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    Over 1460 athletes right now. Big hitters from NJ, PA, UT, TX, NM, MN, MI starting to register --- with a month to go -- looking for a few special CO kids that want to compete and try to earn CO's first Championship at the Freak Show. Bader and Joe FLO will be there as well as a host of celebs, college coaches and freaks.

    106 JOEY CISNEROS 11th Unattached California Fargo AA Champion SW Kickoff 2011 CA High School top 10
    106 Vincent Elizalde 11th Brawley California 2x State Qualifier rd of 12
    106 Bobby Campos 9th Oak Park Illinois 3rd in IKWF folkstyle nationals AA - 106 lbs
    106 Adrian Campasano 11th TEAM G California CA Medalist
    106 Sergio Mendez 12th San Fernando Tigers California CA SQ rd of 12
    106 Julian Gaytan 11th Clovis Wrestling California CA State Medalist
    106 Gannon Volk 10th MN Elite Minnesota Cadet World Team Member Fargo AA
    106 Jaron Chavez 9th Suples LTD Idaho Diaper Dandie -- 8th grader MS State Champ
    106 Cameron Sykora 10th MN Elite Minnesota MN State Champ
    106 Evan Wick 9th san marino California USA state champ 7th Reno 4th scway state 6th super 32 2nd freaks how 1st world challenge 2011

    115 Gabe Townsell 9th Oak Park Illinois 2nd in IKWF preseason national champ - 113 lbs
    115 Matt Gamble 11th Team M California 1st reno worlds 110 rank
    115 Clinton Garvin 12th Team BC Nevada 2 X NV State Champion
    115 Gabriel Balderas 12th Hughson Wrestling Club California 2 x State qualifier finished in the top 16
    115 Micah Perez 12th Spartan Wrestling Club California 2010 Freak Show Champ 2011 Freak Show Finalist 2x CA Medalist
    115 Sean Cannon 8th Team GV Nevada 2012 TOC Champ 2012 Nevada HS State Champ 2012 Junior Western Regional Cadet Champ
    115 Daxton Gordon 10th Imperial California 2d Vegas UFC FanFare Roller
    115 Cruz Jaime 12th Hilltop Hulks California 2nd cif top 8 masters SD section
    115 Sean Williams 12th Team Tiger California 2x State Qualifier
    115 Casey Coulter 11th Fantastic Utters Oregon 3rd 1st State 3rd Reno Worlds 2011
    115 Joshua Temple 11th Team GV Nevada 3rd at state/ All American Fargo Nationals placed 4th
    115 Dustin Miller 11th valley center California 4th Reno Worlds 3rd Vegas Nationals 80-20 high school record
    115 Kyle Taylor 9th Ironwood Ridge Arizona AZ 104 Middle School State Runner-Up 2012
    115 Juaquin Olivas 10th Sunnyside Arizona AZ State Finalist in 2012
    115 Anthony Hernandez 10th Vacaville California Ca high school state qualifier
    115 Zahid Valencia 10th TEAM TRIBE California CA State Champ Ironman Champ 2x Freak Show Champ
    115 Gionn Peralta 10th Vacaville California CA State Medalist
    115 Nico Colunga 10th Oakdale California CA State Qualifier
    115 Vincent Parra 11th Arizona Grapplers California CA State Qualifier
    115 Tommy Espinoza 12th Zero F Squad California California state placer 2x SD Masters Champion
    115 Matthew Smull 12th Foothill California Cif 8th Section Champ
    115 Luis Ortiz 12th Team Excel California CIF Champion (2010) CIF 3rd Place
    115 Anthony Mantanona 8th Team Pounders WC California Diaper Dandie -- 8th grader MS State Champ
    115 Israel Saavedra 9th Modesto WC California FLO Nationals AA
    115 Brandon Yee 12th North Torrance High School California Grade State Champ 4-2 @ FLO
    115 Seth Lowen 10th McCall Idaho ID State Champ
    115 Maolo Woiwor 10th MN Elite Minnesota MN State Champ
    115 Zander Wick 9th san marino California Scway state chmp USA state champ Reno 3rd 3rd freakshow super 32 6th
    115 Sam Bennyhoff 10th MN Elite Minnesota MN State Finalist

    122 Matthew Rundell 10th Oak Park Illinois IL state finalist cadet world team member
    122 Jacob Palmgren 11th Piedra Vista New Mexico 2 time state placer 1 time state champ
    122 Tanner Luke 12th Utah United Utah 2nd Place State High School 5a Utah 11th grade 6th place in State High School Utah 5a 10th grade 3rd place Rocky Mountain Nationals 2012
    122 Dalton Brady 11th Chandler Arizona 2x Az State Champ ranked 4th in the country
    122 Mason Pengilly 11th KLAWS California 2x CA Medalist FLO Nationals Finalist Fargo AA
    122 Robert Lampe 12th INDEPENDENT California 3-2 flo national Scway team 6-1 America`s cup masters as 11
    122 THADDEUS NELSON 11th Fantastic Utters Oregon 3rd as freshman 1st as sophomore
    122 Wyatt Scribner 11th Hermiston Oregon 3x Fargo AA, 2x State Champ, 2011 & 2012
    122 Edward Orta 11th TEAM SOCAL California 4th 2012 West Reg Phoenix AZ Freestyle Jr 126lbs
    122 Isaiah Hokit 10th Wasco Wrestling Club California 4th Cali High School State
    122 ISAAC AGUILAR 11th Hermiston Oregon 5th @ state 2011 and State Finalist in 2012
    122 tristan moran 10th Chandler Arizona az state champ dv1 2012 106 lb 2012 126lb freestyle state champ
    122 Jordan Gurrola 12th North Torrance High School California CA Medalist
    122 Matthew L`Huillier 12th MLK California CIF champ 102 H.S. wins and74 pins. 2 time Temecula Valley placer.
    122 Julian Flores 9th san marino California Diaper Dandie -- 8th grader MS State Champ
    122 Abner Romero jr 9th The Empire California Diaper Dandie -- 8th grader MS State Champ
    122 Angel Velasquez 10th Modesto WC California FLO Nationals AA
    122 Brock Morgan 9th MN Elite Minnesota MN Medalist
    122 Jacob Donato 11th Union City Wrestling Club California State Qualifier
    122 Jason DeLaCruz 11th The Empire California state qualifier
    122 Michael Knoblauch 11th Golden Boyz California State Qualifier
    122 jonny parada 11th San Fernando High California State Qualifier
    122 Lance Reyes 12th MODESTO 300 California State Qualifier
    122 Robby Standley 12th Smashmouth Wrestling California State Qualifier
    122 jesse vasquez 10th Gilroy Hawks California State Qualifier

    128 scarr jimmy 9th CA Extreme California 1st Calif grade state / toc champ / jr mid cal champ
    128 Freddie Hsiao 12th Rumble kidz California 2012 southern section cif 6th place at 106
    128 Jessie Morales 12th Sunkist Kids Wrestling Academy Arizona 2x az state champ
    128 Emelio Saavedra 11th Modesto WC California 2x CA Medalist 2011 FLO Champ 2012 FLO AA
    128 Michael Cook 11th Kuna High School Idaho 2X Fargo AA 2011 Fargo Finalist 2011 USAW Folkstyle Nat. AA 2X Idaho HS State Champ (2011 & 2012) 4th at 2012 FILA Cadet Nationals 2012 Silver Medalist Pan American Championships
    128 Giovanni Castillo 12th Corona Centennial California 2x State Qualifier Reno Worlds Placer 4th Five Counties runner up 2nd Junior High State placer 3rd Super 32 team trials placer 3rd Ranked 7th CA. Greco State placer 2nd. Frosh/Soph state placer 3rd 2x Riverside Counties placer 1st 2nd
    128 Zeke Andrade 12th Foothill California 2x State Qualifier 4-2 at FLO
    128 Beau Gleed 11th Hermiston Oregon 3x State Medalist
    128 Isaiah White 9th Oak Park Illinois 5 x IKWF champ ranked #3 for incoming 8th graders
    128 Will Clark 10th Arrichion North Carolina 5th place Middle School Nationals VA Beach
    128 Cole Van Anrooy 10th Roseburg Oregon 7th Virginia Beach Nationals 4rth in Oregon State
    128 Jonas Gaytan 12th Clovis Wrestling California CA State Finalist FLO AA
    128 Seth Gross 11th MN Elite Minnesota Fargo Champ Cadet World Team Member MN State Champ
    128 Jeremy Rubic 12th RB Wrestling California fifth place Southern Section Masters Tournament
    128 kristian vazquez 11th Kistler Dungeon California frosh/soph state champ 5th at greco state 7th frestyle state 7th at SUPER 32 2nd day of CIF
    128 Isaiah Alvarado 12th Spartan Wrestling Club Idaho ID State Finalist
    128 Ronnie Stevens 12th Oakdale California State Qualifier
    128 Tommy Yozzo 11th Wrestling Prep California State Qualifier
    128 Joseph Dominguez 10th TEAM TRIBE California STUD, Tulsa Champ

    133 Gabriel Faller 12th Poway Titans California 1st Jr State 1st Cal St. qlfier CIF1st Masters 2nd
    133 Terrell Sidener 12th Beaumont California 2-2 at state 4th masters 1 cif
    133 Justin Oliver 11th CMS California 2x MI State Champion
    133 Jiar Meagher 9th Team GV Nevada 2x Nevada state champion
    133 Kyler Hansen 10th The Empire California 3-2 @ state
    133 Victor Olmos 11th Gilroy Hawks California 3-2 @ state
    133 Artemio Flores 12th Union City Wrestling Club California 3-2 at 2012 CA state tournament
    133 Trent Nicholson 11th Tracy WC California 3-2ca state 128# 3rd Freestyle State 3-2 Fargo freestyle Nationals
    133 Nick Crume 12th Indiana Elite Indiana 3rd folkstyle Nationaks 2012 2 time 3rd place Indiana High school state finals
    133 Larry Early 10th Oak Park Illinois 3rd in IL Fargo AA
    133 gil gutierrez Jr. 10th santa ana wolfpack California 4th at CIF; 1-2 at Masters
    133 Aaron Pico 9th TEAM TRIBE California 4x Fargo Champ
    133 Adrain Panduro 12th Legion of Doom WC California 8th CIF State 118-15 during 2011-2012.
    133 Ali Nasser 12th Unattached California CA Medalist Fargo AA Freak Show Finalist
    133 Vincent Gomez 12th Elite Force California Ca. State Placer 2010. 2 time Valley Champ. Did not wrestle last year
    133 Josh Hokit 9th Wasco Wrestling Club California Diaper Dandie -- 8th grader MS State Champ
    133 Izaak Tobin 12th Silverton Oregon OR state Finalist
    133 Alex Rich 10th Orange Crush Oregon Oregon State Champ
    133 Alfredo Orozco 12th Black Tornadoes California Team Trials 6th
    133 Jacob Macalolooy 11th Union City Wrestling Club California Top 12 at CA State Tournament

    138 Johnny Gahagan 10th Oak Park Illinois 2 x state qualifier in IL
    138 Travis Bledsoe 12th All Phase Oregon 2012 Collegiate State 3rd Freestyle State 2nd
    138 Tyler Berger 11th Hermiston Oregon 2x Fargo AA (Freestyle), 2x FloNationals AA, 2x state champ, Ranked 14th on Flo
    138 Tomaz Gonzalez 12th Idaho Gold Idaho 2X IDAHO STATE RUNNER UP
    138 Walker Damewood 11th Fantastic Utters Oregon 2x OR State High School Champ;2012 OR State Greco Champ;4th Reno Worlds
    138 dalton moran 12th Chandler Arizona 2x state placer 6th place super 32 team trails
    138 Javier Gasca III 12th Kingsburg Wrestling Club California 3rd Ca state 2nd Flo Nationals
    138 Julian Macias 10th PALOMINO ACADEMY California 5th at California State Folkstyle; 8th at California State Freestyle; 6th Place at NorthWest Regional Championships
    138 Anthony Valencia 10th TEAM TRIBE California CA State Champ Fargo Champ Freak Show Champ
    138 Paul Fox 11th Gilroy Hawks California CA State Finalist NHSCA Champ
    138 Izaiah Ozuna 12th Elite Force California Ca. State Q (1-2) at 126.
    138 Jake O`Mara 11th Oak Park Illinois Fargo Jr AA
    138 Christian Pagdilao 12th Wrestling Prep California State Medalist ranked nationally
    138 Matthew Ontiveros 11th Central High School Grizzles California State Qualifier

    143 Jacob Rosales 12th la habra high California 1st @ Kliff Ken Vegas Trn. 2x Southern sec. runner up
    143 Evan Loe 11th Indiana Elite Indiana 2012 NUWAY National Champ- Indiana high school state qualifier
    143 Gino Roman 11th Hawk Wrestling Club California 2012-3rd cif 8th ss masters ca state qualifier
    143 Kurtis Loftis 11th Kuna High School Idaho 3rd @ Clovis Nuway Tournament; 3rd @ state; 2nd @ districts; Greco State Champ; 2nd in Freestyle
    143 Josh Thomas 12th Coronado HS Nevada 4A Nevada State - 5th 2012 Brute AA 2011 Brute AA
    143 Sergio Enloe 11th POWAY ELITE California 6th 2011 Southwest Kickoff (Freak Show)
    143 Jacob Allen 12th Ironwood Ridge Arizona AZ Medalist
    143 Chris Garcia 11th Golden Boyz California CA Medalist
    143 JonJay Chavez 11th Suples LTD Idaho CA Medalist Fargo Champ
    143 Mason Koshiyama 10th Mad Dawg California League champion top 12 masters
    143 Ralphy Tovar 10th Poway California State Qualifier
    143 Ian Michinock 12th Aliso Niguel Wolverines California third in cif 2011 fourth in cif 2010 second day masters 2011
    143 Michael Sill 12th Rumble kidz California top 16 Ca state

    148 Kyle Leet 12th Palo Verde Nevada 2012 Nevada 138 4A State Champ 145 AAU Grand National Champ Freestyle and Folkstyle.
    148 Mark Lopez 12th rio rico wrestling Arizona 2x AZ state champ 3x region champ 2011 nhsca all american 2011 freakshow placer 2012 nhsca top 10
    148 antonio perez 11th Spartan Wrestling Club California 2x cif champ 2x master finalist 2x stae qualifier
    148 Mike Longo 11th TEAM S California 2x State Qualifier Cadet Fargo Finalist Junior Fargo AA
    148 Adan Garcia 12th valley center California 6th at Lemoore 2012
    148 Amir Hassan 12th Westlake Warriors California 7th in Reno World Championships; 5th in CIF
    148 Troy Taylor 12th Ironwood Ridge Arizona AZ 145 State Champ 2012; USA Wrestling Cadet All-American
    148 Nikko Villarreal 11th Gilroy Hawks California CA State Champ FLO AA
    148 Blake Mastrud 12th Rifle Wrestling Colorado High School 2012 Champ at 145 lbs with 38 season pins Wild West Showdown Champ 2011 Fresno CA. Rocky Mountain Nationals 2011 3rd place Wy. High School 10th grade 3rd place and Wyoming High School 9th grade 3rd place Monster Match 2011 6th place
    148 Zachary Perry 12th Team GV Nevada Nevada State Champion 2X Nevada State Placer 4th Nuway 2011
    148 Giovanni Murillo 12th Wrestling Prep California placed 6th at Lemoore; state qualifier
    148 Alexander Aniciete 12th Las Vegas High SChool Nevada Ranked #20 in Flowrestling
    148 Conner Francis 10th The Empire California State Qualifier
    148 Tyler Zimmer 11th Golden Boyz California State Qualifier
    148 Reed Van Anrooy 12th Roseburg Oregon Virginia Beach 2x AA Fargo Greco AA OR state champion TOC finalist

    155 Donovan Peek 11th Team GV Nevada 2012 152lb Nevada 4A HS State Finalist (2nd Place)
    155 Matt Filbert 12th Ironwood Ridge Arizona 2012 Arizona HS State Champion Div. II 152 lbs 39-3 2011 Southwest Kickoff Classic 5th Place 2012 AZ Flowing Wells Tournament Champ 152 lbs Nationally Ranked #19 Wrestling USA Juniors 152 lbs 2012
    155 Blayne Briceno 12th Black Tornadoes California 2012 California High School State Placer 2012 California Folkstyle State Champion 2012 Western Junior Regionals- Greco 3rd/Freestyle 4th.
    155 Dakota Warr 12th TEAM TRIBE California 2012 jr.western regionals freestyle 4th 2012 CIF 6th @ 132lbs 2011 jr. Western regionals Greco 6th 2011 CIF Qualifier 2010 CIF Qualifier 2009 CIF Qualifier.
    155 Estevan Manuel 11th Sunkist Kids Wrestling Academy Arizona 3rd in AZ
    155 Benjamin Urbach 12th Poway California 4th 2012 SCWAY SUPER 32 @ 160lb; 1st 2012 SCWAY Junior HS State @ 160lb
    155 Kevan Garcia 12th Smashmouth Wrestling California 5th in Southern Section Masters Ranked 6th in California State
    155 Shayne Tucker 12th CA Extreme California CA Medalist Flo AA
    155 Victor Lopez 12th Poway California CA State Finalist, 2x medalist Reno TOC Champ
    155 Jason Ladd 12th Clovis Wrestling California CA State Medalist

    163 Abraham Rodriguez 11th Hermiston Oregon State champ 2011, NHSCA champ 2010
    163 cody silva 12th valley center California 2 at super .32 team trials
    163 Kyle Shepherd 12th Elite Force California 2012 Ca. State Q (1-2) at 160`s
    163 Sean Shipley 12th Fantastic Utters Oregon 2nd State
    163 Isaiah Martinez 12th Team Tiger California 2x CA State Champ FLO Champ Fargo Champ
    163 Justin Brown 12th Calaveras California 2x Ca. state qualifier
    163 Mark Hall 9th MN Elite Minnesota 2x MN State Champ Fargo Champ
    163 Carter Armendarez 11th Great Oak Grapplers California 2xcif placer top15doc b & temecula 2nd soph grade state (CA) crushes apples with his bear hands.
    163 Bobby Posadas 10th MODESTO 300 California 3rd @ Freshman State; T12 @ NHSCA Freshman Nationals
    163 Austin McCloskey 11th Indiana Elite Indiana 3rd in Indiana State
    163 Arashdeep Gill 12th Chaminade College Prep California 3x CIF Placer 3rd SCWAY Super 32 Team Trials
    163 Will Sumner 11th CA Extreme California 4th at mission san jose 2012 injured before and after. 2011 sierra foothill league champ 5th big valley2nd at Mark Fuller 3rd D2 divisionals USA freestyle all american 2012 2nd in USA greco state.
    163 Bradley Christensen 12th Big Cat Wrestling Club California 5th in Elite@ Freak Show 2011 7th Battle for the Belt 2012 3rd Mann Classic 2011 1st Riverside Counties 2012 2012 SS League Champ 2012 SS CIF Champ 2012 4th SS Masters 3-2 CA State 2012 CA Freestyle Champ
    163 Kyle Perreault 12th eastside California CA State Medalist
    163 Garrett Grigsby 11th Columbia Idaho Idaho State Runner-up
    163 Freddie Garcia 11th TEAM SOCAL California semi super 32 trials

    174 Shawn Gunter 12th Maricopa Rams Arizona 1st SCWAY State 2010
    174 Stevie Cervantes 12th POWAY ELITE California 1st SCWAY State 2011 4th Reno Worlds 2012 7th@CIF State 2012
    174 Will Lang 10th Team Legacy Utah 4th Utah hs states 2nd - 12 NJ war at shore
    174 Bryce Martin 11th Driller Wrestling California Cal State Qual from central section
    174 JohnMark Reddick 12th Las Vegas High SChool Nevada Desert Oasis High School -- 2011-2012 Las Vegas SQ
    174 Daniel Woiwor 12th MN Elite Minnesota MN State Champ 2x Finalist
    174 Terry Mason 11th Reno High school Nevada NV State Champ
    174 Zachary Lowen 12th McCall Idaho State Champ
    174 Peter Santos 12th CA Extreme California State Medalist ranked nationally flo aa
    174 Garrick Gurney 12th Chino Hills High School California State Qualifier
    174 jaime Martinez 12th Team Tiger California State Qualifier
    174 Sohrab Movahedi 12th Granada Hills Charter California State Qualifier
    174 Zachary Coffman 12th Team Tooele Utah UT Medalist

    192 Garett Stehley 11th Team MYWAY Michigan 2x MI Medalist Disney Duals AA
    192 Clayton Hartwell 11th Union City Wrestling Club California 2012 CA State Qualifier
    192 Josh Bailey 11th Elite Force California 5th in Central Section Valley/9th at Masters
    192 Austin Gaun 12th Flagstaff Wrestling Arizona Arizona State Champ Div II 182
    192 Imanuel Barber 12th Canyon Springs Cougars California CA Medlaist Double Fargo AA
    192 Matt Weiss 11th Clovis Wrestling California CA State Qualifier
    192 Cosme Martinez 12th MATPAC Colorado Colorado State 4th place
    192 Alex Bambic 12th Phoenix Arizona Fargo All American 2x State champion 4x USAW All American
    192 Sammuel Colbray 11th Hermiston Oregon Fargo National champ (greco), Fargo AA (freestyle) both in 2012
    192 Joe Ariola 12th Oak Park Illinois IL State Qualifier
    192 Scott Kron 12th Other California Ranked #3 in Orange County CA
    192 Colton Madrigal 12th Smashmouth Wrestling California Ranked 5th in Southern Section
    192 Ryder Newman 12th Team GV Nevada Temecula 2nd La Costa 1st Reno TOC 4th NV State 2nd W. Regionals Tuscon 1st 1st Fila Cadets Ohio 6th

    still have a ton more kids coming in ranked nationally -- extennding limit to 2200 athletes on 24 mats

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    moving past 1650 now


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      dirty jersey gets on the board big time -- more from NJ registering as we speak -- PA should start in next few days