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  • Originally posted by MAL View Post

    I don't donate to political organizations, and if I did I wouldn't donate to Democrat organizations, If you are interested in fund raising, guess who is raising more money than the entire Republican party.
    Oh man that’s great news! Now he can pay off his debt to all those hard-working people that kept his rallies safe and clean.
    Always support your local wrestling tournament concession stands!!!


    • Originally posted by HuffHall View Post
      Ill take that bet any day.
      Let's start off with the midterm elections. I believe the Republicans will win back control of the House and Senate. What say you?


      • No, you absolutely may be right there. For the hell of it I'll wager against you but for sure I'll bet any amount of $ the Orange Turd never wins back the White house


        • This is fun let’s make some gentleman but no money. I want to bet MAL When he thinks the election will be over turned and Trump will move back in the White House.
          Always support your local wrestling tournament concession stands!!!


          • Originally posted by oldpioneer View Post
            This is fun let’s make some gentleman but no money. I want to bet MAL When he thinks the election will be over turned and Trump will move back in the White House.
            I bet Biden serve 4 years under a cloud. America does not remove Presidents that took office because of fraud. If 55 or 60% of the electorate believes the evidence of fraud, the Democrat party will be finished for a generation.


            • They don't only a certain portion of nutbags like you do


              • Originally posted by HuffHall View Post
                They don't only a certain portion of nutbags like you do
                I was about to say dudaman might be right About midterms in Congress. But when the rubber hits the road crackpots will divide the republican party. I was reading stuff about an Italian satellite that zapped all the machines and turn the votes for Biden. January 6 prove that they have numbers. But there can’t be that many people that go into the MALzone….
                Always support your local wrestling tournament concession stands!!!


                • Georgia Launches Investigation After Fulton County Official Says Election Forms Are ‘Missing’

                  5 days ago, an election official in Fulton County, Georgia made a stunning admission. After she was asked by investigators to produce chain-of-custody documentation for absentee ballots which were deposited into drop boxes, she responded by saying that a “few forms were missing” and that “some procedural paperwork may have been misplaced.”


                  Chain-of-Custody Docs:

                  Georgia Investigation:




                  American vs. Europe

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                  • New Evidence Shows GA Officials Knew About Cheating But Kept Quiet

                    By Steven Ahle
                    Brad Raffensperger and his lawyer, Ryan Germany were aware of cheating in Georgia on election night. So why did Raffensperger try to claim that the election there was the safest and most secure election in history?

                    Isn’t it obvious? He is immune from telling the truth. Besides, it’s not as if he isn’t a liberal plant. He is. It’s now up to the people of Georgia to kick him out of office next election.

                    Raffensperger sent a man to Fulton County to report on the vote-counting there that was a total indictment of the Fulton County machine.

                    Both he and his lawyer Ryan Germany were aware that votes were run through the machines multiple times and yet claimed the election was honest. Even when videos appeared showing the double and triple-dipping, Raffensperger continued to deny the truth.

                    Raffensperger even thought that Ralph Jones Sr working in Fulton County wasn’t a conflict of interest even though his son was the spokesman for the Whitlock campaign.

                    Or that Jones, Shaye Moss and her mother Ruby Freeman took out 5 hidden suitcases of votes after everyone was chased out of the room. The only way either man could claim that no cheating took place was that they were involved in the cover-up.

                    What more proof did they need? And if they did need more proof, why didn’t they investigate what went on? They cannot deny they were aware of what went on that night, so the only thing we are safe in assuming is that they agreed with what went on.

                    From The Gateway Pundit

                    Carter Jones shared this information on Election Night with attorney Ryan Germany. This showed crimes in that observers were missing. You can see it in the picture. Jones also claims votes are still being scanned confirming that crime.

                    Attorney Ryan Germany obtained this information on Election Night and apparently did nothing with it. He didn’t order an investigation. He didn’t have people arrested. He didn’t note that he received this photo and related information of potential crimes being committed with the President of the United States when he had an opportunity to do so.
                    It’s time that Raffensperger and Ryan Germany are fully investigated for being complicit in potential crimes surrounding the 2020 Election that resulted in them certifying a fraudulent election.



                    • Georgia Scandal Worse Than Arizona, Votes Totally Uncontrolled

                      2 Comments / Opinion, Politics, Voter Integrity / By Steven Ahle0
                      By now, you are aware of the 29-page report prepared by Carter Jones. Well, guess what? He also prepared a report in January of 2021 that totals fourteen pages. And the second report is every bit as bad as the first. He described it as a complete mess. A Fulton County election official admitted this week that chain of custody documents are missing for many of the mail-in ballots. SoS Brad Raffensperger claimed he didn’t know and he swore to investigate.

                      John Solomon and Just the News have found that possibly 100 boxes of ballots are missing. That is assuming they ever existed, to begin with. Could that be why the Fulton County officials just hired a well-known criminal defense lawyer? Usually, you don’t hire a criminal attorney unless you have been charged. Or you know you are going to be. Whatever the case, they must be anticipating something.

                      The 29-page report appears to confirm the fact that ballots were counted multiple times. Video previously produced seems to show Ruby Freeman was running ballots through the machines multiple times. We don’t know if she is the one Jones referred to or if there is a second perp.

                      The author of the 29-page November Fulton County report, Carter Jones, also released a 14-page report in January on the election irregularities in Fulton County Georgia.
                      This 14page document also details several instances of voter fraud and a complete breakdown of the system.

                      Here is the full 14-page document.



                      • IN THE NEWSNew Report Reveals MASSIVE Election Issues In Another MAJOR Georgia City

                        It seems as the time has been marching on that the overwhelming evidence of election fraud has been growing to the point that it cannot be ignored anymore.

                        Since the audits began months ago, in Arizona we all knew it was a matter of time before other states would start their own, and lo and behold it happened.

                        Now, Georgia is under the microscope and rightly so.

                        For example, just recently, there was up to 100 batches of missing ballots in Fulton County, but now another Georgia locale has come under fire…..Atlanta.

                        Recent reports have uncovered that Atlanta has some MASSIVE election ‘discrepancies’ which proves yet again that what Raffensperger said before was completely false.

                        One source that wrote a scathing 29 page investigative report points to a whole slew of problems including one election workers promise to “**** s*it up”.

                        In a nutshell, Atlanta didn’t have just custody issues, double counted ballots, and insecure storage of ballots but also an election worker threatening to tamper with the election.

                        Here are the latest election integrity developments:

                        Just The News reports:
                        A contractor handpicked to monitor election counting in Fulton County wrote a 29-page memo back in November outlining the “massive” election integrity failures and mismanagement that he witnessed in the Atlanta-area’s election centers.

                        The bombshell report, constructed like a minute-by-minute diary, cited a litany of high-risk problems such as the double-counting of votes, insecure storage of ballots, possible violations of voter privacy, the mysterious removal of election materials at a vote collection warehouse, and the suspicious movement of “too many” ballots on Election Day.

                        “This seems like a massive chain of custody problem,” the contractor Carter Jones warned in the memo delivered by his firm Seven Hill Strategies to Raffensperger’s office shortly after the election.

                        That glaring notation was written around 4:00 p.m. on Election Day, when Jones observed absentee ballots arriving at the county’s central absentee scanning center at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena “in rolling bins 2k at a time.”

                        “It is my understanding is that the ballots are supposed to be moved in numbered, sealed boxes to protect them,” he wrote, noting these ballots weren’t.

                        He also feared the flow of absentee ballots seemed too voluminous. “Too many ballots coming in for secure black ballot boxes,” he observed.

                        The Hill reported:

                        Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) says his office is looking into “new revelations” regarding the handling of paperwork for ballot drop boxes in the state’s most populous county during the 2020 election.

                        “New revelations that Fulton County is unable to produce all ballot drop box transfer documents will be investigated thoroughly, as we have with other counties that failed to follow Georgia rules and regulations regarding drop boxes. This cannot continue,” Raffensperger tweeted Monday.

                        Temporary regulations enacted by the Georgia Election Board last year allowed voters to return their absentee ballots by submitting them in secure drop boxes.


                        • NEW EVIDENCE Shows Raffensperger And Germany KNEW Of And HID Evidence Of Fraud In GIf you thought that the Arizona audit was the only thing heating up you need to focus on Georgia just for a moment.

                          What is occurring in the south is so huge in my opinion and it will only keep getting bigger the more we all press for answers. Yesterday, I reported on how Georgia is “suddenly” removing 100,000 names off their voter roll sheets even though Raffensperger and Georgia’s officials assured the nation that their election process was secure.

                          Well, now Raffensperger must be shaking in his boots even more after this latest development.

                          Remember, when Trump spoke with Georgia officials and they made it sound like he was asking for them to find him more votes? Well, that as we knew then was a complete and total lie.

                          In light of what was recently reported on all those voters having to be removed from the rolls, the allegations that batches of ballots are missing, a missing chain of custody documents, really paint the phone conversation in a new light.

                          Take a look through these reports and transcripts and you’ll see what I mean:

                          CNN had the transcript of the call between President Trump and Raffensperger at the time:
                          Raffensperger: We believe that we do have an accurate election.

                          Trump: No, no you don’t. No, no you don’t. You don’t have. Not even close. You’re off by hundreds of thousands of votes. And just on the small numbers, you’re off on these numbers and these numbers can’t be just — well, why wont? — Okay. So you sent us into Cobb County for signature verification, right? You sent us into Cobb County, which we didn’t want to go into. And you said it would be open to the public. And we could have our – So we had our experts there they weren’t allowed into the room. But we didn’t want Cobb County. We wanted Fulton County. And you wouldn’t give it to us. Now, why aren’t we doing signature — and why can’t it be open to the public?
                          And why can’t we have professionals do it instead of rank amateurs who will never find anything and don’t want to find anything? They don’t want to find, you know, they don’t want to find anything. Someday you’ll tell me the reason why, because I don’t understand your reasoning, but someday you’ll tell me the reason why. But why don’t you want to find?

                          Germany: Mr. President, we chose Cobb County —

                          Trump: Why don’t you want to find … What?

                          Germany: Sorry, go ahead.

                          Trump: So why did you do Cobb County? We didn’t even request — we requested Fulton County, not Cobb County. Go ahead, please. Go ahead.

                          Germany: We chose Cobb County because that was the only county where there’s been any evidence submitted that the signature verification was not properly done.

                          Trump: No, but I told you. We’re not, we’re not saying that.

                          Mitchell: We did say that.

                          Trump: Fulton County. Look. Stacey, in my opinion, Stacey is as dishonest as they come. She has outplayed you … at everything. She got you to sign a totally unconstitutional agreement, which is a disastrous agreement. You can’t check signatures. I can’t imagine you’re allowed to do harvesting, I guess, in that agreement. That agreement is a disaster for this country. But she got you somehow to sign that thing and she has outsmarted you at every step.
                          And I hate to imagine what’s going to happen on Monday or Tuesday, but it’s very scary to people. You know, where the ballots flow in out of nowhere. It’s very scary to people. That consent decree is a disaster. It’s a disaster. A very good lawyer who examined it said they’ve never seen anything like it.

                          Raffensperger: Harvesting is still illegal in the state of Georgia. And that settlement agreement did not change that one iota.

                          Trump: It’s not a settlement agreement, it’s a consent decree. It even says consent decree on it, doesn’t it? It uses the term consent decree. It doesn’t say settlement agree. It’s a consent decree. It’s a disaster.

                          Raffensperger: It’s a settlement agreement.

                          Trump: What’s written on top of it?

                          Raffensperger: Ryan?

                          Germany: I don’t have it in front of me, but it was not entered by the court, it’s not a court order.

                          Trump: But Ryan, it’s called a consent decree, is that right? On the paper. Is that right?

                          Germany: I don’t. I don’t. I don’t believe so, but I don’t have it in front of me.

                          Trump: OK, whatever, it’s a disaster. It’s a disaster. Look. Here’s the problem. We can go through signature verification and we’ll find hundreds of thousands of signatures, if you let us do it. And the only way you can do it, as you know, is to go to the past. But you didn’t do that in Cobb County. You just looked at one page compared to another. The only way you can do a signature verification is go from the one that signed it on November whatever. Recently. And compare it to two years ago, four years ago, six years ago, you know, or even one. And you’ll find that you have many different signatures. But in Fulton, where they dumped ballots, you will find that you have many that aren’t even signed and you have many that are forgeries.
                          OK, you know that. You know that. You have no doubt about that. And you will find you will be at 11,779 within minutes, because Fulton County is totally corrupt and so is she, totally corrupt.

                          And they’re going around playing you and laughing at you behind your back, Brad, whether you know it or not, they’re laughing at you and you’ve taken a state that’s a Republican state, and you’ve made it almost impossible for a Republican to win because of cheating, because they cheated like nobody’s ever cheated before. And I don’t care how long it takes me, you know, we’re going to have other states coming forward — pretty good.

                          But I won’t … this is never … this is … We have some incredible talent said they’ve never seen anything … Now the problem is they need more time for the big numbers. But they’re very substantial numbers. But I think you’re going to find that they — by the way, a little information, I think you’re going to find that they are shredding ballots because they have to get rid of the ballots because the ballots are unsigned. The ballots are corrupt, and they’re brand new and they don’t have a seal and there’s the whole thing with the ballots. But the ballots are corrupt.
                          And you are going to find that they are — which is totally illegal, it is more illegal for you than it is for them because, you know what they did and you’re not reporting it. That’s a criminal, that’s a criminal offense. And you can’t let that happen. That’s a big risk to you and to Ryan, your lawyer. And that’s a big risk. But they are shredding ballots, in my opinion, based on what I’ve heard. And they are removing machinery and they’re moving it as fast as they can, both of which are criminal finds. And you can’t let it happen and you are letting it happen. You know, I mean, I’m notifying you that you’re letting it happen. So look. All I want to do is this. I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have because we won the state.

                          And flipping the state is a great testament to our country because, cause you know, this is — it’s a testament that they can admit to a mistake or whatever you want to call it. If it was a mistake, I don’t know. A lot of people think it wasn’t a mistake. It was much more criminal than that. But it’s a big problem in Georgia and it’s not a problem that’s going away. I mean, you know, it’s not a problem that’s going away.

                          Then the Georgia Star News reported:

                          In a stunning admission about the critical chain of custody documents for absentee ballots deposited into drop boxes in the November 3, 2020 election, a Fulton County election official told The Georgia Star News on Wednesday that “a few forms are missing” and that “some procedural paperwork may have been misplaced.”

                          A Star News analysis of drop box ballot transfer forms for absentee ballots deposited in drop boxes provided by Fulton County in response to an Open Records Request showed that 385 transfer forms out of an estimated 1,565 transfer forms Fulton County said should have been provided are missing – a number that is significantly greater than “a few” by any objective standard.

                          On Sunday, The Star News published a story which included the files containing digital images of the 1,180 transfer forms that Fulton County did provide. Those digital images can be viewed here.

                          This is the first time that any election official at either the state or county level from a key battleground state has made an admission of significant error in election procedures for the November 3, 2020 election.

                          The admission of missing chain of custody documents by a Fulton County official is important for several reasons that cut to the very core of public confidence in the outcome of the 2020 presidential election

                          Last edited by MAL; 06-22-2021, 09:36 PM.


                          • House Republicans Uncover Scam That Channeled Private Funds To Election Agencies

                            By Steven Ahle
                            A group of House Republicans sent a letter Monday to the left-leaning group Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), wanting them to explain what they did with the money.

                            Originally they said the money was for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) but, as the lawmakers point out, less than 1% of the money went to PPE. Republican New York Rep. Claudia Tenney is leading the inquiry.

                            Tenney was joined by 13 other House Republicans in sending the letter. CTCL gave $350 million to nearly 2,500 election officials in 48 states. They have called on the CTCL to immediately publish their full financial 990s for public review. That is their duty as a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit.

                            The letter states:

                            “Many state and local entities have reported spending your grant money on expenses as varied and unrelated to COVID-19 as advertising, designing absentee ballots, registering teen voters, automatic voter registration, and even pay raises and new vehicle purchases.

                            An elections supervisor in Lowndes County, Georgia, stated that CTCL was ‘very lenient regarding what we could spend the money on. They put virtually no restrictions on it as long as it relates to the election.’ Furthermore, it appears that 92% of CTCL grants were given to overwhelmingly Democrat-leaning precincts.”

                            The letter continues:

                            “Pennsylvania State Representative Eric Nelson raised concerns with certain counties receiving disproportionate funding, stating ‘I just felt, ethically, it was disturbing to me that the private grant distribution was happening, and it was not happening evenly between counties.’”

                            “These reports and others have raised red flags around the country and states are now taking action to prohibit this type of outside investment in the future. To date, twelve states have or are planning to introduce legislation to prohibit election officials from accepting private funds. Given the serious questions and inconsistencies surrounding CTCL grants, it is especially vital that your organization promptly release its full financial data so the public can properly assess the influence of this $350 million during the 2020 election.”
                            See also Georgia Secretary of State Busted, Conducted Secret Ballot Inspection and Never Told The Court Or The PlaintiffsVIDEO OF THE DAY

                            The money was supposed to pay for PPE but instead, it was used for elections and was used primarily in Democratic districts.

                            Tenney told the Daily Caller:

                            “Mark Zuckerberg channeled $350 million to government agencies during the 2020 election with zero transparency or accountability, and he used the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) to do it, a left-leaning nonprofit. CTCL said the money was for PPE, but it was used for Get Out the Vote efforts and electioneering. It is no surprise that the vast majority of CTCL’s ‘Zuckerbucks’ ended up in predominantly Democratic counties.”

                            Non-profits are not supposed to be political and they could lose their tax-exempt status over their indiscretions.


                            • Georgia Secretary of State Busted, Conducted Secret Ballot Inspection and Never Told The Court Or The Plaintiffs

                              By Rich Welsh
                              Last year, when several Fulton County, Georgia poll observers testified that boxes of mail-in ballots for Joe Biden appeared to be run through a photocopy machine, state investigators secretly broke the seal on one suspicious box and inspected the hundreds of votes it contained for signs of fraud, according to RealClearInvestigations.

                              Simultaneously, a whistleblower told the outlet that state investigators tried to compel her to recant her testimony about what she and other poll monitors had witnessed that they referred to as “pristine” mail-in ballots while sorting through them during last November’s hand recount.

                              “I felt I was under investigation,” said Suzi Voyles, a Fulton County precinct manager for over twenty years whose sworn affidavits, upon penalty of perjury, have been used by election watchdogs to sue the county for access to the ballots in question.

                              Although the ballots are at the center of disputes about the Georgia 2020 presidential race, which Joe Biden supposedly won by just 11,779 votes, state officials never divulged its inquiry to the public or to the watchdog groups who were suing to be able to inspect the ballots.

                              Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office also failed to inform the judge presiding over the lawsuit that they were even doing the inspection, even though the judge had issued a protective order over the ballots in January. It smells like a CYA operation that may be blowing up in the secretary of state’s face.

                              In a nine-page amicus brief (friend of the court) recently filed in the case, Raffensperger’s lawyers asked Superior Court Judge Brian Amero to deny the petitioners’ requests to inspect the ballots, calling them a “fishing expedition.” So they secretly and illegally inspected the ballots and are calling others who wish to do the same a fishing expedition. Hmm.

                              Chief Investigator for the secretary of state’s office, Frances Watson confirmed in a statement to the outlet that she sent investigators to Fulton County earlier this year to inspect the batches of sealed ballots. Why didn’t she tell the judge?

                              Poll monitors involved in the hand recount done last November described the mail-in ballots in sworn affidavits as not having any folds found on the paper and they all had the exact same bubbled-in marks for Biden. But the state said it could not find any ballots matching the description. Could it be that they removed those ballots when they did their little secret inspection? I wouldn’t put it past Raffensperger who has proven to be a severe disappointment.

                              “Our investigators looked into it and didn’t find anything,” she said, while adding the investigation is “still ongoing.”

                              It goes without saying that the watchdog groups have a problem with the fact that state officials never told the court of their caper with the ballots and they now fear Raffensperger’s people tampered with them. Those ballots are at the center of the lawsuit requesting access to all 147,000 absentee ballots that were mailed in during the 2020 election.

                              Garland Favorito, a longtime poll watcher who founded, who is leading the petitioners in court said that the state failed to inform the judge presiding over their case and pointed out that they broke the chain of custody of the shrink-wrapped ballots that were secured in a county facility in Atlanta. That is not good.
                              See also Fraudster Behind Ballot Harvest Scheme Finally Confesses
                              The biggest problem with government tyranny is that the tyrants control the system.

                              “If the secretary of state’s office did that, they tampered with the ballots and violated Georgia state law,” which only allows the handling of ballots to authorized election officials involved in the counting and care of the ballots, Favorito said. After pointing out that the judge gave a protective order over the ballots back in January Favorito added, “They would have had to ask for a court order to unseal and inspect those ballots and they never did that.”

                              The SOS office acknowledged that the ballots were still under protective seal when they urged the judge to prevent the watchdogs from inspecting the ballots.

                              “The security and confidentiality of ballots is to be strictly maintained,” Raffensperger’s attorneys argued in the brief they filed with Judge Amero back in April, “and the court should be cautious in granting petitioners’ access to ballots that Georgia law requires to remain under seal, which makes it a felony as soon as petitioners were to lay hands on them.”

                              That’s like murdering your parents and then pleading to the court for mercy because you’re an orphan.

                              So the SOS office has already violated a court order and unsealed and investigated the ballots and now they want to stop the watchdog groups from doing the same. Raffensperger doesn’t know the definition of transparency.

                              Whistleblowers were fired for exposing the suspicious ballots and now we find out that there was a breach of the chain of custody of said ballots that Fulton County officials were ordered by a judge to guard 24/7, and Raffensperger is trying to get a court-ordered inspection of the ballots dismissed. On top of that, we now find out that the ballots in question, many of which came from drop boxes around Atlanta, have seen the chain of custody documentation gone missing.

                              The judge ordered Fulton County to unseal the 147,000 absentee ballots so that the petitioners could inspect them and the county filed a motion to dismiss the case. What are they afraid of? The judge will rule on that motion later in the month.

                              And now we have Suzi Voyles’ claim that she was pressured to retract her testimony about the pristine ballots. Why would they want her to reverse herself over something that was clearly voter fraud? Does the SOS office have a vested interest in covering up potential voter fraud? Isn’t it the SOS’s job to make sure elections go smoothly?

                              Mail-in ballots that were never folded are considered suspect by the very fact that you can’t get the ballot into the envelope without folding the paper. Duh. This was an easy thing for Voyles to spot after working as a precinct manager for over twenty years for the county. None of us have ever worked for the county and we would have spotted them too.

                              Voyles also witnessed that the marks on the ballots, which were for Biden, all looked the same. Yes, voters fill in the circles, but there is always a distinguishing mark made by the person filling in the circle, and the thousands of ballots that were not folded all had the same distinguishing mark(s) in the Biden circle. Occam’s Razor dictates the ballots were photocopied.
                              See also House Republicans Uncover Scam That Channeled Private Funds To Election Agencies
                              I personally witnessed the same thing on a live YouTube video feed on Election Day 2020 from Delaware County, Pennsylvania where vote counters were seen on the live feed taking unfolded ballots and filling in the rest of the circles for Democrats. How do we know? Because the cheaters were filling in the left side of the ballots which is where the Democrat candidates were placed on the ballots statewide.

                              Voyles told RealClearInvestigations that during a January 7 interview in a secretary of state office in Atlanta an investigator named Paul Braun “grilled me for over two hours” over her testimony. She said another official soon joined them claiming to be from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, but that neither investigators knew neither the box nor the batch numbers for the ballots in question and they didn’t even have a copy of her affidavit. It was more than likely a fishing expedition by the SOS office.

                              “I smelled a rat when they didn’t know the batch numbers when they were clearly denoted in my affidavit,” Voyles said.

                              Voyles said the so-called investigators “gave no indication” they ever visited the warehouse to search for the ballots or that they were running a forensic investigation and that they kept trying to make her accept that she made a mistake.

                              “I did not recant,” she said. “The ballots that I saw had been pre-printed. It’s a very serious thing in my opinion. That’s what I swore to under penalty of perjury. Recanting would be perjuring myself.” This is a determined woman who will not be intimidated.

                              Watson told the outlet that Voyles “stated that she may have been mistaken about the batch number and provided a different batch number.”

                              “I never said that,” Voyles contended.

                              “The second batch number provided by Ms. Voyles did not exist,” Watson added.

                              Voyles pointed out that she never gave any other batch numbers so she has no idea what Watson is talking about. This is what the crooked bureaucrats do. They find out what the complaint is, they go to “fix” the problem themselves (wink wink), then try to get the person who blew the whistle to fall on their sword and say that they must have made a mistake.

                              Watson said, “investigators went to Fulton County and reviewed the batches identified by Ms. Voyles, but found no ballots that looked as Ms. Voyles described.” Nonsense. The woman who ran the precinct for two decades isn’t going to make something like that up.

                              Favorito said VoterGA’s attorney is going to file a motion to depose Braun and Watson to figure out what investigators have done regarding the boxes of absentee ballots in question.

                              When it has to do with Fulton County, you can’t even trust the investigators because Democrats are so crooked they have corrupted everyone, including half the judges.

                              Favorito believes Voyles’ testimony because the ballot images his group studied support her recollection of the irregularities.

                              “At no time has Susi Voyles claimed she was mistaken,” Favorito said. “She has consistently stood by her affidavit since she submitted it almost seven months ago.”


                              • Biden won Georgia?...Not a chance.

                                Georgia Investigator’s Notes Detail ‘Massive’ Issues During 2020 Election

                                June 18, 2021

                                Newly published notes jotted down by an election monitor detail a slew of issues witnessed in Georgia’s largest county during the 2020 election.

                                Carter Jones was tapped by Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to observe firsthand the election in Fulton County. His notes detail what he saw from Nov. 2 to Nov. 7, 2020.

                                Problems started from the time Jones arrived at the English Street warehouse, which holds various election materials, at approximately 9 p.m. after Raffensperger’s office received reports throughout the afternoon of materials not being delivered to polling places in a timely manner, or at all.

                                Just four minutes after arriving, Jones saw an election official working to reset poll pads for a precinct. The precinct only received one bag of pads, despite the system at the warehouse showing both had been checked out.

                                Jones said many bags of pads and other materials were not packed and paperwork was not matching up. He used the word “chaos” and said there was much “confusion.” One county official blamed the secretary of state’s office, claiming they received a “flawed file,” but officials with the office responded that the alleged issue was “easy to disprove.”

                                Issues continued cropping up on Election Day. At State Farm Arena, Jones said there were “too many ballots coming in for secure black ballot boxes,” so workers were moving them in rolling bins 2,000 at a time.

                                “This seems like a massive chain of custody problem. It is my understanding that the ballots are supposed to be moved in numbered, sealed boxes to protect them,” he said.

                                Later in the night, the monitor became aware of reports that Fulton County officials said they were stopping counting for the night, prompting observers to leave, only to resume with no one monitoring them.

                                Jones did not arrive until about an hour after workers resumed counting.

                                At approximately 12:08 a.m. on Nov. 5, Jones reported that “order is starting to break down.”

                                Ralph Jones, a Fulton County election official, “newly re-scanned some ballots that had already been processed by Shaye” Moss, an election worker, Jones added.

                                “Inspector James Callaway arrives to investigate the accusations that the Fulton staff had told the press to go home and were scanning without observers,” he reported shortly afterward.

                                Staff finally sealed up the ballot bins about 30 minutes later, after leaving them unsealed for an undetermined period of time.

                                Jones left and went to sleep after swinging back by the warehouse.
                                Media crews film while election workers process absentee ballots at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Ga., on Nov. 2, 2020. (Megan Varner/Getty Images)

                                As workers tried to scan adjudicated ballots in the afternoon of Nov. 5, all five scanners went down and Dominion Voting Systems technology employees began uploading to flash drives. Best practices say not to take down all scanners at once, and a backlog started building, according to the monitor’s notes.

                                Fulton County adjudicated some 106,000 ballots. That process applies to ballots that the tabulating machines could not read. People then pore over the paper to see if they can ascertain who the voter wanted to vote for.

                                At 7:07 p.m., workers started hearing they’d scanned just 10,000 ballots in five hours. “People are realizing that there is at least another 8-10 hours of work to finish up so the staff redouble their efforts,” Jones said.

                                A fresh wave of workers arrived about 30 minutes later. Jones heard one worker ask a colleague whether they were “ready for a long night.” The second replied, “yeah, I’m ready to [expletive] [expletive] up.”

                                “I must keep an eye on these two. Perhaps this was a bad joke, but it was very poorly timed in the presence of a poll watcher,” Jones wrote, wondering about the vetting practices of Happy Faces, which hires the temporary workers. He also said that there seemed to be “lots of training on the fly happening” with the workers who had recently arrived.

                                As the girlfriend of Elections Director Rick Barron visited with him despite lacking credentials to be in the room, Barron was reading tweets from fans who enjoyed his wearing of a Portland Timbers lanyard, Jones said around 10:30 p.m. Meanwhile, staffers were working hard to speed up their work.

                                Barron was fired in February but remains at his job.

                                Pressed for time, workers kept going into the early hours of the next morning. But the slog was wearing them down. Ralph Jones, for instance, was “making mistakes.”

                                “Staff member tells him that he miscounted the same batch twice. He was off by one both times,” the monitor wrote.

                                Jones, the monitor, later said that Moss found some “sloppy final paperwork” submitted by one of the workers.

                                Around 11:30 a.m. on Nov. 6, one worker, described as “panicked,” told Jones that four boxes or trays of ballots were “found” at the warehouse. Ralph Jones said the ballots were cured and collected before the polls closed. The worker later agreed, saying the ballots were not “found.” Jones reminded both of “the importance of precise language when the stakes are so high.”

                                The counting finally ended on Nov. 7.

                                Jones’s notes were obtained and published (pdf) by Just the News. Raffensperger’s office confirmed the authenticity of the notes to The Epoch Times. Fulton County did not respond to requests for comment, nor did Jones.

                                The county is currently under investigation after legally required ballot transfer forms went missing.

                                The presence of the monitor was made possible by a consent order approved by the State Election Board, which Raffensperger chairs, in 2020. The order was agreed upon after Fulton County was plagued with problems in prior elections.

                                The notes and a report that Jones later submitted to the board were not released before now because “it just didn’t occur to us” to post them, a spokesman for Raffensperger told The Epoch Times via email.

                                A bill that Gov. Brian Kemp recently signed into law opens up the possibility that elections in counties that repeatedly have problems running them be taken over by the state officials. Raffensperger supported that provision, the spokesman said.

                                In a statement to news outlets after the recent probe was announced, Fulton County Commission Chairman Robb Pitts accused Raffensperger of “laying the groundwork for a hostile takeover of Fulton County’s Board of Registrations & Elections.”

                                “His comrades in this fight are conspiracy theorists who promote the same Big Lie that he purportedly doesn’t believe. The votes have been counted three times, including a hand recount, and President Biden came out ahead every time. Given the results in 2020, I would suggest he focus more on the next election than relitigating this last one,” Pittman said.

                                Jones, the monitor, said in his final report said that what happened between 10:30 p.m. and 11:52 p.m. on Election Night at State Farm Arena “continues to be elusive.” If poll watchers were being truthful in their recounting of what happened, “then there is a serious problem,” he wrote.

                                Raffensperger’s chief investigator said in an affidavit in December 2020 that observers and the media “were not asked to leave” but “simply left on their own” when a group of workers left. She also said there were “no mystery ballots” brought out from under hidden tables, as had been alleged by some.

                                Jones also described “persistent chain of custody issues throughout the entire absentee ballot processing system” relating to both the 2020 election and the risk-limiting audit that took place.

                                Jones recommended improved training, stronger processes, and some type of post-action review to identify problems and solutions.

                                Raffensperger has said the election largely ran smoothly and there has been no indication of enough fraud to swing the election. Democrat Joe Biden beat former President Donald Trump by less than 12,000 votes, according to the certified results. Prior to 2020, no Democrat had won Georgia since 1992.

                                Jones, who has experience monitoring elections from time with the International Republican Institute, told the State Election Board in February that he observed “a lot of sloppy processes,” including “the kind of fingerprints of what I will call systemic disorganization.”

                                However, “at no point in my more than 270 hours around Fulton County’s election processes from October to January did I see any illegality, fraud, or intentional malfeasance,” he also said.