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  • MAL
    Erich Speckin Discovers 10,000 Counterfeit Ballots – Alleghany PA – Nick Moseder [VIDEO]

    Red Voice Media

    What’s up, ladies and gentlemen? I have an explosive report to cover for you guys, which was done by world-renowned paper expert Erich Speckin regarding the ballot images from the 2020 election in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. In a completely unexpected turn of events, it appears that a group was able to get their hands on the Allegheny County ballot images and put Erich Speckin to work. And what he found appears to be clear-cut evidence of counterfeit ballots, upwards of 10,000 plus counterfeit ballots, to be exact.

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  • MAL
    What You Need to Know About Vote by Mail

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  • MAL
    Campus Cougars vote for Biden.

    2020 VOTER FRAUD HOTBED! East Lansing, MI: 276 Ballots Cast From CLOSED MSU Dorms…11 MIDDLE-AGED WOMEN Registered to Vote At ALL-MALE Fraternity Houses…47 Ballots Cast From Addresses That Don’t Exist…And Multiple DEAD Voters

    By Patty McMurray
    Published September 7, 2022

    An exclusive report by guest author Patrice Johnson for 100 Percent Fed Up.

    When Anne Hill requested a copy of East Lansing, Michigan’s voter rolls, she little suspected she could be stepping into a snake pit of phantom voters. The quiet, intellectual blond with a ready smile had no inkling of the public attacks she was about to endure for bringing the facts to light. Then Hill found 9,000 ineligible voters on East Lansing’s official voter rolls. A full 36% of the city’s 26,000 voter registrants should not be on the rolls. Worse, 1,935 (21%) of those ineligible registrants voted in the 2020 election, and their ballots were counted. Turns out, the establishment found Hill’s discoveries a bit too itchy and scratchy.

    Hill’s venture into the politics of personal destruction began in the autumn of 2020. The 16-year resident of East Lansing was volunteering on behalf of her neighborhood to work on a housing study of the City. Her efforts had alerted her to the public availability of the state’s official voter registration system through the Freedom of Information Act, which assures government transparency through the guarantee of public access to most government records.

    “I FOIAed East Lansing’s Qualified Voter File and started doing a street-by-street, property-by-property study of East Lansing,” said Hill, who holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

    Soon after receiving and opening the dataset of the Mich. Qualified Voter File, called the QVF, Hill began to see “oddities and anomalies” in the city, home to Michigan State University.
    Fifty registered voters were listed as residing at non-existent addresses along a non-existent, street, Cherry Lane. “Fifteen of those registrants voted absentee in 2020,” Hill recalls.

    She contacted the elections clerk. Maybe the residents were out-of-country military, the clerk speculated.

    Hill checked. Only one of the voters met the age criteria for active military service. She drove to the site, and she found a park. Signage indicated Cherry Lane traversed through there until its demolition in 2011, 12 years ago.

    Fifteen (15) alleged residents inexplicably voted absentee in 2020 from non-existent addresses along this non-existent street in East Lansing, Mich. A park now stands where Cherry Lane, demolished in 2011, was once lined with faculty housing and apartments. As of November 2020, 50 registered voters were listed as residing along the 12-year-gone Cherry Lane, turned park.

    Out of curiosity, Hill turned her attention to the university’s dormitories. She called the Assistant Vice President for Community Relations, Government Relations, and the person confirmed that 22 of MSU’s 28 dormitories were closed due to COVID in 2020. They were “lights out.” No one could possibly have lived in these buildings during the months leading up to and through the election. All residents of these dorms were forced to leave, “and no mail could be delivered.” Still, the QVF showed 1,738 voter registrants recorded as living at these closed dorms, and 276 of these registrants cast counted ballots.

    Hill sorted the addresses of the local fraternities, sororities, and co-ops. The voters registered as residing in these student housing organizations tallied 526. A check of their ages revealed that 342 of these registrants were 40 or more years of age. Clearly, none of these old-timers still lived in these houses.
    To Hill’s surprise, 11 middle-aged females, ranging from 48 to 53, were registered as living at a male fraternity house. No way.

    Hill’s heart sank to see that 50 of these ghost dwellers had voted in the 2020 election.

    What was going on?

    Hill dug in. Over the course of the next six months, she researched East Lansing’s official rolls and verified her findings with additional credible data from sources like obituaries and deed transfer records. Her laundry list of anomalies grew to include:
          1,472 votes from 5,713 voter registrants who no longer lived at the QVF-recorded address

          85 votes attributed to registrants listed as living at residences sold prior to Sept. 30, 2020. (One registrant sold their home in 2003, two homes were sold in 2013, and their mailing address was in Germany.) 
          5 votes from deceased persons. (Their skeletal remains had the courtesy to vote absentee.)

    Hill became a supporter of Pure Integrity Michigan Elections (PIME) and the Election Integrity Force and Fund (EIF). She provided walk lists for volunteer canvassers who knocked on doors and collected stacks of affidavits proving duplicate, moved, and deceased registrants were still on the voter rolls and often voting. On their first walk, the volunteers knocked on 71 doors and interviewed 35 residents. They came away with 23 resident-signed affidavits, attesting to anomalies in the state’s official vote records. One volunteer snapped a photo and filled out an affidavit of an address that didn’t exist yet was recorded as housing registered voters.

    During the Ingham team’s first door-knocking walk in East Lansing, volunteers knocked on 71 doors and interviewed 35 residents. As the above summary shows, they came away with two dozen resident-signed affidavits, attesting to anomalies in the state’s official vote records

    On May 14, 2022, PIME and EIF published the LIGHTS OUT: Voter Roll Anomalies during the 2020 election, East Lansing, Michigan by Anne Hill.
    Strange things began to happen.

    On April 7 and 8, Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum went on the attack in both local television and online news. “If someone comes to your door asking how you voted, my recommendation would be to slam that door in their face,” she said. (See Ingham County warns of “election integrity” scams.) Byrum’s dire warnings implied nefarious conduct. In truth, the canvassers’ how-you-voted question was simply asking residents if they had voted. If so, did they vote in person or absentee?

    Byrum, who is closely tied to Michigan’s lawless Attorney General Dana Nessel (see the short video below of Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum nodding like a bobblehead while Nessel mocks and threatens MI SOS candidate Kristina Karamo during a Trump rally for suggesting Michigan residents have a right to question the integrity of our elections):

    In July, two months after the publication of Lights Out, a local community newsletter lost its editor. Hill, who had long helped produce East Lansing Info (ELI) on a volunteer basis, was appointed by unanimous vote to its board of directors and asked to serve as its interim editor. Despite her already busy schedule, Hill agreed to shoulder the extra burden.

    Social media erupted. City Pulse, a local tabloid, published East Lansing Info installs election denier as interim executive director. The hit piece stated,
    The outcry on social media and a complaint sent to ELI’s contact portal raised concerns about Hill’s work to discredit East Lansing’s 2020 election through work with Pure Integrity for Michigan Elections, an organization with ties to Trump-endorsed candidates that claims to be working for more secure elections in the state. Her work with the group included authoring a May 14, 2022, report accusing East Lansing election officials of counting nearly 2,000 improper or illegal ballots in the 2020 presidential election.

    No matter that ELI had received only one complaint or that Lights Out had published only well documented facts. The report made no accusations, only recommendations. No matter that PIME had no “ties to Trump-endorsed candidates.”

    “It seems like I have hit a nerve with the report,” Hill wrote in an email to this writer.
    PIME responded in Hill’s defense:

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  • MAL
    Pulled over for riding a bicycle while being Black.

    Former Tarrant Co Dem Party Chair and Candidate Deborah Peoples Implicated in Ballot Harvesting

    Deborah Peoples will likely never face charges because Tarrant County Texas has a Soros backed prosecutor.

    2000Mules Texas Style: Newly Discovered Police Body Cam Footage Implicates Top Tarrant Co. Texas Democrat Officials in Ballot Harvesting

    By Brian Lupo
    Published September 14, 2022

    Newly discovered police body cam footage in Forth Worth, TX obtained by The Gateway Pundit shows that the claims made in True the Vote and Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000Mules were not exclusive to the “swing states”. Or the 2020 election. This footage implicates two top Democrat leaders in the county’s party: former Tarrant Co. Democratic Party (TCDP) chairwoman and now candidate for Tarrant Co Judge Deborah Peoples and the director at The Peoples Group, Stuart Clegg. Clegg was also the executive director for the TCDP and Peoples was a member of the Tarrant County election board and commission responsible for overseeing the integrity of county elections.
    You may remember Tarrant County from the 2020 election: it was a red county for 56 years until the COVID lockdowns and a massive push for the fraud-ridden universal mail-in ballot system. The Gateway Pundit reported on this back in November 2020. Tarrant County hired Heider Garcia, who obtained his engineering degree in Venezuela and worked for Smartmatic for 12 years, where he was an executive level employee. In 2010, Garcia was called “a son of a bitch” by Philippine Congressman Teodoro Locsin after “unforeseen” circumstances led to huge election discrepancies in the country.

    But this story isn’t about him, however, it is about an accusation of a long time fraud perpetrated on the people in the jurisdiction he supervises. In October 2018, four women were arrested in a voter fraud ring in Fort Worth. According to the Star-Telegram:

    “Members of an organized voter fraud ring have been arrested and indicted on charges they targeted and, in one case stole, the votes of elderly voters on Fort Worth’s north side…

    These people allegedly were paid to target older voters on the north side ‘in a scheme to generate a large number of mail ballots and then harvest those ballots for specific candidates in 2016,’ the statement read.”

    The Star-Telegram published a story about the man, Charles Jackson, in our footage back in 2018. He was arrested and indicted for “providing false information on a voting application.” As it turns out, he did a lot more than that, and according to his own admissions, it was at the behest of Stuart Clegg and Deborah Peoples.

    The following footage was obtained through open records request in Fort Worth. It shows a conversation between Jackson and the officer that he had a conversation with previously in 2016. This engagement on January 3, 2020 was not an interrogation and Jackson was not being accused of a crime or detained for a crime. In fact, Jackson himself brings up their previous interaction and begins to tell him about the ballot harvesting. This is about as casual a conversation one could have with a police officer, so there is no concern that he was potentially trying to avoid any possible negative actions taken against him.

    (Video takes a moment to load even if it says “broken extension”…or you can click here to view it on the Rumble player and subscribe

    Two years prior to the above engagement, Jackson was originally arrested for one count of “providing false information on a voting application” in Tarrant County. He was brought to an “investigation room” with “so many people in there.” He said he was “scared as hell”. Apparently, Clegg was also there and when he saw the Star-Telegram showed up, Clegg bonded Jackson out “real quick”.

    Why is a campaign manager for the former county democratic party chair and candidate for Tarrant Co Judge bailing out a homeless man that was indicted on “a single charge of providing false information on a voting application”?

    Jackson took a plea deal in April 2019 and was sentenced to 10 days time served despite facing 10 years with “enhancement” due to previous felonies. It is unclear if his listed attorney, Gerard Kardonsky, was a public defender at the time or, if not, who funded his attorney. According to the Ft Worth Star-Telegram, attorneys in the case could not comment after the hearing due to a gag
    issue previously issued by State District Judge Scott Wisch. Jackson mentions a gag order as well in the footage:

    “Stuart told me not to talk to them (Star-Telegram) and bonded me out and I got put on a gag order.”

    During his conversation with the officer, Jackson claims that Peoples’ office “hasn’t lost a vote in 11 years…Every time somebody campaigns [with them] they win. 11 years.”

    Deborah Peoples, former Tarrant County Democratic Party Chairwoman, is alleged to have helped fund a ballot harvester in at least the 2016 election. Peoples is now running for Tarrant County Judge.

    For the first time in 56 years, Tarrant County, Texas went “blue” in the 2020 election, the “safest, most secure election ever” as touted by the mockingbird media. While Peoples was serving as the TCDP Chairwoman, she was also one of the individuals who would have been tasked with ensuring these elections were “secure”. Now she is running for the highest elected office in Tarrant County: Tarrant County Judge.

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  • MAL
    Originally posted by oldpioneer View Post

    Actually, anytime I mail something very important I film it going into the box. And I’ve never taken a selfie of myself in my life
    That was just the video of the "selfies", Here is the video of how many ballots that were being stuffed. Some Mules had as many as 50 ballots. In Michigan you can deliver ballots for immediate family members...that is a big family. 99% of the drop box video was illegally destroyed or was never usable footage to begin with...but look at what we have anyway..

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  • MAL
    Originally posted by oldpioneer View Post

    Actually, anytime I mail something very important I film it going into the box. And I’ve never taken a selfie of myself in my life
    That is a good point. Getting paid is very important to most if not all Ballot Mules. Can't get paid with out proof that the ballots were delivered.

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  • MAL
    This ins an entirely fact based article. Join the conversation.

    ICYMI: Georgia County Using Dominion Machines Adds Vote Between Nov 3 Count and Machine Recount

    By Brian Lupo
    Published September 6, 2022

    For those of us that are concerned with election integrity, “Human Error”, “technical glitch”, “the problem has been corrected” are all statements and explanations we seem to hear repeated over and over again regarding elections in this country. For those “mainstream” Americans who are still plugged into the mockingbird media, they hear “Big Lie”, “most secure election in American history”, and “‘MAGA Republicans’ are trying to overturn the election.”

    The media asks “then show us the fraud.” Well, “show us the election first.” It’s difficult to prove a murder without being allowed to see the body, the crime scene, the weapon, etc. We still cannot get access to hand marked paper ballots in any of these jurisdictions mentioned below. Hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars, maybe millions, are being spent to thwart the inspection of physical ballots. We are still being stonewalled in many jurisdictions from open records request for election materials.

    But citizens turned investigators have still found some compelling evidence. For example, citizen investigators found through publicly available ballot images, a peculiar addition of a vote from the first machine count on Nov 3 to the second machine recount a couple of weeks later. This added vote, a perfectly filled in circle, was only able to be found because of some writing at the top of the ballot that gave away it’s identity because the tabulator, batch and ballot number all changed between the original count and the recount, as if the ballots were shuffled up. If they ran a batch through a different tabulator, then perhaps that number changing could be argued. But to change the batch ID and ballot positioning from one count to the next seems to be a deliberate obfuscation.

    It is worth noting that Fulton Co, GA, the most populated jurisdiction in the state, has no record of their election day ballot images for comparison to the machine recount images. It is also worth noting that the same Cherokee Co (and Pickens Co) recently went against the will of their constituents by refusing a hand recount of the 2022 primary race.

    The obvious question here is how does a ballot end up with an extra vote from one count to the next? And are there more like it that were hidden by the shuffling of the ballots prior to the recount? The “overvote” on the ballot cancels out the original vote for Donald J Trump for President. We have reached out to Cherokee County twice, once in June and once again this week, for explanation. We will update the article if they respond.

    We know that these machines can be manipulated in a way that they can change votes in real time faster than the machines can scan, as reported in August by The Gateway Pundit. Ironically, the two students who presented this information also studied under J. Alex Halderman. Halderman is the author of a sealed report that warranted this CISA advisory back in June.

    For a recent episode I did on this ballot, check out the following video.
    This is not the only major discrepancy…

    This potential violation of the voter’s civil rights as well criminal law is just one of many instances where there doesn’t seem to be any interest in resolving the issue:
    Antrim Co, Michigan and Dekalb Co, Georgia

    RELATED: HUGE! Computer Expert Jeff Lenberg: "The Biggest Smoking Gun That Exists Anywhere In All Of This [Elections]"

    The Gateway Pundit reported on votes flipping in Antrim County, MI in 2020. In strikingly similar circumstance, we saw votes flipped in Dekalb County, GA in the 2022 Democrat primary. Both instances were blamed on failure to update the voting machines after a last minute election update.

    While the case Bailey v. Antrim gave us a forensic imaging of the machines, it did not allow for a hand recount of any race other than the Presidential, despite claims that votes flipped in the House and Senate races as well. And again in Dekalb, they did not do any sort of hand recount down ballot to verify the results were accurate. Antrim County flipped all the races, but apparently the same reported issue didn’t warrant any investigation into Dekalb’s other precincts (failure to update ALL machines to accommodate a single race update).

    Cherokee Co, Kansas

    We reported on a race flip in Cherokee Co, KS in the 2022 primary. A race for County Commissioner saw votes flip from one candidate to the other in a post election audit. Thankfully, that race happened the only county race that was audited, otherwise it would have been missed. And somehow, those machines passed the Logic and Accuracy Test with a programming error on the USB drives. Someone please explain how they passed an all encompassing Logic and Accuracy Test.
    Chavez Co, New Mexico

    We saw a vote flipped by the machine in a judicial race during a Risk Limiting Audit in Chavez, New Mexico, as presented by Professor David Clements and Erin Clements (1:57:53 mark) during their audit of New Mexico elections. The clerk in Chavez reported the flip to the authorities, including the New Mexico Secretary of State and the FBI. There was no follow up investigation.

    Also, the NM audit team discovered added votes (sounds like Cherokee Co!):

    Coincidentally, Dominion once bragged about the machines having a “huge library of hand made marks.” Eric Coomer quickly attests “It’s all about preserving voter anonymity!” Sure it is. [video]
    Williamson Co, Tennessee

    We know that the EAC found “erroneous code” on Dominion machines in Williamson County, TN. This “must read” report should have been the end of voting machines. Especially considering they passed EAC accreditations:

    “The report
    indicates that erroneous code is present in the EAC certified D-Suite 5.5-B and D-Suite 5.5-C

    This “erroneous code” circumvented the voter’s rights by allocating certain ballots to a “provisional” folder:

    “…the ICP scanner mistakenly
    interprets a bit in the code that marks the ballot as provisional. Once that misread happens, the provisional flag is not properly reset after that ballot’s voting session. The result is that every ballot scanned and tabulated by the machine after that misread is marked as provisional and thus, not included in the tabulator’s close poll report totals

    Had it not been for an alert poll worker who manually kept tabs of each ballot ran through each machine and compared them with the poll tapes, this may not have been discovered at all.

    Despite all of this, those of us who demand accountability and integrity in our elections get persecuted in the mockingbird media and by Joe Biden himself. In the meantime, we will continue to provide evidence that shows we need a thorough investigation into not just the 2020 election, but all elections run on these machines.

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  • oldpioneer
    Originally posted by MAL View Post
    I don't have a cell phone so maybe I just don't get it. When you take a selfie, don't you want to get a shot of your face?
    Actually, anytime I mail something very important I film it going into the box. And I’ve never taken a selfie of myself in my life

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  • MAL
    The China connection to 2020

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  • MAL
    I don't have a cell phone so maybe I just don't get it. When you take a selfie, don't you want to get a shot of your face?

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  • MAL
    If you can't disprove this just call me names...Racist, Homophobe and domestic terrorist are all may even think of a few on your own. What ever you do, don't let the facts penetrate your brain cavity. You could always change the definition of fraud...if fraud simply meant to vote then my arguments would be destroyed.

    For Release 8-29-2022 @ 10:30 am
    37,500 Affidavit Delivery to: Gwinnett County Election Board
    455 Grayson Highway, 200Lawrenceville, Georgia, 30045


    37,500 Challenges Delivered to Gwinnett County Election Board including 20,000 Challenges to votes certified in the 2020 Election
    Monday, August 29, 2022 --A stunning total of 37,500 affidavits
    are delivered to the Gwinnett County Board of Elections office in challenge of the voter rolls and handling of the 2020Election.
    These affidavits include

    20,000 challenges to actual votes that were certified justafter the 2020 election.
    The submitted affidavits only include Gwinnett County vote challenges. Still, the number far exceeds the Presidential spread for the entire state of Georgia and confirmsthe 2020 election should not have been certified!
    Ten months ago, a team of patriotic Georgia residents came together to research election processes to determine if the repetitive narrative regarding safe, secure and honest elections in Georgia represented the truth. The results of the investigation proved otherwise. The team found bloated voter rolls and voter fraud. Gwinnett is the second largest county by population in Georgia and the team expects to deliver approximately
    18,000+ additional affidavits
    once research is completed. This small team of volunteers worked diligently analyzing Secretary of State voter rolls, voter history files, and 2020 voter absentee file data. To ensure accuracy in sworn affidavits, the team verified challenges through analysis of SoS data, NCOA results, door-to-door canvassing, property tax records, obituaries, etc.A few examples of the findings include:


    Handling of Absentee Ballots

    Ballot requests were received as early as
    January, 2019
    , unlawfully approved, and mailed when the
    lawful date was May 6,2020. Of these,
    resulted in a vote.

    Deleted Votes
    people voted in 2020 per the SoS voter roll, but do not show up in the SoS Voter History file as casting a vote.

    Duplicate voters

    + registration IDs with the same/similar name, birthyear, and address are inthe Voter rolls, of which
    of these pairs double or triple voted.

    Registered Voters No Longer at Registration Address

    Gwinnett voters no longer live at their Registration address per NCOA data, resulting in a
    error rate in the voter rolls.

    Non-existent addresses
    registered voters are at phantom houses, apartment buildings andother non-existent addresses

    Registered Voters Moved out of the county/state

    + Registration IDs (voters) were given credit for
    in the Gwinnett 2020 election when they no longer lived in the County

    Other Address Issues

    + registered voters are at Public Storage Units, PO Boxes, RV Parks, Motels, Extended Stays, and even
    No Address At All

    Other Fraud

    SoS Voter History File shows evidence of inactive voters given credit for voting and remaining inactive with no voter history update. Evidence of voter IDs given credit for voting in the Gwinnett election while residing in
    other counties
    . Voter IDs were given credit for voting in the 2020 election that are
    not on any county voter roll
    in Georgia during this timeframe

    37,500 Affidavit Delivery Press Release continued
    Over many months, while gathering this mass of data, a series of smaller batches of vote challenges were presented for review to the Gwinnett County Election Board. The team worked to provide specific information requested by the board members while remaining within Secretary of State guidelines. The staff for the elections board went so far as to say the
    challenges put forth by this team were "nailed down tight."
    Election board staff reviews and hearings of these challenges resulted in a 62 percent validation of bad voter roll data. Most challenges were removed from voter rolls or placed in challenge status. The remaining 38 percent will be appealed by the team.Team leader, Merrybelle Hodges, descendent of Button Gwinnett a signer of the Declaration of Independence, noted:

    In addition to conducting a ‘People’s Audit’
    within Gwinnett County elections, members of this team have become precinct committeemen, run for state office, trained and become poll workers and poll watchers, studied voting machines, tabulator tapes, and viewed video of drop boxes. The team presented invalid votes to legislators and pleaded for improvement in election bills as well as attended election board, commissioners, and school board meetings. Until the approximate 20,000 vote challenges from the 2020 election are addressed, inaccurate voter rolls cleaned up and the laws of Georgia followed pertaining to elections the people of Gwinnett will never have safe, secure and honest elections.

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  • MAL
    The difference between conservatives and liberals.

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  • MAL
    In order for comedy to be funny there must be an element of truth "We are Democrats"

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  • MAL
    This is why you should never trust a government worker with your vote. It doesn't matter if it was fraud or incompetence. Everything the government does fits into those two categories.

    More 2020 Election Fraud Exposed as Trays of Ballots Suddenly Found at a U.S. Post Office 2 Years Later!


    The 2020 presidential election was a total fiasco. It was the biggest evidence of political manipulation and voter fraud in our nation’s history. Simply put, despite the corrupt mainstream media’s insistence that the election was fair, it was not.

    More and more evidence is emerging demonstrating how involved big tech was in manipulating the news narrative. Individual accounts were suspended, and a wealth of critical information was purposefully hidden. Social media was in the tank for Joe Biden. They helped him cheat.

    In a podcast interview with Joe Rogan, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg dropped a bombshell on the American public. He said the FBI tried to persuade his platform to label information about the incriminating Hunter Biden laptop story as Russian disinformation.

    It was not. However, manipulating the news narrative and the minds of voters ahead of the election was just one strategy the left used. The other was to blatantly cheat. 2000 Mules, a startling documentary by Dinesh D’Souza, exposes drop box fraud.

    Possibly, millions of illegal ballots were stuffed into drop boxes across the country. Democrat operatives paid the “Mules.” These criminals lugged thousands of illegal ballots and crammed them into assorted drop box locations.

    Coincidentally, the most notable areas where drop box stuffing occurred were the key battleground states where Joe Biden needed to win. The election was a sham. Potentially, thousands of ballots were mysteriously hauled out from under tables in Atlanta.

    Liberals are always quick to turn questions about voter authenticity back on the accuser. If anyone simply requests authentication of a vote count, they’re an anti-democracy conspiracy theorist, or worse. Democrats don’t want the truth to be found.

    The truth is going to prove that Joe Biden did not win the election. He cheated. Further evidence was revealed only a few days ago. The Daily Mail reports that yet another tray of mail-in ballots has mysteriously been discovered at a U.S. Post Office.

    Potentially, dozens of Baltimore residents never received their mail-in ballot. Now, Maryland is a heavily Democrat Party state. Nevertheless, how many times did this same inept failure to deliver mail-in ballots happen in other states?

    How many mail-in ballots were never mailed in key swing states to potential Republican voters? You can bet that an investigation will turn up at least some. “How many” is the only question? What’s even funnier is the idea that the U.S.P.S. decided to go ahead and mail out the ballots.

    This seems a little late, doesn’t it? U.S.P.S. spokesperson Tom Ouellette told WMAR-2 News, Maryland, “We deeply regret the late delivery of these mail pieces.” This is just one incident that was discovered. How much more mail-in ballot ineptitude warped the 2020 election results?

    This is another reason why President Trump-supporting conservatives rightfully believe that mail-in balloting is wide-open to mistakes and especially fraud. It is. The 2020 presidential election was a total fiasco.

    If we add up all the evidence of fraud, it becomes blatantly clear that Joe Biden did not win. Democrats used an assortment of tactics to cheat. They manipulated the narrative and stole votes. They used hired operatives to stuff drop boxes with bogus ballots.

    Now it appears that they may have purposefully withheld the opportunity to vote from some Americans. And this is the party that screams for “easily accessible” voting. We guess easily accessible voting depends on who you’re casting that vote for.

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  • MAL
    Originally posted by oldpioneer View Post
    Honestly MAL, I am just happy to hear from you. I saw those guys That plotted to kidnap the governor of Michigan were convicted. I’m just glad you’re not locked up…
    Two of them were previously found not guilty because they proved that the FBI framed them. I think there will be an appeal.

    What, no comment on the fraud in Florida? You asked and I showed you how the fraud is happening. They are sending out undeliverable ballots, and when they get returned, somebody has been voting them.

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