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  • pcc club coach
    First off great name.

    Secondly, I was just announcing what day our tournament was. Several teams, friends, coaches etc , had asked if we had a day for our event. So the information, I admit was mostly geared to those people that have been to our tournament. I am sorry for the lack of general informtion...

    The flier should be up soon, if anyone wants a flier, email me and I will gladly send one to your club coach or you.

    Email is

    All the information is on the flier, or I can answer any questions you want via email.

    It is a great event, if you haven't been to it, I would attend it once.

    Location is Fairbury HS
    Cost is $20
    Has not been track in the past, under consideration now
    Have always spent a lot of money on the awards, which I assure you are second to none. 9 inch statues were given last year to all first place kids.
    3 inch custom medals were given to everyone else. Except the tots, who got a special award. And large team awards...

    Any other general questions please email me for a flier, but thanks for your interest, and I hope you are able to attend the Hawk Challenge on Jan 26th....

    Format is round robin, with elite bracketing and bracketing for kids that are inexperienced and learning how to wrestle

    Numbers are 425 to 500

    starts at 9 am, weigh ins are 6:30 to 8:00 am

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  • Pinhead
    Originally posted by pcc club coach View Post
    ... Will fill up fast. (I hope lol.)...
    Originally posted by pcc club coach View Post
    What are your questions?...
    No offense, but that is a sloppy announcement.

    Entry Fee???
    Registration process???
    Weigh-in info???
    Wrestling start time???

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  • pcc club coach
    What are your questions?

    In Fairbury IL

    The best awards in IL or as good as any I have ever seen

    Great competition

    2 gyms and full mats for seniors

    Great venue

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  • Lorenn
    Well, sorry to say that I am thinking that the detail is lacking lots more info, so would you please be more expressive about the tournament.

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  • LucianaHardin

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  • pcc club coach
    started a topic Hawk Challenge

    Hawk Challenge

    The Prairie Central Hawk Challenge is Jan 26th.

    Will fill up fast. (I hope lol.)

    Flyers out soon

    Sorry for the delay