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Elite Athletic Club Training Camp July 1-7, 2022

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  • Elite Athletic Club Training Camp July 1-7, 2022

    Elite Athletic Club Training Camp
    July 1-7 2022 #EliteAthleticClub

    2711 STATE ST. LAKE STATION IN, 46405

    Overnight (Limited Spots) Ages 8 and up
    Commuter (Limited Spots) 5 and up

    Friday July 1st
    Drop off 10am-Noon

    Sessions July 1st 1 pm, and 630pm

    Saturday July 2nd
    8am, 1pm, 630pm

    Sunday July 3rd
    8am, 1pm, 630pm

    Monday July 4th
    8am, 1pm, 630pm

    Tuesday, July 5th
    1pm and 630pm

    Wednesday July 6th
    8am, 1pm, 630pm

    Thursday July 7th
    Pick up Athletes 8am-Noon

    Athletes wishing to travel with the team that are on Grand River Rumble Dual Teams can arrange a bus ride to the event.

    Overnight - wrestlers are to bring toiletries, towels, soap, plenty of workout clothes, money for food, and washing clothes. Wrestlers will have the opportunity to go to a grocery store and purchase items, and most just order.

    Commuter wrestlers tend to stay for the day and get picked up after the last session.

    To book a spot, Text 219-841-1906