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I will add a comment...a rather critical one. I went to the US Olympic Trials last June in Las Vegas NV for both the judo and wrestling. I thought it was great and I am very much in favor of a close relationship in both sports...that goes for the high school/jr level as well. On the other hand, failing to qualify all the weights and the type of performance that the US turned in in Bejing was embarrassing. I can't believe that we came away with one medal each in Greco Roman, freestyle, and judo, Cejudo's being the only gold. The US has never done particularly well in judo but given the current crop of young players coming up I hope that will change. After watching the live stream video (yep, I stayed up late to watch most of the matches) I could not believe the US wrestlers looked so flat!!!!! Other than Cejudo, Wheeler, Mocco (who got screwed on a horrible call) and a few others It was a fiasco. Askren was the biggest disappointment. So...what's the answer for London 2012?
Well put! When are we going to make a statement and beat the powerhouse countries? I hope to see it in my lifetime, but something needs to change.
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