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Soccer and wrestling both present different challenges. In soccer, I get to coach with one of my best friends and my brother in law. He and i have a great relationship and work well together. I know my role, and I do the best I can to help him and the team. We compete for a state title every year - and thats a lot of fun. We play 2-3 nationally ranked teams every year, and the "next step" is to get ourselves ranked in the top 10 nationally. The kids we get here that play soccer have been playing their whole lives, and a lot of time, they have all been playing together for countless years. Competition for a spot on the team, and then a spot in the lineup makes people want to come in and work hard every day. If not, they might not be playing very much. The program here has been solid since the 1990's, and we are just trying to continue the tradition and put ourselves on the map nationally as a program every year. Soccer is something I never really saw myself coaching 5 years ago, but I enjoy it a lot and I have developed a love for the game.

Wrestling obviously is my main sport, and it is the sport I always knew I would coach. I get to coach with my dad, who I have always looked up to and always wanted to coach with. Again - we work very well together and I could never ask for anything different. The challenges we have in wrestling at our school are much different than soccer. We dont get many, if any, kids who have previous wrestling experience. Wrestling is not a "main" sport at our school, or really in our area. So, getting kids to come out, teaching them the basics, and watching them grow from there is something I have grown to enjoy quite a bit. Our program is not at the top level of the state, but every year we are getting better and better, and hopefully soon will be the best program in our area. That would be an achievement. We have never won a regional title in wrestling at our school, so therefore, that is a goal we work towards every day. Once we do that, we can go on from there. I have yet to coach someone who has advanced to the state meet in wrestling, so that is another goal we are working towards.

So, the challenges are very different, both both are very exciting for me. I enjoy both of them equally, and I have put a lot of time into both of them. Reaching the next step - whatever that may be - is the goal we have in both programs, and we do it with the same main method - team work, hard work, class, discipline, and trying to develop better people as well as better athletes.
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