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2009 IHSA Jumbotron Video

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  • 2009 IHSA Jumbotron Video

    Hey guys,

    This will be our third season producing the jumbotron video that the IHSA screens just before the grand march. And with that in mind, I need STUFF!

    Pretty vague, eh?

    Seriously though, we're looking for all kinds of wrestling memorabilia. Old high school singlets, old shoes, photos, programs, videos, films, anything that we can shoot for the video. You don't even have to give it to us, just let us know where we can find and we'll be out there.

    We've got some really sweet ideas for this year's video but we're going to need your help to make it complete.

    If anyone has any state finals video from pre-1989 that would be key. The older the better.



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    I have several yards of very old (1963) regular 8mm b/w film of the Donnie Behm/Ovie Williams 112lb title match. Behm, one of my favorites, was a real pleasure to watch. A two time champ (runnerup as a soph) for New Trier, two time All American (Mich State) and a silver medalist in the '68 Olympics, was great on his feet, competitive with Rick Saunders, and one of the very best ever out of Illinois. Williams was good. A two time runnerup from Lyons, cat quick and very athletic. Behm won the final 14-7.


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      is this gonna be on the dvd too? well How about some of the blanton vs spangler match last year?
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      - Chris Evert


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        i liked the interviews of some of the coaches. would like to see more of that (maybe different coaches tho)
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          How about some celebrations?


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            GO Back to the Days.....

            I Say Use PRoviso and Waukegan... they hold they records of Single Class, let it happen... Then INtroduce a two class to the NEW ERA of THREE CLASS SYSTEM


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              I'm really not asking for suggestions, as I know what I'm going to do. I'm specifically looking for video, film, newspaper articles, things of that nature.

              As much as I'd love to do a video about the entire history of the IHSA without knowing where any footage is, it makes it an impossibility.


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                Not sure what you consider old, but I have few pairs of adidas shoes that might be 7 to 8 years old. Black Gold Sydney 2000's and a pair of Black Mat Wizzards I's. Also, if you want any of the new shoes I can probably loan you that stuff. I don't have my samples yet, but I am pretty sure I could get it for you. Not sure how fast you need it.
                -Jeff Pape