill Giants? Ex Machina? What do you think?

                I suspect that if you have lived more than a couple of decades, you too have killed giants.


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                  Watched 2067 the other day. I will not recommend it. Mainly for the ending, but mainly for the beginning and the middle. I will be spoiling the movie for you starting now. The Earth is supposed to be totally devoid of plant life in 2067, and humans can only breath using oxygen that they create and bottle. The hero supposedly uses a time machine to send back about six ferns and three bushes, and that saves the world.

                  They did not have greenhouses in 2067.

                  That must have been the case. Also, no Walmart Garden Centers or flower shops, or some dude growing weed in his basement. On top of that, the hero, Ethan, somehow travels to the future to invite his future past self to come to the future to save the world. I'm a bit of a time traveler myself, and, my friends, that is simply not possible. See for yourself: s = ut + at2

                  I'm not a climate denier. On the contrary, I expect Myrtle Beach in 30 years will be called "Myrtle." The ice is melting. I do believe, however, that a movie has to be logical, unless it involves Dr. Strange or Antman.


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                    Thanks i will check those out, I did start watching Ex Machina a while back and got sidetracked for some reason so i think i will just start it over. Here is my take on Shawshank Redemption, I would say spoiler alert but if you haven’t seen it yet then what have you been doing all these years.

                    Roller Coaster Ride of World’s Most Valuable Rock

                    A slow burn thriller tells the tale of a two-man miscommunication that leaves the world's most valuable stone unguarded in a Maine field. Andy and Red build a decades-long friendship over Andy's love of rocks and Red's capitalist desire to profit on said love. When Andy improbably escapes Shawshank's oppressive walls, Red puts together the clues (or does he?) to find what he thinks is the buried treasure.

                    After a grueling parole battle and a long-con grocery bagging job taken solely to throw off the scent of the federal rock-hounds, Red eventually makes his way by non-air-conditioned bus to the field of destiny. However, in the biggest case of missing the obvious since The Crying Game, Red discards the stone of the gods in favor of a dirty tin containing a meager pittance that was only intended to get Red (and more importantly the rock) south of the border.

                    When Red arrives on the Mexican beach for what should be a tear-jerking reunion, Andy kills Red like he killed his wife after realizing that Red left the precious rock behind.


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                      And here I thought The Shawshank Redemption was a parable about the struggle between my teenage desire to be a great wrestler and my abhorrence of physical labor.

                      It was the rock all along? Eyes opened!

                      On another note, I was too harsh on the past decade and must amend my post above. There were other movies I would recommend, in no particular order:

                      Inception, Interstellar, Django Unchained, The Great Gatsby (but only if you haven't and won't read the book), Free Solo, Shutter Island, Under the Skin and The Wolf of Wall Street. A lot of Leonardo DiCaprio there. My apologies.

                      I have not seen Mad Max: Fury Road.

                      I will not recommend the Marvel, DC or Star Wars movies because they are live-action cartoons. Nor will I recommend the latest Toy Story movies because they're animated cartoons. All were entertaining, though.

                      What movie do I need to see?


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                        All good choices except I haven’t seen Free Solo or Under the Skin. Mad Max Fury Road was great in 3D on the big screen, I actually took my then-less-than-2-year-old daughter to see that one as we didn’t have a babysitter and she somehow was quiet through the whole thing.


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                          The Martian - Hidden Figures - Ex Machina - Birdman - Manchester by the sea....Enjoy Chief


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                            [QUOTE=HuffHall;n904972]The Martian - Hidden Figures - Ex Machina - Birdman - Manchester by the sea....Enjoy Chief[/QUOTE]

                            Thanks, Huff! You have shown to me two of my big mistakes. I've seen The Martian and Hidden Figures. They are both worthy of a big-time recommendation. They should've been on my list!

                            I haven't seen Birdman or Manchester By the Sea. I will look for them. Cheers!


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                              And, Jay, I'm adding Mad Max: Fury Road to the list. If it can keep the attention of a two-year old, it sounds perfect for me.

                              If you are a-scared of heights--like me--then Free Solo is a bad idea. The Army threw me out of an airplane, made me rappel down a cliff, and ride with a crazy Blackhawk pilot, and my palms were never as sweaty as when I watched that insane movie. Cheers!