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  • Originally posted by HuffHall View Post

    I explained my vote for Biden explain yours for Trump after the debacle of his 1st term? Give it a rest already with your phony moral indignation where was it when Trump was spending like a drunken sailor or ignoring science while Americans were dying during a pandemic or when he was embarrassing this country with his tacit approval of white supremacy? You don't like what Biden is doing, fine I understand that but all your repetitive right wing talking points, "tax and spend", "senile Joe," just show your regurgitate everything you hear on Fox news and have no independent thought of your own. Yeah but you are the enlightened one.
    I have explained my vote for Trump many times on this forum. I did not agree with many of the things he said and did, but I agreed with many of his policies. As for talking points, please point out to me where I am wrong in calling Biden old, weak and senile, and a tax and spend liberal. Those are not just talking points, they're my opinions based on my observations of the Democratic party, and of Biden since he ran for, and was elected, President. There is a reason why his public exposure is so limited and scripted, and why they have cut off his microphone to prevent questions. He looks feeble and walks like an old man, which he is. As for my tax and spend observation, the $3.7 trillion proof is in the news every day. So again, where am I wrong in my opinions/observations of Biden?


    • I never said you were wrong, I do have a problem with the word senile but hey whatever. I also find it ironic that the guy you will vote for in 3 years will be the same exact age as Biden was when he was elected but whatever. I'll also point out the national debt rose upwards of 7 Trillion under 45 so be consistent .You seem to ignore all the wrongs when a Republican is in office and you're chicken little when it's a liberal in charge. There's no real point in arguing/debating/discussing with you when you're that one sided and that's fine. That's pretty much the landscape of this country right now. Everyone is sure their viewpoint is right and everything else is wrong. The left did this, yeah but what about when the right did that and on and on and on. Too bad hope that changes sometime down the line and we can listen to each other again, differences and all. Best of luck
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      • Texas Conducting Audit of 2020 Election Results


        September 29, 2021

        The Texas Secretary of State’s office is carrying out a forensic audit of 2020 election results in four large counties, including Dallas and Harris counties.

        The office announced the audit last week but declined to provide more details until Sept. 28.

        Phase one of the review is already underway, the office says. This phase involves verifying the accuracy of voting machines, assessing cybersecurity, and pinpointing and removing from voter rolls any people who cast votes illegally in 2020.

        State officials have received reports from the Electronic Registration Information Center regarding voters who may have voted twice or who illegally voted in Texas despite living in another state. In addition, officials have identified votes they say were potentially cast by non-U.S. citizens and alerted counties to review each case. Once that’s done, any instances of possible illegal voting will be referred to the state Attorney General’s Office for investigation.

        Phase two of the audit, estimated to take place in the spring of next year, is centered on examining the election records from various counties, including Tarrant and Collins counties.

        The Secretary of State’s office plans to examine all chain-of-custody forms concerning equipment and all logic and accuracy-testing records for voting machines.

        Depending on the results of the examination, there could be a full manual recount in the affected precincts or polling locations.

        “The purpose of this audit is to ensure all Texas voters can have confidence in the elections systems in our state, and to address any outstanding issues county election officials may face that undermines the integrity of our elections,” the office said in a statement.

        A spokesman said in an email that the office won’t be hiring or contracting with any outside firms to conduct the audits. The position of Texas secretary of state is currently vacant.

        Election offices in the four counties didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

        Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, a Democrat, told reporters last week that “the sensational announcement of an audit by the state is nothing more than a political ploy by a former president and someone who’s trying to curry favor.”

        “I’m working to do everything in my power to stop this not only because complying with a sham audit will take us away from serious work we have to do but also, and most importantly, because it will take trust away from our election systems here in Harris County and here in Texas,” she said.

        The review was announced shortly after former President Donald Trump called on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, to carry out a forensic audit of the 2020 election, and shortly before an audit in Arizona was announced to have uncovered multiple inconsistencies.

        Trump won Texas in the 2020 election by about 630,000 votes but said in a letter to Abbott that he heard Texans want an audit.

        “Your citizens don’t trust the election system,” he wrote. “Texans know voting fraud occurred in some of their counties.”

        Abbott defended the audit over the weekend.

        “There are audits of every aspect of government. We have a state auditor. There’s a federal auditor for the way that government operations work. Businesses that are public companies are subject to an annual audit,” he said on “Fox News Sunday.” “Why do we audit everything in this world, but people raise their hands in concern when we audit elections, which is fundamental to our democracy?”

        He also said the audit began months ago, although that hadn’t been previously disclosed.


        • Huff, Trump is destroying Biden in the polls right now...there is a reason for that...Biden didn't win in the first place.


          August 23, 2021
          According to a recent Rasmussen poll, the numbers indicate that President Trump would be declared the winner of a presidential election against Joe Biden if held today.

          The survey, which was conducted on Aug 16-17, polled 1,000 likely U.S. voters and the results were very clear. Trump would beat Joe Biden in a landslide in a presidential rematch.

          When asked which candidate they would cast their vote for today, 43 percent of likely voters would support President Trump while only 37 percent would vote for Joe Biden. 14 percent indicated they would vote for some other candidate.

          The polling concluded that 13 percent of likely Democrat voters would give President Trump their vote, possibly indicating “buyers remorse” for voting for Joe Biden.

          In a new study, nearly 1 in 10 Democrats regret their vote from 2020, suggesting that Trump is becoming more popular than ever before outside of his America First and Conservative base.

          11 percent of voters polled from ages 18 to 39 say they regret who they voted for in 2020.

          Even more so, African-Americans, 14 percent regret who they voted for as well.

          12 percent of moderates and 9 percent of all Democrats indicated the same remorse for voting for Joe Biden.

          It’s falling apart for the Biden White House


          • 10 p.m. ET Watch Gov. Kristi Noem Walk, Talk Reagan Ranch, More Info Here

            Sorry Huff that was an old poll...things look even more bleak for the "Obiden" administration.

            Rasmussen Poll: Trump a Shoo-in Over Biden, Harris if Election Were Now

            By Solange Reyner | Thursday, 23 September 2021

            Former President Donald Trump would be a shoo-in over President Joe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris if the next election were held now, with 1 in 5 Democrats saying they would vote for Trump today, according to a Rasmussen Reports survey of 1,000 likely U.S. voters released Thursday.

            Trump in head-to-head matchups with Biden or Harris would win by double-digit margins; 51-41 percent over Biden and 52-39 percent over Harris.

            Voters are divided on whether Trump should run again in 2024, with 48 percent saying it would be a good idea and 44 percent saying it would be a bad idea.

            The poll also found:
            • 75 percent of Democrat voters say they would vote to elect Biden again while 84 percent of Republican voters say they would back Trump
            • Among unaffiliated voters, Trump would get 51 percent against either Biden or Harris, although 14 percent of unaffiliated voters say they would prefer another candidate
            • 49 percent of voters 65 and older say it’s a bad idea for Trump to consider a 2024 presidential run
            • 52 percent rate Biden’s handling of immigration issues as poor and his ratings on immigration have worsened since April, when 50 percent of voters rated his handling of immigration as poor
            • 70 percent of voters say the current situation with migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border is a crisis, up from 66 percent in May
            • 54 percent say America’s current immigration problems are being caused more by the policies Biden has in place since taking office; 37 percent blame Trump’s policies
            • Voters think Trump’s ''aggressive, controversial'' style ''wasn’t so bad'' by a 52-44 percent margin.

            Biden’s approval numbers have dipped amid the surge of illegal immigrants at the southern border and a chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal. Trump has been hinting at a 2024 run and his top advisers have suggested he is locked in.

            The survey was conducted Sept. 21-22. The margin of error is +/-3 percentage points.


            • MAL, If you check the Raw data that the cyber ninjas retrieved from the Arizona audit who won Arizona?
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              Always support your local wrestling tournament concession stands!!!


              • Originally posted by HuffHall View Post
                I never said you were wrong, I do have a problem with the word senile but hey whatever. I also find it ironic that the guy you will vote for in 3 years will be the same exact age as Biden was when he was elected but whatever. I'll also point out the national debt rose upwards of 7 Trillion under 45 so be consistent .You seem to ignore all the wrongs when a Republican is in office and you're chicken little when it's a liberal in charge. There's no real point in arguing/debating/discussing with you when you're that one sided and that's fine. That's pretty much the landscape of this country right now. Everyone is sure their viewpoint is right and everything else is wrong. The left did this, yeah but what about when the right did that and on and on and on. Too bad hope that changes sometime down the line and we can listen to each other again, differences and all. Best of luck
                Trump's physical presence and mental acuity are light years from Biden. I'm not happy about how Trump handled the national debt during his time in office, but a chunk was tied to covid and he at least tried to cut taxes, unlike every proposal presently being bandied about by Democrats. When was the last time you heard about Democrats trying to cut taxes and being concerned about our national debt? If it wasn't for the 3 moderate Democrats we would have an extra 3.7 trillion added to our debt right now, increased taxes, and none of that would be for covid or actual infrastructure. I have never said Republicans are not without their faults, but they at least pretend to be concerned about raising taxes and deficit spending. I'm being one sided? That's pretty funny. You haven't once chimed in on the cluster **** that's going on right now in the southern border or the 3.7 trillion the Democrats are trying to slam through, or any other current events. You only made a brief comment about the horrendous Afghan withdrawal, but crickets about anything else. Your consistent input is how much you dislike Trump and his core followers, apparently to the exclusion of everything else that's going on. Who's being one sided?


                • As I said best of luck to you, this is pointless/tiresome/repetitive


                  • Originally posted by oldpioneer View Post
                    MAL, If you check the Rod data that the cyber ninjas retrieved from the Arizona audit who won Arizona?
                    There has never been any doubt that Trump won Arizona. From the moment that they "stopped counting" and slow walked the final results it was obvious that Trump won. The "rod data" is a recount of the audit is checking to see if the ballots are legitimate. In the audit they found 23,000 people that voted from the wrong address 10,000 people that voted in 2 counties and 2000 that live in another state. They found 83,000 people that have no record of actually being real people...most of them are probably illegals. they found 17,000 duplicate mail in ballots I think there were 1700 mail in ballots with no signature or just a scribble. They didn't have time to actually do a signature match because Maricopa county did not give them the ballot envelopes until just right before the audit release. A signature match would be enough to flip the "rod data" results based on the historic signature rejection rate...the audit found that they just stopped checking signatures entirely after a certain date. For some reason they withheld the paper analysis from the audit, but they did send Maricopa County a very long list of questions about the problems that they found in the paper.

                    Do you really think we should count the votes of the people that voted twice or more? None of these questions deserve answers? Fraud has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt...we can argue over how much fraud there was, but Arizona was decided by 10,000 votes and I don't think that you can prove that less than 10,000 votes were fraudulent.

                    Using your logic I would like to buy your car...I will pay what ever you want for it...don't worry some of the money will be real...I will pay in trillion dollar bills.

                    This is just a small sampling of what they found, and keep in mind that we are only talking about Maricopa County. I think that they are going to audit Pima County next.

                    Because of the secret ballot there is no way of knowing who the fraudulent votes were for, but it is estimated that 250 to 300,000 fraudulent votes were cast in Arizona.
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                    • Ruby was not the only person that committed election fraud in Georgia.

                      Ironclad Proof of Voter Fraud in Georgia

                      By Steven Ahle
                      Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Funded a group that placed drop boxes throughout Georgia. The drop boxes are a great way to commit voter fraud. One drop box in Georgia received 1,900 votes over a three-day weekend.

                      However, the video of the dropbox shows that only 24 people went to that box over that time period. That means at best 1,873 of those votes were legal since Georgia law says that ballot harvesting is illegal.

                      This is ironclad proof that at least some voter fraud took place.

                      True the Vote says that they have videos of 202 people unloading knapsacks full of votes into drop boxes. True the Note is meeting in Atlanta today and they are promising to release the videos in the near future.

                      The problem is the SOS of Georgia, Brad Raffensperger is a Democrat who identifies as a Republican and he has been working overtime to prevent an honest look at the 2020 election. Here we have proof of fraud and it is unlikely he will pursue it.

                      The document says that True The Vote has spent the last several months since late last year collecting more than 27 terabytes of geospatial and temporal data—a total of 10 trillion cell phone pings—between Oct. 1 and Nov. 6 in targeted areas in Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Texas. The data includes geofenced points of interest like ballot dropbox locations, as well as UPS stores and select government, commercial, and non-governmental organization (NGO) facilities.

                      “From this we have thus far developed precise patterns of life for 242 suspected ballot traffickers in Georgia and 202 traffickers in Arizona,” True The Vote’s document says. “According to the data, each trafficker went to an average of 23 ballot dropboxes.”

                      In other words, what the document says is that True The Vote was able to take cell phone ping data on a mass wide scale and piece together that several people—suspected ballot harvesters—were making multiple trips to multiple drop boxes, raising potential legal questions in a number of these states.


                      • Originally posted by HuffHall View Post
                        As I said best of luck to you, this is pointless/tiresome/repetitive
                        Best post yet. See, we can agree on some things.


                        • Is there anybody that thinks this is a good idea besides Nancy. The Democrat party already owns the mainstream the want us to pay for the failing fake news industry. This is just corruption.

                          Democrats’ Latest $3.5 Trillion Spending Spree Includes $1.3 Billion Media Bailout

                          A relatively unheralded program in the $3.5 trillion Democrat spending spree would provide well more than $1 billion in bailout funds to media organizations.

                          By Christopher Jacobs
                          SEPTEMBER 29, 2021

                          Several weeks ago, I wrote an article asking why the media in general, and Politico in particular, refuse to cover the irregularities in Joe Biden’s taxes. Turns out they have a lot of reasons not to do so. Approximately 1,269,000,000 reasons, in fact.

                          A relatively unheralded program in the $3.5 trillion Democrat spending spree would provide well more than $1 billion in bailout funds to media organizations. You read that right: With our nation more than $28 trillion in debt, Democrats want to raise taxes to spend more money on their political allies in corporate media.

                          It’s enough to prompt the inevitable chicken-and-egg question: Did Democrats propose this bailout because corporate media bury scandals like Joe Biden’s taxes and Hunter Biden’s e-mails, or did the media bury those scandals in the hopes of receiving a bailout?
                          Welfare for Writers?

                          Buried at the back of the 2,465-page spending behemoth is the program by which Democrats in Congress want the federal government to subsidize journalism. Beginning on page 2,326, Section 138517 of the bill provides a payroll tax credit for “compensation of local news journalists.”

                          The program would provide a credit of up to $50,000 annually for each “local news journalist” on staff, subsidizing half of wages in the first year and 30 percent for four years thereafter. The bill defines “local news journalist” as someone who works “at least 100 hours” each quarter, “during which time such individual regularly gathers, collects, photographs, records, writes, or reports news or information that concerns local events or other matters of local public interest.”

                          That language implies the credits will go primarily towards small-town reporters. Requiring eligible journalists to work only 100 hours per quarter—less than 10 hours per week—suggests lawmakers want to support publications with part-time or freelance correspondents.

                          But it also raises the obvious question about why federal taxpayers need to fund what amounts to someone’s side hustle. I write for The Federalist part-time, and likely spend at least 100 hours per quarter doing so, but I don’t expect the feds to subsidize my endeavors in the slightest. Nor, can I safely say, would The Federalist’s publishers want to go on the federal dole to have taxpayers fund their writers’ compensation.
                          Large Media Corporations Eligible

                          Consider also which publications classify as a “local newspaper.” Under the bill, an establishment would qualify if:

                          “(A) the primary content of such publication is original content derived from primary sources and relating to news and current events,

                          “(B) such publication primarily serves the needs of a regional or local community,

                          “(C) the publisher of such publication employs at least one local news journalist who resides in such regional or local community, and

                          “(D) the publisher of such publication employs no more than 750 employees during the calendar quarter with respect to which a credit is allowed under this section.

                          This definition contains a lot of wiggle room—not least because the bill doesn’t define a “regional or local community” for purposes of determining news coverage. Would a Washington-based publication, geared towards super-rich Beltway insiders, that focused all of its coverage on Capitol Hill and K Street be classified as “primarily serv[ing] the needs of a regional or local community?” Quite possibly.

                          The definition also means that a newspaper with the maximum 750 employees—not exactly a small enterprise, by any stretch—could receive $37,500,000 per year from the federal government. These publications would have strong financial incentives to turn every employee—even the people who work on the printing presses—into “local news journalists” for at least 100 hours every quarter, so they can receive a federal bailout of up to $50,000 per worker per year.
                          Billion-Dollar Bailout

                          While a Wall Street Journal editorial and a few other stories have highlighted this atrocious bailout, thus far no one has appeared to highlight its cost. According to a cost estimate issued by the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT), this proposal would cost federal taxpayers $1.269 billion over the coming decade.

                          Even this number understates the proposal’s real fiscal impact, as the credit would expire after five years. If Democrats extend this proposal—which of course they will try to do—its true ten-year cost would exceed $2.5 billion.
                          Another Democrat Attempt at Censorship

                          This tax credit program represents but the latest attempt from Democrats seeking to dominate the news media. From the Obama administration encouraging people to snitch on their neighbors for spreading “disinformation” during the Obamacare debate, to congressional lawmakers seeking additional censorship by Big Tech giants, the left wants to ensure that all media promote one message, and one message only: more government everywhere.

                          This program would follow in the exact same vein, leveraging the ambiguities in the law to silence critical voices in the media. With the Treasury Department left to make critical decisions about how to interpret this proposal—decisions that could make or break the future of news publications—how likely do you think the average reporter, or publisher, would be to cover that same Treasury Department aggressively on an issue like Biden’s taxes, and whether the IRS will audit his questionable returns? The question practically answers itself, and speaks to the pernicious effects of this type of proposal.

                          Republican lawmakers should expose this crony capitalism by asking JCT just how many establishments, and how many reporters, would receive this new federal bailout. And when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asks rhetorically what programs people seeking a smaller spending bill would cut, conservatives should point to this example of crass political corruption as Exhibit A.


                          • The issues the Taxocrats are having in passing their 3.7 trillion spendfest reminds me of the problems the Republicans had in killing Obamacare. It will be interesting to see what happens going forward as you know they don't want to wait until the 2022 election year comes on. Either way, it's going to be great ammunition for Republicans in the midterms.


                            • Looks like Trump won Biden's home state, or why else would they have to cheat.

                              Massive ‘Fraudulent’ Votes Found in Delaware In 2020 Election

                              Syndicated Via National File| PATRICK HOWLEY|
                              Delaware saw massive “fraudulent” votes being submitted in the 2020 election and nursing homes that had way more votes submitted than people who lived there, according to 2020 Delaware U.S. Senate candidate Lauren Witzke and a memo from Patriots for Delaware that has been obtained by NATIONAL FILE.

                              Lauren Witzke: “Preliminary Audits of the Delaware 2020 elections are damning. Only 10% of the votes have been audited and they’ve already found over 20k fraudulent ballots. Internal polling before the elections were EXTREMELY close. They couldn’t let Joe Biden’s home state seem even remotely competitive while they were busy stealing the swing states- would have raised a few eyebrows. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s looking like I pulled in at least 47% of the vote- I maybe even won. Thank you to Seth Keshel’s Team for all of their hard work. More on this to come. Stay tuned!”

                              According to a Patriots for Delaware memo written by Jennifer Cooke: “Patriots for Delaware held a public meeting on Sept. 28 where they relayed some initial findings in reference to their 2020 election canvas that have raised more questions than answers. Not only did dead people vote, there also seems to be a high number of votes coming from some nursing homes who don’t have nearly that many beds. There are 296 votes that came from a nursing home with only 94 beds. That’s 315% votes coming from a facility that is rarely at full occupancy. There were several other nursing homes that reported over 100%, while most facilities in the state reported anywhere from 0% to 75% votes in relation to available beds. Where are all the people that voted from these nursing homes? How could the nursing homes have been that full, occupancy wise, given the Covid-19 protocol was to lock the facilities down and keep our elderly socially distanced and quarantined? It was also revealed that hundreds upon hundreds of votes from “Uniformed and overseas citizens” had a mailing/residential address listed as the addresses of the three county elections offices in the state. The election law clearly states that these particular voters’ addresses should be listed as their last residential address. People don’t live at the state-owned Carvel building in Wilmington. Are these votes legal?

                              Another subject that is called into question is the voter rolls. Almost 30 thousand voters were added to the voter rolls in the months leading up to the Nov. 3 election. Oddly enough, over 11 thousand of those voters were removed from the rolls in August 2021 alone. The state only provides month-to-month data on voter registration totals. Any added or removed voters, on a day-to-day basis, would not be apparent in the month-to-month data. Why were so many voters added to the rolls starting a few months before the election and why are they being removed now? Why would 11 thousand people unregister to vote in one month? Were the elections offices “cleaning up” their voter rolls? If so, why wait until after a historic election to remove voters?

                              Last, is the astronomically high 47,205 ballots sent to adjudication. That amounts to 25% of all mail-in/absentee ballots cast in the state. The FEC allows .0008% of ballots to be sent to adjudication. Clearly something was wrong during the ES&S tabulation machine scanning of these mail-in/absentee ballots to cause so many of them to be deemed unable to read. Furthermore, according to Delaware’s election law, each ballot needed a Republican, a Democrat, and an election judge to view them and decide the voter’s intent. What kind of man hours would it take for elections officials to view every one of those adjudicated ballots? The mail in ballots were not supposed to be opened or counted until Election Day. How did that many ballots get processed in such a short amount of time? Did any of the officials question or raise concern for the amount of adjudications? Were the ES&S tabulation machines calibrated correctly? Were the machines certified? Who certified them? We the People of Delaware deserve to know what happened on Nov. 3, 2020. We should have complete confidence in our elections given that a FREE and FAIR election is the cornerstone of this Constitutional Republic. Our elected representatives and appointed Board of Elections, have a duty to We The People that they have not been living up to. We have questions. We want answers. We will not settle for “There’s nothing I can do” any longer. Audit Delaware.”


                              • The military thinks BIden is a senile cheater.

                                Open Letter from Retired Generals and Admirals

                                Our Nation is in deep peril. We are in a fight for our survival as a Constitutional Republic like no other time since our founding in 1776. The conflict is between supporters of Socialism and Marxism vs.supporters of Constitutional freedom and liberty.During the 2020 election an “Open Letter from Senior Military Leaders” was signed by 317 retired Generals and Admirals and, it said the 2020 election could be the most important election since our country was founded. “With the Democrat Party welcoming Socialists and Marxists, our historic way of life is at stake.” Unfortunately, that statement’s truth was quickly revealed, beginning with the election process itself. Without fair and honest elections that accurately reflect the “will of the people” our Constitutional Republic is lost. Election integrity demands insuring there is one legal vote cast and counted per citizen. Legal votes are identified by State Legislature’s approved controls using government IDs, verified signatures, etc. Today, many are calling such commonsense controls “racist” in an attempt to avoid having fair and honest elections. Using racial terms to suppress proof of eligibility is itself a tyrannical intimidation tactic. Additionally, the “Rule of Law” must be enforced in our election processes to ensure integrity. The FBI and Supreme Court must act swiftly when election irregularities are surfaced and not ignore them as was done in 2020. Finally, H.R.1 & S.1, (if passed), would destroy election fairness and allow Democrats to forever remain in power violating our Constitution and ending our Representative Republic. Aside from the election, the Current Administration has launched a full-blown assault on our Constitutional rights in a dictatorial manner, bypassing the Congress, with more than 50 Executive Orders quickly signed, many reversing the previous Administration’s effective policies and regulations. Moreover, population control actions such as excessive lockdowns, school and business closures, and most alarming, censorship of written and verbal expression are all direct assaults on our fundamental Rights. We must support and hold accountable politicians who will act to counter Socialism, Marxism and Progressivism, support our Constitutional Republic, and insist on fiscally responsible governing while focusing on all Americans, especially the middle class, not special interest or extremist groups which are used to divide us into warring factions.
                                Additional National Security Issues and Actions:

                                Open borders jeopardize national security by increasing human trafficking, drug cartels, terrorists entry, health/CV19 dangers, and humanitarian crises. Illegals are flooding our Country bringing high economic costs, crime, lowering wages, and illegal voting in some states. We must reestablish border controls and continue building the wall while supporting our dedicated border control personnel. Sovereign nations must have controlled borders.

                                China is the greatest external threat to America. Establishing cooperative relations with the Chinese Communist Party emboldens them to continue progress toward world domination, militarily, economically, politically and technologically. We must impose more sanctions and restrictions to impede their world domination goal and protect America’s interests.•

                                The free flow of information is critical to the security of our Republic, as illustrated by freedom of speech and the press being in the 1st Amendment of our Constitution. Censoring speech and expression, distorting speech, spreading disinformation by government officials, private entities, and the media is a method to suppress the free flow of information, a tyrannical technique used in . We must counter this on all fronts beginning with removing Section 230 protection from big tech.•

                                Re-engaging in the flawed Iran Nuclear Deal would result in Iran acquiring nuclear weapons along with the means to deliver them, thereby upsetting Mideast peace initiatives and aiding a terrorist nation whose slogans and goals include “death to America” and “death to Israel” . We must resist the new China/Iran agreement and not support the Iran Nuclear Deal. In addition, continue with the Mideast peace initiatives, the “Abraham Accords,” and support for Israel.•

                                Stopping the Keystone Pipeline eliminates our recently established energy independence and causes us to be energy dependent on nations not friendly to us, while eliminating valuable US jobs. We must open the Keystone Pipeline and regain our energy independence for national security and economic reasons.•

                                Using the U.S. military as political pawns with thousands of troops deployed around the U.S. Capitol Building, patrolling fences guarding against a non-existent threat, along with forcing Politically Correct policies like the divisive critical race theory into the military at the expense of the War Fighting Mission, seriously degrades readiness to fight and win our Nation’s wars, creating a major national security issue. We must support our Military and Vets; focus on war fighting, eliminate the corrosive infusion of Political Correctness into our military which damages morale and war fighting cohesion.•

                                The “Rule of Law” is fundamental to our Republic and security. Anarchy as seen in certain cities cannot be tolerated. We must support our law enforcement personnel and insist that DAs, our courts, and the DOJ enforce the law equally, fairly, and consistently toward all.•

                                The mental and physical condition of the Commander in Chief cannot be ignored. He must be able to quickly make accurate national security decisions involving life and limb anywhere, day or night. Recent Democrat leadership’s inquiries about nuclear code procedures sends a dangerous national security signal to nuclear armed adversaries, raising the question about who is in charge. We must always have an unquestionable chain of command. Under a Democrat Congress and the Current Administration, our Country has taken a hard left turn toward Socialism and a Marxist form of tyrannical government which must be countered now by electing congressional and presidential candidates who will always act to defend our Constitutional Republic. The survival of our Nation and its cherished freedoms, liberty, and historic values are at stake.

                                We urge all citizens to get involved now at the local, state and/or national level to elect political representatives who will act to Save America, our Constitutional Republic, and hold those currently in office accountable. The “will of the people” must be heard and followed. Signed by:

                                RADM Ernest B. Acklin, USCG, ret.
                                MG Joseph T. Anderson, USMC, ret.
                                RADM Philip Anselmo, USN, ret.
                                MG Joseph Arbuckle, USA, ret.
                                BG John Arick, USMC, ret.
                                RADM Jon W. Bayless, Jr. USN, ret
                                .RDML James Best, USN, ret.
                                BG Charles Bishop, USAF, ret.
                                BG William A. Bloomer, USMC, ret.
                                BG Donald Bolduc, USA, ret.
                                LTG William G. Boykin, USA, ret.
                                MG Edward R. Bracken, USAF, ret.
                                MG Patrick H. Brady, MOH, USA, ret.
                                VADM Edward S. Briggs, USN, ret.
                                LTG Richard “Tex’ Brown III USAF, ret.
                                BG Frank Bruno, USAF, ret.
                                VADM Toney M. Bucchi, USN, ret
                                .RADM John T. Byrd, USN, ret.
                                BG Jimmy Cash, USAF, ret.
                                LTG Dennis D. Cavin, USA, ret.
                                LTG James E. Chambers, USAF, ret.
                                MG Carroll D. Childers, USA, ret.
                                BG Clifton C. “Tip” Clark, USAF, ret.
                                VADM Ed Clexton, USN, ret.
                                MG Jay Closner, USAF, ret
                                MG Tommy F. Crawford, USAF, ret.
                                MG Robert E. Dempsey, USAF, ret.
                                BG Phillip Drew, USAF, ret.
                                MG Neil L. Eddins, USAF, ret.
                                RADM Ernest Elliot, USN, ret.
                                BG Jerome V. Foust, USA, ret.
                                BG Jimmy E. Fowler, USA, ret.
                                RADM J. Cameron Fraser, USN, ret.
                                MG John T. Furlow, USA, ret.
                                MG Timothy F. Ghormley, USMC, ret
                                .MG Francis C. Gideon, USAF, ret.
                                MG Lee V. Greer, USAF, ret.
                                RDML Michael R. Groothousen, Sr., USN, ret
                                .BG John Grueser, USAF, ret.
                                MG Ken Hagemann, USAF, ret.
                                BG Norman Ham, USAF, ret.

                                VADM William Hancock, USN, ret.
                                LTG Henry J. Hatch, USA, ret.
                                BG James M. Hesson, USA, ret.
                                MG Bill Hobgood, USA, ret.
                                BG Stanislaus J. Hoey, USA, ret.
                                MG Bob Hollingsworth, USMC, ret.
                                MG Jerry D. Holmes, USAF, ret.
                                MG Clinton V. Horn, USAF, ret.
                                LTG Joseph E. Hurd, USAF, ret.
                                VADM Paul Ilg, USN, ret.
                                MG T. Irby, USA, ret.
                                LTG Ronald Iverson, USAF, ret.
                                RADM (L) Grady L. Jackson
                                MG William K. James, USAF, ret.
                                LTG James H. Johnson, Jr. USA, ret.
                                ADM. Jerome L. Johnson, USN, ret
                                .BG Charles Jones, USAF, ret.
                                BG Robert R. Jordan, USA, ret.
                                BG Jack H. Kotter, USA, ret.
                                MG Anthony R. Kropp, USA, ret.
                                RADM Chuck Kubic, USN, ret.
                                BG Jerry L. Laws, USA, ret.
                                BG Douglas E. Lee, USA, ret.
                                MG Vernon B. Lewis, USA, ret.
                                MG Thomas G. Lightner, USA, ret.
                                MG James E. Livingston, USMC, ret.
                                MOHMG John D. Logeman, USAF, ret.
                                MG Jarvis Lynch, USMC, ret.
                                LTG Fred McCorkle, USMC, ret.
                                MG Don McGregor, USAF, ret.
                                LTG Thomas McInerney, USAF, ret.
                                RADM John H. McKinley, USN, ret.
                                BG Michael P. McRaney, USAF, ret.
                                BG Ronald S. Mangum, USA, ret.
                                BG James M. Mead, USMC, ret.
                                BG Joe Mensching, USAF, ret.
                                RADM W. F. Merlin, USCG, ret.
                                RADM (L) Mark Milliken, USN, ret.
                                MG John F. Miller, USAF, ret.
                                RADM Ralph M. Mitchell, Jr. USN, ret.
                                MG Paul Mock, USA. ret.
                                BG Daniel I. Montgomery, USA, ret.,
                                RADM John A. Moriarty, USN, ret.,
                                RADM David R. Morris, USN, ret.
                                RADM Bill Newman, USN, ret.
                                BG Joe Oder, USA, ret.
                                MG O’Mara, USAF, ret.
                                MG Joe S. Owens, USA, ret.
                                VADM Jimmy Pappas, USN, ret.

                                LTG Garry L. Parks, USMC, ret.
                                RADM Russ Penniman, RADM, USN, ret.
                                RADM Leonard F. Picotte, ret.
                                VADM John Poindexter, USN, ret.
                                RADM Ronald Polant, USCG, ret.
                                MG Greg Power, USAF, ret.
                                RDM Brian Prindle, USN, ret.
                                RADM J.J. Quinn, USN, ret
                                .LTG Clifford H. Rees, Jr. USAF, ret.
                                RADM Norman T. Saunders, USCG, ret.
                                MG Richard V. Secord, USAF, ret.
                                RADM William R. Schmidt, USN, ret.
                                LTG Hubert Smith, USA, ret.
                                MG James N. Stewart, USAF, ret.
                                RADM Thomas Stone, USN., ret.
                                BG Joseph S. Stringham, USA, ret.
                                MG Michael Sullivan, USMC, ret.
                                RADM (U) Jeremy Taylor, USN, ret.
                                LTG David Teal, USAF, ret.
                                VADM Howard B. Thorsen, USCG, ret.
                                RADM Robert P. Tiernan, USN, ret.
                                LTG Garry Trexler, USAF, ret.
                                BG James T. Turlington, M.D., USAF, ret.
                                BG Richard J. Valente, USA ret.
                                MG Paul Vallely, USA, ret.
                                MG Russell L. Violett, USAF, ret.
                                BG George H. Walker, Jr. USAR Corp of Engineers, ret
                                .MG Kenneth Weir, USMCR, ret.
                                BG William O. Welch, USAF, ret.
                                MG John M. White, USAF, ret.
                                MG Geoffrey P. Wiedeman, JR. USAF, ret.
                                MG Richard O. Wightman, Jr., USA, ret.
                                RADM Denny Wisely, USN, ret.
                                LTG John Woodward, ret.