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Wrestling: more mental or physical

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  • Wrestling: more mental or physical

    i think the majority thinks its physical... but if you really think about it its a lot mental....

    i specifaclly want to hear from wrestlers

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    If you lack the mental component that wrestling requires, no amount of physicality can make up for it. If you're a headcase, you will not succeed in this sport.

    However, if you are not the greatest athlete, you can overcome that by having a great mental attitude. An excellent work ethic is far more important than just physical ability.


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      i believe hard core that wrestling is very mental and i dont mean to sound conceeded but i think i am a prime example. im a senior getting ready to graduate and i missed my senior season because of injuries but my junior year i was not very physicaly fit for wrestling. im a heavyweight who started wrestling my freshman year and for the first 2 years only won 2 matches. my junior season i went 11-2 and my only 2 losses were to an edwardsville kid who had been wrestling since he was 8. anyway getting back to my point i am very weak my benchpress is just a hair over 200 pounds this year my squats suck i have bad knees im slow i dont react quickly and i know for a fact that every kid i wrestled was way stronger than i was but the reason i won is because i focus on the tequnique and mental aspects of my wrestling i have a roll that almost noone can stop and ive been told that its not my opionon but all im trying to say is this is why wrestling is such a great sport. ive been able to to wrestle and just embarace alot of kids who im Jr high would pick on me and give me wedgges so let me tell you watch out for the weak ones u never know how much smarter than u they could be. WRESTLING IS 75% MENTAL in my opionon


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        I also agree that it is mostly mental, not only in the wrestling aspect, but the training, too. Your body will quit way before your mind will, so you push yourself, and let your mind control your body, not the other way around. It's the drive inside of you that should make you want to work harder and become better, and be ready to kick some *** when you step into the circle. You can be the strongest guy out there, but if you cant mentally break your opponent by being relentless and determined, then your chances of winning take a dive against elite wrestlers.


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          The way I look at it is you need to be physically strong to be mentally strong. If you work your hardest drill your technique correctly know you are in good condtion etc then there shouldnt be any doubts that you cant beat your oppoent. Usually if there is a doubt it is because they do not gameplan or practice properly
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            How to become mentally tough?

            I firmly believe that this 75% mental and 25% physical. The rub comes in on how do you teach the mental aspect???? How do you take a kid that does not have self confidence or a belief that he should win and make him into a winner? The kid works hard at practice, goes to all of the tournaments he can get into and still cannot win. When you watch someone pour themself into becoming better but as soon as they step on the mat they think they are going to get beat...... I find this hard to comprehend and have tried all of the "usuall" things - positive feedback, positive reinforcment of correct moves, negative reinforcment of poor moves, self affirmation and many other mental things.

            Question: How do you turn an 0 - 20 kid that works harder than most into a winning kid when he does not think that he can win?
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              i think it is both cause you need to be a physical kid to do work and you also need mental game to beat the kid.