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  • Dixon Duals

    Anyone know the lineup of teams that will be there?

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    Should be Moline, East Moline, Boylan, Harlem, Dixon and Sterling. Moline's coach has said 3 duals each, but I could see 4 each as well. Dixon-Sterling, Moline-East Moline and Harlem-Boylan are probably not on the docket; those teams are facing each other later in the year.


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      moline wenet 4-0 on the day defeating dixon, harlem, sterling, and R boylan....putting them at 7-1 i think......moline's colon 130 and carlson 171/160 impressed me with colon pinning boylans Butler and carlson only dropping a 10-5 dec to hecox with and impressive first takedown....


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        Dixon Results

        While I don't have individual results (we didn't have names for each person on each team or I'd have these), I do have team totals for Dixon's 4 duals today.

        Dixon won against Boylan 39-27.
        Dixon lost to Harlem 39-31.
        Dixon won against United Township 32-29.
        Dixon lost to Moline 43-14.

        All I can say is that on all three mats that were going, I saw some pretty good matches today. Some really awesome, well-matched seasoned wrestlers, and a few who were still trying to get in shape for the season.

        No one lost their cool, no major injuries, and I think the spectators enjoyed themselves. I know I did.