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OK...Tax The Rich...they have too much money.

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  • OK...Tax The Rich...they have too much money.

    Why would 3 billionaires...and probably many more if we dug into it a little deeper, want a "Tax The Rich" liberal Democrat in office?

    We just learned that Gates spent $319 million to prop up the bankrupt Trump hating press.

    We already knew that Zuckerberg spent 400 million for access to voter rolls, install drop boxes in Democrat districts and get out the Democrat vote efforts

    Soros spent 275 Million on candidates and other election related expenses according to this article...I thought it was more. This is all following the previous election cycles where he spent millions to get District Attorneys elected all over the country.

    Soros buys the courts, Zuckerberg buys the local election officials. Gates buys the press. I am sure that I left out a few billionaires and probably some millionaires as well. Couple that with the big tech oligarchs doing an end run around the first amendment and throttling search results...after all that, they still had to cheat to win.

    The Democrat party has created a monster that is controlling their agenda. They are not going to tax the rich...they work for them. Wake up Dems. You are the party of the rich now.

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    Many people don't have any interest in Democratic tax increase proposals since they don't pay taxes.