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Another CRAZY Chapter in the Iowa Gambling Crisis

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  • Another CRAZY Chapter in the Iowa Gambling Crisis

    According to the esteemed head coach of the Iowa Hawkeye wrestling team, there appears to be a great conspiracy on the part of the Department of Justice and sundry others to hold only Iowa State and University of Iowa athletes accountable for gambling violations.

    This unpleasant conspiracy of selective prosecution may have been illegal, the coach mused.

    There was also the allegation that there are so many other student-athletes at so many other institutions gambling so much of the time, that they must be struck on the head unconscious and dragged from their wagering speculations onto the football fields, volleyball courts, wrestling mats and other various fields of play or they'd be too busy betting on Iowa women's basketball to pursue their own sport.

    This, of course, was classic DARVO, which stands for deny, attack, and reverse victim and offender. The acclaimed coach of the Iowa team went on to blame everybody but himself for the calamitous affair, going so far as to cast enough blame on the local sports media to put a dozen men on the gallows.

    It was all a very spectacular way for the coach to bully his way out of answering direct questions such as: Why did this happen? Do you feel responsible, even in the tiniest bit, for the outcome? What changes, if any, will be made to ensure that this doesn't happen again in the future?

    The one iota of news that was uttered by the acclaimed Iowa coach was that two appeals are still ongoing, but we don't know who is still appealing and what relief they have requested.

    To celebrate this amazing show of exuberant buffoonery, we felt the need to create a buffoonishly exuberant video. This is that video:

    We have previously reported on the Iowa gambling crisis in depth here. That report also includes a fun JOMBO™ strip on the topic of wagering by Iowa athletes.