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ILLINI Roster and Scholarship Grid (125-157)

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  • ILLINI Roster and Scholarship Grid (125-157)

    As usual, please let me know what I need to add or remove. Are the weights correct for each athlete? Probably not. It is impossible to judge the growth spurts of folks like Kannon Webster and Will Baysingar.

    The red highlighted names are the red-shirt year for that student-athlete. Any wrestler in the transfer portal will not be listed here, but I hope he decides to come back.

    I expect there will be wrestle-offs at most of these weights. The one that should be the most scintillating is at 125 between Justin Cardani and Maximo Renteria. I am going to ask them to wear body cams and post that video.

    The team sports an amount of depth at each weight class that I haven't seen in quite some time. With the financial incentives for academics that will be provided to ILLINI wrestlers in the future, that will be another drawing point. Stay on the team, work toward your degree, and you will get $$$$.

    Lucas Byrd is on schedule to become the first ILLINI wrestler to earn five All-American honors. A national title for Byrd would be the first for ILLINOIS since IMAR in 2016.