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  • Stacy Abrams has some explaining to do.

    DEMOCRATS IMPLICATED — Georgia Ballot Traffickers Were Using Democrat Officials’ Offices as Stopping Points During Ballot Drop Runs

    By Jim Hoft
    Published April 4, 2022 at 3:59pm
    In late January film producer Dinesh D’Souza released the trailer for his upcoming movie “2000 Mules.”

    True the Vote has been working with Dinesh D’Souza to create this bombshell movie that uses footage and tracking data they obtained of ballot boxes in key states across America used to steal the election in 2020.

    100 Percent Fed Up added this on the investigation in January —
    Using commercially available geo-tracking cell phone data, True the Vote was able to take footage from drop boxes across America in key states like Georgia and others to track over 2,000 ‘mules” wearing gloves and disguises to stuff ballot boxes.

    In early January The Gateway Pundit reported to our readers that our organization agreed to hand over exclusive video from a major battleground state to True the Vote for their ballot trafficking investigation in the 2020 election.

    The Gateway Pundit shared never before seen ballot dropbox surveillance video, 24 Terabytes of footage, with the election integrity group in their ongoing investigation.

    Special thanks to Patty McMurray at 100 Percent Fed Up for her assistance in this agreement.

    The investigation is ongoing. The movie is set for a spring release.

    That brings us to today.

    On Sunday Turning Point USA Founder and President Charlie Kirk was in St. Louis and joined Joe Hoft from The Gateway Pundit and Real Talk 93.3 to discuss the 2020 election and related topics.

    During the interview, Charlie Kirk says he spent time with Dinesh D’Souza the producer of “2000 Mules.” Charlie then dropped this bomb.
    Charlie Kirk: You have the surveillance video that Dinesh is using in his upcoming movie where people are coming out of the car with piles of ballots. Illegal. You cannot do that in Georgia. Stuffing them into ballot boxes funded by Mark Zuckerberg… Coming night after night after night, the same guys. They’re wearing latex gloves on camera, after they put the ballots in the drop boxes they take off the latex gloves because they don’t want fingerprints on the ballots and they take pictures of every ballot. And you’ll see this video footage. I had a six-hour meeting with Dinesh D’Souza and I saw all the evidence for myself. I was really skeptical at first and we dove into it. And I was blown away at how the sophisticated technology they used to be able to track these people using cellphone technology because your cellphone is letting off a ping every 3 to 5 seconds. You can go buy those pings off of certain geographic areas… They saw that some of these mules would visit these drop boxes every night. And then go to Stacey Abrams’ headquarters and then go back to the drop boxes.

    ** Joe Hoft’s video interview with Charlie Kirk is here.
    This is a huge development that implicates the Democrat Party directly and Stacey Abrams in particular in the ballot trafficking operations in the state of Georgia.

    We later confirmed from a second source that a second Democrat office in the state of Georgia was also used as a stop for the dozens of ballot traffickers in the state.

    Later this afternoon we reached out to True the Vote founder and president Catherine Engelbrecht who is spearheading this investigation. Catherine told us,
    “We cannot confirm anything about organization names right now by advice of counsel. But we can confirm that two of the addresses were among a data set of those we reviewed.”

    Catherine also said there are a number of investigations taking place right now.


    • Absolute proof that Fulton county Georgia has bad math teachers or they added 45,000 voters to the election day totals.


      • Now we are starting to get into the details of the fraud that was the 2020 selection.

        True the Vote discussed previously undisclosed details of its ballot trafficking investigations in five states, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, on the Charlie Kirk show on Thursday in anticipation of the upcoming Dinesh DeSouza documentary movie, “2000 Mules.” The investigation has unearthed from dropbox videos and extensive documentation evidence of RICO operations involving ballots.

        Founder Catherine Engelbrecht says she will “pull the cord” and “give it all to the American people” after the release of De Souza’s documentary. She lamented that most Americans are woefully “unaware” that ballot trafficking is illegal. In fact, it is a felony. True the Vote estimates that 7 percent of the votes in the 2020 general election were trafficked.

        Engelbrecht and her cohort, Gregg Philipps, told Charlie Kirk that their investigation is just the “very tip of the iceberg” regarding the numbers of trafficked ballots and alleged election crimes committed. Due to exorbitant costs and time constraints, because the process is “tedious,” the team only monitored outdoor drop boxes, not mailboxes and other locations. They announced in the interview that they only recently discovered they have a folder with indoor camera surveillance in their possession. They plan to investigate those next.

        Spending over $2 million for the ping data, True the Votes has in its possession “4 million minutes of video” and “more than 2 Petabytes of data”, said Phillips. “This investigation required a team of 12 people, 16 hours a day for 15 months,” Phillips continued. “And it is still going on,” Engelbrecht added.

        During the conversation, one interesting observation noted by the pair was that law enforcement and government officials did not investigate or use data to track targeted individuals during the 2020 election, but “they were very eager to do so” on Jan 6. Phillips stated:

        “The Jan 6 event was on a Tuesday. The next day they had allegedly already identified some of the people, convened a Grand Jury, and then issued arrest warrants in a matter of 72 hours. They had the actual devices ready to go. We believe they were tracking people all the way back into the latter part of the elections, certainly into November and early December.”

        As previously reported, True the Vote used geolocation technology to ping and track individuals through apps on their cellphones. The individuals, or “mules,” followed a pattern of behavior that was relatively consistent regardless of the location. Phillips continued:

        “You had ballot collectors. People out knocking on doors, getting ballots. Then you had a collection point or a stash house for all the ballots, the bundling of all those ballots, and then the casting of those ballots by what we were calling mules.”

        He explained that, over time, they would “build a pattern of life” with the data to determine where and when individuals would go to deliver the ballots. The team went back years to track baseline data through various apps on the phones, which are all public by consent by the user (marketing data) in the fine print, so they could tell whether the activity was novel during the election.
        Important New Tidbits
        • Pennsylvania—specifically Philadelphia—was the worst state “in every way.” Phillips and Engelbrecht recounted stories of mules coming across “the bridge in New Jersey” to deliver ballots, a RICO crime. 1,155 people met the [baseline]criteria of 10 or more drop boxes and five or more organizations. Philadelphia showed 23 ballots on average per mule.
        • In Yuma County, AZ, the number was 31 ballots on average per mule.
        • In some operations, mules were required to photograph the ballots they deposited, presumably to prove the number they delivered. Many mules wore gloves while handling the ballots.
        • In some cases, mules “went to UPS stores at midnight, going straight from there to the nonprofit organizations” that were participating in the scheme.
        • There were 501(c)3 foundations funding this activity, a criminal offense.
        • True the Vote had chain-of-custody documents, so they could tell where spikes in ballot deliveries occurred.
        • There were off-duty law enforcement officers paid for by the Republican party, hired to monitor the election. They “reported all of this to The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC),” and it was all “covered up.”
        • It became clear to the True the Vote team that “nobody was ever intended to look at these videos.” In fact, the team had a very difficult time wrestling the footage out of the hands of governmental employees.
        • Two mules in Arizona made their way to Georgia.
        • Phillips “personally briefed Kemp’s team,” and the Governor led a fight against him and True the Vote, contrary to public statements the Governor made saying “he would aggressively investigate all allegations of voter fraud, (Kemp) saw felonies on camera. They not only refused but what they did was they sent one of their henchmen, the guy that runs the GBI, down to the FBI office where our data lived, not to see the data but to get into the metadata and figure out who the analysts were. And then burned me in a couple of my analyst[s] by releasing it—Releasing it all to the press as opposed to just thinking through what we have now, they did everything they could to stop us.”
        • Mules came from all walks of life. Some were from Section 8 housing, and others were from drug-infested areas of town. In another case, “a bartender came in from South Carolina to help out.”

        “And then in Arizona,” Engelbrecht said, “The profile looked a little bit different because it’s been happening. It’s been happening in Arizona for an awfully long time, and what we see there are people that really control communities. And you have people that are on top of the pyramid that (sic) are coming in and doing everything from building underprivileged housing to controlling the full vertical of the contractors and the banks and the financing organizations, and all of those people are participating in rounding up ballots.

        One of the most chilling things I think in this entire journey for me has been when we interviewed two people who were very familiar with the grift here in Arizona. One of them, just from observation. And she, at one point, just sat back in her chair and just put her finger up. She said, ’round and round it goes. Nobody ever listens. Nothing ever changes.'”
        New Details on Georgia

        Number one, in Georgia, “ineligible voter records contribute to 75,000 of the votes in the General Election and 45,000 of the votes in the January runoff.” Had the voter rolls been clean, both elections would have gone to Trump. In the Warner/Loeffler election, for example, there was only “a three or four thousand vote differential.”

        The pair also went into greater detail on how officials in the state allegedly obstructed their investigation at every turn, either by withholding procedural information or just out and out lack of cooperation. True the Vote spun its wheels for months because they had been told they should go to the Governor. In fact, there was a process they were supposed to follow. Ultimately, said Engelbrecht, Raffensberger’s office came through for them:

        “All of the politicians, all the media, everyone was saying you have to go to the Governor’s office, you have to go to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. We had our own dust-up with them, which is a whole other topic. Raffensberger’s team helped us figure out the processes. [First] you have to make a complaint to the Secretary of State. Secretary of State investigates. That takes it to the State Board of Elections. They take it to the attorney general and then back again. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. But no one told us that. So for 11 months, we labored under this illusion that everybody was saying you gotta go to the governor and that arm (the Governor’s office) allowed that time to run out.”

        Engelbrecht emphasized the importance of engaged Americans with regard to the process. In many cases, mules were dropping off multiple ballots with people in line behind them who witnessed the behavior and said nothing.

        Wake up Americans! It’s happening and if we don’t stop it as Americans, if we don’t demand clean voter rolls and demand accountability around the process, then this slide will continue. But if we stand up and get engaged, most Americans want to do the right thing. Our process has just been allowed to erode to a place where the inconsistencies and the insecurities and the inaccuracies—they function as a feature, not a bug. It’s intended to keep it this way. We’re the only industrialized country in the world that doesn’t have a standard form of photo voter identification.”

        Engelbrecht went on to say that other countries now do retinal scans.

        Republicans are afraid to take this on because “it’s such a daunting task. It’s just easier to kick the can down the road particularly, you know, when you’re talking to someone who’s elected, we process work for them, right. So why should they worry about what happens downstream?”

        We must “demand clean voter rolls.” Voters need to challenge their county records. True the Vote has developed an app called IV3, whereby voters can help clean up voter rolls “from their kitchen table.” It is a process to get people removed from voter rolls. Lawsuits are not going to get it done. The left is game for that. That is lawfare.

        Drop boxes and private funding of elections “must stop,” said Engelbrecht. Phillips added,

        “In Jackson, Mississippi right now, there’s a state auditor named Shad White, and he went out and audited some of these officials who were doling out this Zuckerberg money and there have been four arrests in Jackson already, for them stealing the money. And I think you’re gonna see state auditors and others all over the country now start to say well, wait a minute. Where’d all this money go?”

        In summary, Phillips said there are four pillars to accomplish election integrity;
        If you don’t have some sort of a punishment for this stuff and follow-through that fits the crime?” Phillips continued, “Put some people in jail, put somebody in jail for 10 years for this.” Engelbrecht added:

        People will wake up. We’ve taken voting for granted. We’ve taken the process for granted and that has to come to an end because we’re being left in the dust by countries around the world. Now is the time to wake up and demand standards locally and then it’ll roll-up.”


        • We could get this problem fixed if illegals were voting for Republicans. Motor voter in Pennsylvania has been registering illegal aliens to vote for 20 years even if they checked the box "no" I am not a citizen.


          • North Carolina: Tens of Thousands of Deceased and Duplicative Voter
            Registrations Found After 2020 Election
            MARCH 2022 – Time is quickly running out for North Carolina’s voter registration rolls to be checked
            and cleaned before the midterm elections. All eyes are on an open U.S. Senate race amid the state’s recent
            record of strong turnout and tight margins. This research brief outlines the vulnerabilities of North
            Carolina’s voter rolls, with the hope of seeing these issues resolved in the coming months, before federal
            laws shut the window of opportunity.
            2020 Election Findings
            Deceased Registrants – 7,933 North
            Carolinians were still registered to vote
            long after death in 2020. Since late 2019,
            PILF has tracked a sample of registrants
            matched against the Social Security Death
            Index to determine the length of time that
            typically elapsed between listing as
            deceased by the federal resource and the subsequent removal from the voter roll by the State Board of
            Election. In Spring 2020, roughly 12,940 deceased registrants were found (ranking the state 8th in the
            The Social Security Death Index revealed that 95 percent of the
            registrants passed away before the year 2020. Just like with
            duplicates, missing personal identifying information can affect a
            state’s ability to clean voter rolls with modern data tools.
            The pictured gravestones demonstrate how long a deceased registrant
            can linger in North Carolina. Hoyle Helms, a World War II vet died
            in 1997 when Clinton was President. Following his death, he
            remained on the voter rolls for nearly 25 years.
            He is not an outlier. Mary Coleman died in 2003 and remained active on the state’s voter rolls for nearly 2
            These examples were not removed by officials until 2021, despite their deaths roughly 20 years ago.


            • Republicans are trying to suppress the dead vote.



              • Sounds like what happens in Chicago elections.


                • How much more evidence do you need?


                  Original article.

                  The third forensic report analyzing Mesa County electronic voting systems exposes, proof of changing vote counts, multiple unauthorized databases discovered and used in two separate elections, and more. Public calls for immediate federal and state law enforcement to investigate evidence of crimes.

                  [Denver, Colorado, March 22, 2022] – The third official forensic Mesa Report #3 analyzing Mesa County electronic voting systems was made public today. The report shows that the Mesa County electronic voting system contained multiple databases, which should not have been present and also indicates manipulated vote counts. The multiple databases in the voting system show ballot and ballot batch records were moved and changed, breaking the chain of evidence, leaving the true vote count unknown. This makes the vote count in Mesa County’s voting system impossible to authenticate, or prove accurate, voiding the legal certification of Mesa’s election. The report goes on to explain that this illegal activity happened in two different elections and there is no possible way this manipulation was an accident.

                  The first forensic report analyzing the Mesa County electronic voting systems showed that at least 29,000 election records had been deleted at the direction of Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold. The second Mesa forensic report exposed numerous system vulnerabilities including firewall and security rules that would allow any computer in the world to connect to the voting system server, and 36 separate wireless networking devices in the voting system. Between the wireless devices, the insecure configuration, and the destroyed election records, the voting system could have been undetectably connected to the unauthorized devices, networks, and the internet, directly, or indirectly. In the third report, there is undeniable evidence that vote counts were changed and manipulated.

                  According to systems testing expert Col. Shawn Smith (ret.) USAF, ”In contrast to Voting System Testing Lab personnel, who ‘claim no specialized knowledge or background in cybersecurity,’ the computer experts who authored the ‘Mesa 3 Report’ have 80 years of combined experience and expertise, including degrees in computer science and mathematics, defense and national security experience, and are making all evidence available to the public and other researchers.”

                  The evidence of destroyed election records, unauthorized software installation, multiple manipulated vote counts, databases, and unmonitorable wireless networking equipment exposes numerous federal and state crime violations, including civil rights violations. None of these violations would have been detectable to local election officials without this report. The public is calling for immediate criminal investigations by both federal and state law enforcement.

                  In a desperate attempt to cover-up evidence of numerous serious crimes, Griswold introduced a bill in the Colorado Senate that among other egregious attempts to seize election power from local election officials, and leaves oversight of Colorado elections solely in the hands of SecState Griswold. In fact, the bill makes it a crime for election officials to criticize how the state runs elections and bans public audits of elections. SB22-153 appears to be designed to cover-up all evidence of the crimes committed in Mesa County, and to suppress citizen discovery of new evidence. Colorado citizens are outraged at the bill and are taking a strong stand with elected officials urging them to vote no, especially in light of the “Mesa Report 3”.

                  In a separate legal case, Sec State Griswold is suing the Elbert County Clerk and Recorder in a desperate attempt to seize hard drives containing Elbert County election record backups. Once the Elbert County backups are forensically analyzed, it’s highly likely that the same evidence of Griswold’s illegal conduct in Mesa County will be found in Elbert County. State law enforcement officials, including CO Attorney General Weiser, are expected to demand access to those backups in support of a thorough criminal investigation.

                  Key findings in the Mesa Report #3
                  1. Creation of multiple databases: The Mesa County voting system server should have had three databases in its election project for each election. But in Mesa County’s system, two additional databases were found for two separate elections. The existence of those additional databases, and the movement of ballot records between them, breaking the chain of evidence needed for ballot and vote authentication is proof of voting system non-compliance with Federal Voting System Standards mandatory under Colorado law, and proof of manipulation. This is akin to having two sets of accounting records in a business, to hide fraudulent and illegal financial transactions.
                  2. A pattern of multiple illegal databases in separate elections: Multiple databases were found in both the 2020 election records, and in the 2021 election records. Slight variations in the method of ballot and batch record copying between databases reinforces the conclusion that the manipulation was deliberate.
                  3. Ballot and election records chain of evidence broken in multiple ways: Once ballot images and records were moved, deleted, manipulated, and re-copied, the chain of evidence was broken. Digital files required to verify ballot image authenticity simply did not exist in the new databases. It makes it impossible to verify the authenticity of so many ballot records. Now election results cannot be determined from the voting system records.
                  4. No accident: There are no listed, authorized features and procedures, or even the ability through a combination of features and procedures on the electronic voting systems to instruct or enable election officials to manipulate ballot records and vote count databases in the manner discovered. This activity was unauthorized, and could have been conducted in any number of ways, including combinations of unauthorized software, remote access and/or malware introduced through a removable device (USB drive).
                  5. Illegal certification of Colorado electronic voting systems: Because the electronic voting system in Mesa County, Colorado was not only vulnerable and exposed to manipulation, including the systematic destruction of election records, and proof of actual manipulation, the voting system could not possibly have met the requirements of the Federal Voting System Standards mandated by Colorado statute.

                  The first two of three Mesa County voting system forensic reports were prepared by Doug Gould, the former Chief Cybersecurity Security Strategist for AT&T. Mr. Gould is considered a foremost expert in the cybersecurity field and holds CISSP and CAS certifications. He is also a faculty member at the World Institute for Security Enhancement. The third Mesa County voting system forensic report was prepared by Jeffrey O’Donnell, a Full Stack software and database developer and analyst, with degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics, and 40 years’ experience in software, database, and analytics for large private sector corporations, and by Dr. Walter C. Daugherity, a computer consultant and Senior Lecturer Emeritus in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M, earning his Master’s and PhD’s in mathematics from Harvard, attending on a National Science Foundation Prize Fellowship, prior to his 37 years’ experience teaching computer science and engineering, including artificial intelligence, quantum computing, programming and software design, and cyber ethics.


                  • On Nov. 2 This Mysterious New Yorker Was Allegedly in a WI Ballot Room with 5 Keys to the Facility – Guess Who He Worked For

                    April 9, 2022

                    This article was sponsored by Citizens United Productions

                    Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg poured hundreds of millions of dollars into the 2020 presidential election. Much of the money went to battleground states, and one of those states was Wisconsin.

                    “Rigged” tells the full story of how Zuckerberg used his money to help Joe Biden win in 2020, and you can get your copy here today.

                    “In Wisconsin, you had them putting their own personnel in to actually run the election in places,” former Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Ken Cuccinelli said in the film.

                    Wisconsin Assemblywoman Janel Brandtjen made the same accusation.

                    “What we do know is Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein on Election Day was in the counting room in the KI Center in Green Bay, [Wisconsin],” she said.

                    This man’s background makes his alleged presence in a Wisconsin counting room very questionable.

                    If you want to learn about Zuckerberg’s full plot to influence the 2020 election in favor of Biden, get “Rigged” here for just $4.99. It’s available right now.

                    In the film, former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman said Spitzer-Rubenstein was not a resident of Wisconsin. Instead, Gableman said he hailed from Brooklyn, New York.

                    Spitzer-Rubenstein was allegedly in Wisconsin as part of a more than $1 million grant from the Center for Tech and Civic Life, the organization that Zuckerberg funded to help run elections.

                    “He is a very active partisan Democrat, and he came here and he became the de facto conduit between all of the Zuckerberg money and seeing to the enforcement of all of the obligations in the Zuckerberg contract,” Gableman said.

                    Yet according to Brandtjen, Spitzer-Rubenstein was not forthcoming about his actual identity.

                    “He actually was the one on Election Day that had a tag that said he worked for the city of Green Bay,” Brandtjen said. “He never did.”

                    That was not even the most shocking allegation Brandtjen made. She followed it up with another claim that, if true, would be one of the biggest bombshells in the entire film.

                    “Here’s a guy from New York, in the counting room, with five out of the six keys to the facility,” she said. “It’s on the contract from the KI Center: A guy from New York has access to the machinery and the ballots on the day before the election.”

                    If a non-resident of Wisconsin was truly walking around during election week with keys to an election facility and access to ballots and voting machines, it is hard to imagine a more damming piece of evidence of a rigged election.

                    This is just one of many shocking stories chronicled in “Rigged.” If you want to hear more about Zuckerberg’s plot, buy “Rigged” here right now.

                    This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


                    • Fairfax County Virgina Received Over $1.2 Million in Zuckerbucks in 2020 Election – Does This Explain the Three 300,000 Biden Ballot Drops on Election Night?

                      By Joe Hoft
                      Published April 16, 2022

                      Were Zuckerbucks linked to the three 330,000 vote drops for Joe Biden in Fairfax County Virginia on Election night 2020?

                      After the 2020 Election, The Gateway Pundit looked into the results in various states. One state that TGP explored was Virginia. We focused on that state because the results didn’t make sense. All-day and night during the Election on November 3rd, 2020, President Trump was ahead. He never was behind at any point in the day. Then late at night with President Trump still ahead, the state was called for Joe Biden. Up until that point in time, there was no indication that Biden was even in the race.

                      We looked into the numbers in Virginia and found something puzzling. Multiple drops of over 300,000 ballots for Joe Biden occurred.

                      We called this action in Virginia and other states, The Drop and Roll.

                      Now we are finding out that there were lots and lots of Zuckerbucks from the Facebook founder that were involved in Fairfax County, where the ballot drops occurred.

                      According to Capital Research, Fairfax County, the most populous county in Virginia, received a very large amount of Zuckerbucks ($1.24 million) in the 2020 Election.

                      Were Zuckerbucks involved in the massive ballot drops in Fairfax County on election night 2020? This needs to be investigated. Conservatives no longer have the luxury of ignoring the lawless voter grabs in battleground states. There is too much at stake today.


                      • The mule is the Democrat parties new mascot.

                        Why would you need ballot envelopes if you don't have time to mail out the ballots anyway?

                        Days Before the Election Fulton County Bought 1 Million Absentee Ballots, But NO ENVELOPES

                        Original article.

                        By Steven Ahle on April 18, 2022

                        Fulton County, Georgia received more than one million blank absentee ballots just ten days before the election. That would not give them enough time to fold, place into envelopes, and mail in time for the election. But, then that was possibly not the reason that they bought them, because if it was, they would have also bought envelopes to mail them with, but they didn’t. Even the dead voters who went with Biden must find this strange.

                        The company that supplied the ballots to Georgia, Runbeck, also supplied ballots to Arizona, including Maricopa County. Did Maricopa also make a late buy of absentee ballots? I do not know, but, someone should find out how many they purchased versus how many they mailed.

                        This would certainly explain why election workers saw pristine ballots being run through the tabulators. Do not expect Brad Raffensperger to investigate this as it is possible that he already knew it.

                        We know that Runbeck shipped thousands of ballots to the same guy in Georgia. This is the same man who came up with the fake water leak story. Was he buying time in order to add enough ballots to eke out a Biden win? Again, I don’t know, but it would seem like a good idea to find out.

                        President Trump held a large lead on election night in all of the swing states, and in all of those states, there were late-night ballot drops which would be at a time when they knew how many votes they needed to take the lead.

                        From The Gateway Pundit

                        We also know Brian Runbeck works for the company with his name. Although not listed as a member of the Executive Team, Brian Runbeck, identifies himself as the Client Services Manager/Project Manager and Production Coordinator at Runbeck Election Services. He manages the production of election ballots and related official election material. He claims he handles high pressure deadlines and high volume production.

                        Mr. Runbeck also made 50 separate donations to Act Blue, Biden for President and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee between August 15 and October 30, 2020.

                        NOTE that the BAR CODE is missing from these ballots. This is important because as IT specialist Jovan Pulitzer noted in testimony earlier this week, the Fulton County ballots in the general election for GOP precincts included a barcode while the ballots in Democrat districts did not include the barcode.


                        • Michigan has conducted a canvas. The first release shows missing votes...people who said that they voted do not have a vote recorded in their name.



                          • Michigan has conducted a canvas. The first release shows missing votes...people who said that they voted do not have a vote recorded in their name.



                            • Some good news in the worldwide struggle between democracy and autocracy: Emmanuel Macron defeats far right-winger Marie LePen in France.


                              • Mal maybe they were visiting Mark Meadows.