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Any frosh/soph regional results??

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  • Any frosh/soph regional results??

    Does anyone have any frosh/soph results??????

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    This happens every year. For some reason, the tournament administrators are not plugged into IlMatmen. Here's a link to another thread where Mencoe has tried to coordiante pre-tournament predictions with actual results pulled from the various threads:

    Take a look at post #8. Basically everyone is on their own to post, unless you can get to the schools that hosted and have them send in the results.


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      But when do oyu think they will all be posted?


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        Mencoe posts them as he gets them (as his schedule permits). The Newman regional is the only one that has posted anything close to complete results.

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          Ya, last year I called all 16 Reg. host's. All host's were happy to help, but many of them had no info. they had me call a coach, ath.director..... Only 1-2 people at the Regional has the results in full. In some cases it was sombody that voluteered to help with the tournament and is hard to reach. I got 6 or 8 host's to send me the top 4 placers, and I had Kanelands full results.

          Ill Mat Men, The F/S State directors (team Illinois) and the host's are all willing to help, but not everyone is on the same page.

          The host for Sectionals are required to send results to team Illinois, sometime through the week. Last year it was not till thursday that I had 7 of the 8 sectional results.

          So far very few results have been posted. If you are at a sectional site this week end. Go to the head table. They will be happy to give you all results on a print out after the tournament. It only takes an hour to type them for all to enjoy.
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