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  • Nickerson/Askren

    I have heard that both of these wrestlers are hurt. I seen the results from the all star classic niether of them wrestled. What is up. Can anyone confirm whether or not these wrestlers are injured

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    Askren hurt his ankle and will be out for a while. I have read conflicting reports (all message boards) as to whether it will be a week or the season.

    Nickerson is also hurt, but I read last it was only for a week or two.


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      From Jason Bryant, Intermat

      With less than a week remaining before the festivities in Dallas get underway for the 41st NWCA All-Star Classic presented by the United States Marine Corps, tournament organizers have been hit with some rough news.

      Returning NCAA runner-up Troy Nickerson of Cornell has withdrawn from the event at 125 pounds. Nickerson, a sophomore, was set to wrestle top-ranked Sam Hazewinkel of Oklahoma in one of the events preimier bouts.

      Hes really really banged up right now, said Cornell head coach Rob Koll. Hes not going to be at the Body Bar, hes not been practicing for a couple of days. He just needs to take some time off and get healthy.

      Koll is unsure about when Nickerson will return to the lineup. Hes out until, well, were not sure when hell be back in the lineup.

      Hes very disappointed hes not able to wrestle in the Body Bar or the All-Star, said Koll. Id like to get him for Ohio State, and hes doubtful for that as well. But time will tell, we dont know how quickly hes going to recover.

      Nickerson had a full summer of wrestling after his true freshman year.

      He hasnt had a lot of breaks, said Koll.

      With Cornell hoping to challenge for an NCAA championship, the injury bug hasnt hit Koll well, but at least its early.

      Were hoping (Nickerson) heals up quickly, we need him, said Koll.

      Ben Askren:

      Askren participated in the All-Star match his sophomore year. The last two years he's elected not to attend. On Sunday Ben hurt his ankle against Mike Jackson of Indianapolis U. in the semi-finals. That match was rather suprising, to say the least, as Ben was taken down quickly and momentarily in danger of giving up back points. After an escape, Jackson took Ben down again and momentarily had a half-Nelson sunk deeply and began to pry Ben over. If you haven't seen Mike Jackson, he is ripped! Had he been able to pry Ben over I'm not so sure Ben's winning streak would still be alive. Anyway, shortly after that Ben got to his base, escaped, got a takedown and fairly quickly got Jackson in trouble and secured the fall. Though I was watching it, I can't recall any more detail of how takedowns and Ben's turn happened. Anyway, after getting the pin Ben hobbled to the center of the mat, sat down and removed his shoe (right, I think). The entire arena at Mizzou let out a collective gasp. After that, Ben was hobbling around with an ice pack on the high part of his ankle. Apparently, Ben hurt the ankle on Jackson's first takedown-- not to take anything away from Mr. Jackson, but maybe Ben's injury had something to do with his "lack-luster" performance in the opening minute of the match.

      Some moronic Missouri fan thought it would be funny to yank everyone's chain and sarcastically posted that Ben had broken his ankle, was out for the year, and that the Ben Askren era was over. Problem was the poster's sarcasm wasn't obvious and most took it as "truth." Seems like a pretty pathetic cry for attention for that guy. Where I come from what he did is called bold-faced lying.

      However, it remains to be seen how severe the ankle injury is. One never knows with these. Sometimes an athlete can be back in action a few days later; other times the injury is severe and the healing very slow. Also, I think that sometimes the severity of the injury can't really be ascertained until the swelling decreases.

      Hopefully, Ben will be competing again soon.


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        Ben will be wrestling at Mizzou's next event, the CLiff Keen Vegas Invitational.
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