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  • Pennsylvania canvas results are starting to be published. The a results of a door knocking campaign show that the election anomalies that were discovered are massive. Here are the first two counties released.

    Lancaster County results are in.
    411 doors were knocked on and 256 surveys were collected.
    37% of houses had some election anomaly occur

    29.73% have some registration count discrepency
    * 21.17% have phantom registrations associated with their address
    * 8.56% have less registrations on record than resident stated

    26.39% of addresses had a different number of votes on record for 2020 than resident stated
    * 17.13% had phantom votes
    * 9.3% were missing votes

    York County results are in.
    486 houses were knocked on and 206 surveys were collected.
    45% of houses had some election anomaly occur

    36.6% have some registration count discrepancy
    * 23.4% have phantom registrations associated with their address
    * 13.1% have less registrations on record than resident stated

    29.2% of addresses had a different number of votes on record for 2020 than resident stated
    * 15.3% had phantom votes
    * 13.8% were missing votes


    • Defend Florida Releases Interim Report – 800,000 Inactive Voters in 2020 Election, A Third of Those Canvassed Didn’t Live at Registered Address

      By Joe Hoft
      Published February 3, 2022

      This morning Defend Florida released its Interim Report On Election Integrity Risks in the State of Florida. The results of their canvassing work are shocking.

      Defend Florida released an interim report of their canvassing results in Florida to date. The group of volunteers canvassed 14,631 individuals across numerous counties. Only around 60% of those canvassed verified their registrations, nearly a third didn’t validate their registrations. Of the remaining voters interviewed (5,571), 89% didn’t live at the address where they were registered at.

      In addition, the report acknowledges that 800,000 registered voters in the 2020 Election should have been recorded as inactive.
      We discovered that there are more than 800,000 voters who have not voted in 10 years or more. By Florida law, the Florida Supervisors of Elections are required to set a voter to “inactive” after two years of not voting and remove the voter who is inactive if they remain inactive for 4 additional years. Some Supervisors of Elections have stated that the law is unclear and that they cannot remove inactive voters from the voting rolls. This conflict between the Florida law, its interpretation, and procedures and processes will likely require legislative action to address technical fixes in the law, administrative fixes in the executive branch of the Florida government, and changes within the Supervisor of Elections offices.

      Defend Florida examined the 800,000 inactive voters. We discovered that 110,000 of these inactive voters who should not be on the rolls, voted in 2020. We attempted contact with 26,453 voters. We succeeded in gathering information on 14,631 voters, which is a small percent (0.13%) of the whole. We discovered significant problems with the subset of voters who we could contact.

      It looks like Florida has some work to do to address fraudulent registrations in the state. Here is the press conference from today.


      • The Real Foreign Interference In Our Elections Is Happening At Your Local DMV

        Original article.


        Foreign citizens often don’t know they aren’t allowed to vote, which subjects them to deportation. The only winner is the party that gets their vote.

        Foreigners are voting in our elections. It isn’t just in the sanctuary city of New York, where 800,000 foreigners just got the power to vote in municipal elections.

        Foreigners voting occurs all over the country. Over the past few years, the Public Interest Legal Foundation, of which I am president, has uncovered government records showing foreigners voting in Pennsylvania, Texas, New Jersey, and California.

        Voter fraud deniers do not want to talk about the fact that foreigners are registering and voting in U.S. elections. They forget that the foreigners voting in American elections are sometimes victims of third-party voter registration drives that jeopardize their immigration status. These voter registration drives sign anyone up without regard to eligibility.

        States are also victimizing these foreigners. Pennsylvania let aliens register to vote for more than two decades on a broken department of motor vehicles registration process.

        Unwitting aliens often don’t know they aren’t allowed to register and vote. Meanwhile, committing an election crime such as illegal voting subjects them to deportation. The only winner is the political party that reliably gets their votes.

        Just this week, we uncovered more evidence of foreigners voting in our elections, this time in the swing state of North Carolina.

        In 2019, the North Carolina State Board of Elections denied the foundation access to documents relating to foreigners registering and voting, so the foundation sued the board. Following a ruling by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals affirming that the National Voter Registration Act requires disclosure of these documents, the board agreed to settle the case.

        In the settlement, the board agreed to disclose the records relating to foreigners registering and voting. There have already been 38 indictments of foreigners registering to vote and some casting ballots. These records will conclusively show how many foreigners have been voting in North Carolina elections.

        Inspecting these list maintenance documents serves an important purpose by allowing one to identify how foreigners are getting registered to vote. That is a key first step to improve the system and ensure that these errors do not continue to happen.

        Often, it is the fault of the government. For example, a voter registration form will have a question at the top asking if the potential registrant is an American. One may check “no” and, due to errors by local elections officials, still get registered to vote.

        The same mistakes can happen when the potential registrant leaves the checkbox blank. The mistake may also be on the part of the potential registrant, incorrectly checking the box attesting that he or she is a U.S. citizen. The bottom line is, foreigners are registering and voting in states across the country.

        Nobody should want this. Only Americans should be electing American leaders. States need to examine their voter list maintenance procedures and ensure they are keeping non-citizens off the voter rolls.

        We will continue the effort to catalog and expose government mistakes and election malfeasance. Americans have a right to know about the vulnerabilities in our election system.

        J. Christian Adams is the President of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, a former Justice Department attorney, and current commissioner on the United States Commission for Civil Rights.


        • Election Investigator Moves To Imprison Democrat Mayor!

          By Mark Sidney
          Former state Supreme Court justice and current Wisconsin Elections Investigator Michael Gableman has filed a suit to toss the mayors of Green Bay and Madison in jail because they have refused his demands to give depositions into the 2020 election. Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich gave the keys to the arena where the votes were counted along with secret internet access to Democratic operative Michael Spitzer Rubenstein.

          Then a group known as “Wisconsin HOT” discovered that a clerk in Racine worked with a former Facebook executive in order to track who was voting in real-time. That former Facebook exec is a man by the name of Michael Spitzer Rubenstein. If Democrats know who hasn’t voted they can manufacture a vote in that person’s name.

          Rubenstein asked to get into ‘WisVote’ per an email obtained by Wisconsin HOT:

          Information in this email was received from the City of Racine, Wisconsin in a record request. A formal complaint was filed against Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich in November for his “mishandling” of the election.

          Gableman has now filed a lawsuit in conservative Waukesha, Wisconsin that would send the mayors of Green Bay and Madison to jail until after they sit for a deposition to Gableman. Just what are they trying to hide?

          FOX11 Online reported:

          Former state Supreme Court justice Michael Gableman filed a lawsuit in Waukesha County Circuit Court looking to have Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich and Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway put in jail or sit for depositions.

          Gableman is leading the Republican-ordered investigation into the election. He has said the goal isn’t to overturn election results, but to see if election laws were followed and need to be changed.
          See also Before Rush Died He Leaked Michelle Obama's GOD AWFUL Secrets ...WTH?!
          Judge Ralph Ramirez on Friday told Gableman’s attorney to file a brief on what his party would like to see the court do and what they believe the court has the authority to do. The brief must be filed by February 21st, with the mayor’s attorneys filing responses by March 21st.

          Jeffrey Mandell, Genrich’s attorney, asked for the lawsuit to be dismissed and a motions hearing be scheduled for Genrich’s belief that Gableman should be sanctioned.

          Mandell says Gableman made false statements about the mayor in front of the legislature and those statements should be corrected.

          It’s about to go DOWN!




            • What Are They Hiding? Democrats Argue Voting Machines Too Fragile to Inspect – If Investigators Touch Them They WIll Need to Be Replaced – Demand Rudy Giuliani Be Punished for Requesting Access to Dominion Machines

              By Jim Hoft
              Published February 9, 2022

              Joe Biden got 81 million votes.
              It really happened.

              Democrats and their media lackeys are so certain of this that they will not allow anyone to inspect the voting machines.

              ** In Arizona Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs argued that Maricopa County would be forced to replace their Dominion voting machines if they were inspected by investigators. The machines were so delicate that they can never be audited. That’s weird?

              Also in Arizona election workers were caught on video deleting “archived” files before the machines were turned over to investigators.

              TRENDING: HERE'S THE LIST: 1,000 Different Studies Show Extensive Evidence of COVID-19 Vaccines Adverse Events

              ** In Pennsylvania the state Supreme Court of liberal activists stepped in at the last minute and delayed an inspection of the Fulton County, Pennsylvania voting machines. The audit is still delayed by the state Supreme Court. Democrats are ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED that a reputable audit team may inspect the county’s Dominion voting machines.

              ** And in Michigan the radical Attorney General hid the audit of the Dominion machines in Antrim County where 6,000 votes were mysteriously flipped from Trump to Joe Biden.

              Democrats want you to know inspecting Dominion Voting Machines IS NOT ALLOWED!
              But Joe Biden got 81 million votes.

              And now the fake news mainstream media is running with a ridiculous story that Rudy Giuliani asked to inspect an Antrim County Dominion voting machines after they spit out fake results following the election. Democrat and their media lackeys insist this is likely criminal activity. How dare Rudy Giuliani or any Republican request an audit on such a fragile, sophisticated machine.

              Are Americans going to fall for this?

              Isn’t it clear what the Democrats are doing?

              Why are they so afraid of audits?


              • Maricopa County – Investigation Finds Additional 740,000 Ballots Have No Documented Chain Of Custody

                Jerry Stein

                A new report from Verity Vote provides massive evidence of law violations in Maricopa County’s 2020 election.

                740,000 ballots were accepted and counted without the proper chain of custody documentation in violation of Arizona Law.

                Maricopa County failed to record the number of ballots on 1,514 out of 1,895 unique chain of custody documents and failed to record signatures on 48 of these documents. There is no way of knowing how many ballots these invalid documents accounted for or inserted into the system.

                The Arizona Senate’s full forensic audit report has been delivered to the Arizona Attorney General, and we are awaiting the results of his criminal investigation.


                • Breaking, HUGE news!!!! it's about to go down!!!! Gamechanger!!!! this is it folks!!!!! Release the Kraken!!!!!! the dirty cheating right caught red handed



                  • Originally posted by HuffHall View Post
                    Breaking, HUGE news, it's about to go down, this is it folks!!!!! Release the Kraken!!!!!! the dirty cheating right

                    Wow, that is huge news. You have finally figured out that voting from a post office is illegal. The Wisconsin senate just held a hearing on of the many findings was that 3713 people were registered and voted from a Post Office.

                    Here is a short video clip of the hearing.


                    Here are the rest of their findings.



                    • During Watergate the cover up was worse than the crime.




                        COOTER FEBRUARY 14, 2022

                        The crooked liberal mainstream media are trying to convince anyone who will listen, that questions about the validity of the 2020 presidential election are a “big lie”. They have the “big” part right. However, as evidence continues to be unearthed, it’s not a big lie.

                        The 2020 presidential election was the “big steal”. Saying so is not a lie. It’s the truth. Now, it’s turning into a “big cover-up” as well. Multiple accounts of fraud have been exposed in at least four critical swing states: Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

                        Georgia has produced video footage of hired ballot harvesters stuffing ballot boxes. The Peach State also has the notorious video of suitcases of ballots being yanked out from under tables in the wee hours of the night.

                        Arizona has produced ballots from dead people and registered vote counts that nearly doubled the list of registered voters on the precinct rolls. There were also votes supposedly mailed from border patrol offices, plus college fraternity registrations that averaged over 40 years old.

                        Fraud in Arizona is so prevalent that state lawmakers have proposed legislation to reclaim the state’s electoral votes. These are just a few of the most obvious pieces of evidence pointing to blatant cheating. Joe Biden cheated in every single swing state, probably more.

                        Just a few days ago, Wisconsin added more ammunition to the “big steal”. There’s a new push to investigate some alarming data from the 2020 election. Wisconsin Senator Janel Brandtjen is behind the push to expose this new evidence of fraud.

                        The report exposes over one million illegal voters in Wisconsin. There were another 155,000 voters who were fake. Liz Harrington tweeted that there is proof of at least 50,000 illegal ballots in the state. That would flip the electoral votes for President Trump.

                        Another 46,000 ballots could not be verified. These numbers are both more than double the supposed margin of victory for Joe Biden. That’s just the tip of the iceberg in Wisconsin. There were over 600,000 dead people on the Wisconsin voter rolls.

                        Voters were allowed to register without a first name. One address that had not existed for more than 10 years had 359 voter registrations attached to it. But now for the “drop the mic moment”. Wisconsin has 7.1 registered voters, but the state’s population is only a little over 4 million adults.

                        Biden did not win Wisconsin. He also did not win in Arizona. Joe Biden did not win Georgia or Pennsylvania either. He cheated. But when will anything be done about it? Will Republicans retake Capitol Hill and address the fraudulent theft?

                        What can be done under the U.S. Constitution? If we impeach Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for cheating, that could leave us with Antony Blinken as president. God help us. The 2020 presidential election was the biggest miscarriage of justice in our nation’s history.

                        Saying the election was stolen is not the big lie. The big lie is Joe Biden and his bogus administration. On November 8, 2022, America must begin the battle to retake our country from these cheats. It will be the first giant step to “Save America”.



                        • 1,500 Volunteers Investigate Wisconsin Election: The WEC Is a Member of the ERIC System – They Are Deliberately Not Cleaning the Voter Rolls (VIDEO)

                          By Jim Hoft
                          Published February 17, 2022
                          A group investigating Wisconsin election fraud recently presented interim findings about the 2020 election. The informal hearing was held by the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections in Madison, the WI capitol. Over the past 14 months, this group has had 1,500 volunteers, and spent $60k purchasing election lists at the State and County level. They currently use a supercomputer in Texas to process the data through 8 stages. Using public document requests, they also gained insight into the WI election administration.

                          TGP reported previously these same lists were given free to Democrats. The WI employees who did this should be fired and charged for theft. A terminology dictionary is a the bottom.

                          The group is investigating 4 categories:
                          • The City of Milwaukee
                          • State Databases Infiltrated or Abused
                          • CTCL, Zuckerberg, National Vote at Home
                          • Human Mules, Drops Boxes, Voting Machines, Indefinitely Confined

                          Note: this is an interim report. The group, headed by Peter Bernegger, has much work left to do including final numbers. About the 2020 Wisconsin elections, Bernegger says: “Somebody is in our system, the WISVote, MyVote, DMV. They are adding names, fake voters, casting illegal ballots by the tens of thousands. We have the evidence to back it up”. Only the MacIver Institute reported on this event fairly. Others focused on Bernegger’s investor troubles almost 20 years ago.
                          • Individuals voted twice using unique voter ID numbers for each.
                          • Massive numbers were registered without either a first, a last name, even no address.
                          • Apartment building with 1,600 people registered, 656 voted.
                          • One address has not existed for 10 years, but 359 voters still registered to it.
                          • Address with no occupants cast 113 ballots. They have the names & ID’s.
                          • 625,000 dead voters on the rolls
                          • 4,300 voters with a “99999” zip code
                          • 3,400 FIDO keys to access the database distributed throughout Wisconsin
                          • 4.7% DOT failure rate. This means 46,000 voted but not verified by DOT (DMV).
                          • The City of Hudson grew by 10%, but registrations grew 128%
                          • Most illegally cast ballots originated from MyVote (see Dictionary at the bottom)26 voters registered at a two-bedroom apartment
                          • 290 voters registered at a 16-apartment building in La Crosse
                          • 19 registered at a newer single-family home in Outagamie County
                          • Registrations have different ID’s, but only one letter is made different in the name.
                          • WEC recently entered into an agreement with DMV to not receive signatures.
                          • eBook creates multiple registrations (25+) for one person, all with unique voter ID’s.

                          There are 7.13 million people in the WI registration database. But only 4 million people live in WI. About 3.6mil of these actually participate in elections. But WEC purposely keeps everything in one database. This includes active and inactive voters, the 625,000 people they know are dead, and every other variable. They never offload the garbage to a separate system. This is lunacy and screams of fraud. County Clerks showed them it only takes two computer clicks to convert an inactive voter, to an active voter. They watched as Clerks showed how to flip registrations in WisVote.

                          The 1,900 County Clerks need a USB type device called a FIDO key (Fast Identity Online) to access the WisVote registration system. The group learned 3,400 keys were dispersed all across WI. In one example, 3 clerks in one office were sent 10 keys each. This is similar to letting all staff use the same identical login information, which is done in many election departments (Maricopa). This is done purposefully and hides which employees made changes to the system.

                          • 670,000 Inactive voters
                          • 294,00 Active voters
                          • 264,000 Voters with a 1918 registration date
                          • 66,000 Deceased
                          • 20,000 Undeliverable mailing addresses

                          City of Hudson grew by 10%, voter registration grew 128%. What they found across the board, voter registrations enormously outgrew the population growth with purposely inflated voter registrations.

                          WEC admitted that WISVote has not been audited since it was created. WEC has repeatedly told the public to “trust us”. Investigators obtained invoices on who WEC pays for computer programming. They determined election software is not built in-house as WEC has stated for years. The software has been subbed out, even to London England, who also subs out their programming work. . They don’t believe it’s the individual voters committing this fraud. Bernegger says “It has to be some bad guys using these names to cast illegal ballots. This exposes our current system. Something is wrong, somebody is in there. We don’t know who is doing this”.

                          There are pages and pages of voter registration without addresses, or without last names. Some fields are just jumbled garbage. How do you get a voter registration approved without an address? The group found all these mistakes in the first couple weeks. But WEC has had this data for 16 years, and a member of ERIC for over 6 years. They are deliberately not cleaning the database.

                          Wisconsin is required by law 6.36(1)(ae) to join ERIC and pay the membership fee. This non-profit collects voter data from 31 States. They provide lists to help States clean their voter rolls, or find unregistered citizens. WEC hides behind this contract to refuse the public access to the ERIC lists. Here’s why. In all of 2020, WEC requested ONLY ONE list – who are the unregistered citizens. WEC opted not to find the dead, moved, duplicate, or illegal voters.

                          A massive amount of registered voters have nothing listed for the last name. The same goes for the first name. Even address fields are blank. These fields are loaded with just gobbledygook – a single character, a hyphen, quotation mark, and so.

                          Here are examples of registered voters with no Voter ID, or garbage characters as the ID numbers.

                          All registrants at one apartment complex show the same address. Only 4 did not include their apartment number. How does the postal carrier, when he walks up to this building, know what to do with those 4 ballots? WEC manages the chain of custody here?

                          This person registered using Ebooks. Each one shows a different Voter ID number, but they are all the same person. They are all “Active” and allowed to cast a ballot.

                          Many ballots envelopes were sent back because the person never lived there. These were marked “return to sender”. However, a ballot is shown to be cast in the WEC database. Below is an example. Where is the chain of custody? How on earth can this happen? Is someone scooping these returned blank ballots and not allowing back to WEC?

                          WEC – The 6 member agency created in 2015 to administer and enforce election law (
                          WisVote – The State voter registration system and database. Built by WEC and launched in 2016.
                          MyVote – The WI website to check voter status or register to vote. (
                          DOT (DMV) – The Division of Motor Vehicles is a subset of the WI Department of Transportation.
                          National Vote at Home – Leftist advocacy group demanding elections use 100% mail-in ballots.






                              • Fraudulent Use of Absentee Ballots, Dirty Voter Rolls Must Be Sorted out Before 2022 Midterms: Experts

                                By J.M. Phelps

                                February 21, 2022 Updated: February 22, 2022
                                Fraudulent mail-in ballots and dirty voter rolls could spawn a series of messy elections around the country, experts fear, saying their threat to election integrity can’t be underestimated.

                                When a person dies or fails to provide notification of change of address, a “dirty voter roll” is often the result, because the resident essentially remains eligible to vote until the state removes them from their roll. This opens the avenue for fraudulent votes, which is exacerbated by the rise of mail-in voting around the country. Eight states—California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, and Washington—allow all elections to be conducted by mail.

                                On the heels of the 2020 presidential election, several lawsuits were filed to take on a range of claims relating to voter fraud and electoral abuses. Former President Donald Trump and his supporters alleged the presence of numerous irregularities in the voting process. They alleged that taken together, these instances of fraud ensured a win for then-presidential candidate Joe Biden.

                                But concerned citizens will never know the credibility of any of those claims, because almost all of the lawsuits were dismissed on procedural grounds by the courts, according to Hans von Spakovsky, a senior legal fellow at Washington-based think tank The Heritage Foundation and a former member of the Federal Election Commission.

                                “We never got to the substantive stage of trial where witnesses could testify and courts could examine their stories, their claims, and determine their credibility,” Spakovsky told The Epoch Times.

                                According to Spakovsky, fraudulent absentee ballots became a concerning issue in the 2020 election, and their effect must be reigned in prior to the midterm elections in 2022 and the next presidential election in 2024. The fraudulent use of absentee ballots involves requesting “absentee ballots and voting without the knowledge of the actual voter; or obtaining the absentee ballot from a voter and either filling it in directly and forging the voter’s signature or illegally telling the voter who to vote for,” according to the Heritage Foundation.

                                In the 2020 presidential election, Pew Research Center determined that 46 percent of voters voted by absentee or mail-in ballot and that nearly twice as many Biden voters voted by mail as compared to Trump voters. Data by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission shows that voters have increasingly voted by absentee or mail-in ballots for at least a decade.

                                An online database containing proven cases of election fraud by The Heritage Foundation lists more than a dozen cases of absentee ballot fraud in the past two years.

                                “The whole problem with mail-in ballots or absentee ballots is that they are the only kind of ballots that are voted outside the supervision of election officials and outside the observation of poll watchers,” Spakovsky said.

                                Ballots thus become susceptible to theft and can be altered, Spakovsky said. Voters can also be “pressured and coerced in their homes” to vote a particular way. Election officials inside a polling location help prevent this kind of fraudulent action from taking place.

                                “No one can intercept ballots between the time voters mark them and put them in the ballot box—but all that changes with mail-in or absentee ballots,” he said.

                                Spakovsky acknowledged the need for absentee ballots for people who might be disabled, sick, or out of town on Election Day.

                                He referred to four previous instances of election fraud—a school board election, a mayoral election, a Democratic mayoral primary election, and a congressional election. Those cases involved fraud committed through absentee and mail-in voting, resulting in a “stolen election,” he said.

                                According to Spakovsky, another election vulnerability comes in the form of “vote trafficking”—when “third-party strangers” are allowed to go to voters’ homes to pick up ballots and deliver them. This is commonly referred to as “vote harvesting.” This practice “gives the ability of candidates and paid political operatives who have a stake in the outcome of the election to handle something very valuable—the ballot,” he said.

                                One example is the 2018 election in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District.

                                “A hired political consultant and his staff went out collecting absentee ballots from voters, forging signatures, and changing and altering ballots,” Spakovsky said.

                                As a result of this illegal ballot harvesting and ballot tampering operation, the election was overturned.

                                “For those who can, I encourage every person to vote in-person to having a ballot stolen, forged or altered, or being coerced to vote a certain way,” Spakovsky said, noting that many states don’t have basic security measures in place to prevent these kinds of activities. “A state ought to require an ID for anyone voting with an absentee ballot.”

                                When a voter requests an absentee ballot, a photocopy of their ID document should also be sent, he said. A driver’s license or a free state ID would be sufficient to verify a person’s identity. Alabama and Kansas require IDs for both in-person and absentee voting.

                                Other states, such as California and New York, have no ID requirement of any kind.

                                “Without a requirement for proper identification and witness signatures, absentee ballots will always be extremely vulnerable,” Spakovsky said.

                                The Epoch Times also spoke to J. Christian Adams, president and general counsel of Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), the nation’s only nonprofit law firm dedicated to election integrity.

                                “Voter rolls have also been in a mess in a lot of states for a long time; ballots are sent to bad addresses,” Adams said.

                                Duplicate and unlawful voter registrations can have an effect on elections, he noted.

                                For instance, in a testimony (pdf) before the House Judiciary Committee in June 2020, Adams identified a voter named Rashawn Slade from Swissvale, Pennsylvania, who had registered to vote seven times.

                                With the prevalence of “dirty voter rolls,” Adams said, “ballots have been sent to abandoned lots, mines, liquor stores, casinos, and many other places.”

                                In October 2020, PILF released a video that documented visits to nonresidential addresses that were claimed by registered voters in Nevada.

                                In January, PILF shared a report (pdf) examining Arizona’s voter registration rolls. It found that in 2020, there were 31,641 Arizona voter registrants who had registered for a second time in a new state upon moving.

                                There were also 863 residents of Arizona who registered twice under variations of their names. Small differences in the way a potential voter spells his or her name can create duplicate registrations, according to Adams.

                                “A person has the ability, for example, to register to vote using his or her middle name, while also getting registered a second time by using a full middle name,” he said.

                                People have even transposed their date of birth, essentially creating two different people.

                                “For the future of the nation’s election integrity, there must be an effort to clean up dirty voter rolls, including those where dead people still remain on the roll,” Adams said