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Originally Posted by Mike Honcho View Post
It is awful early to take much of a guess at this but I will take a shot at the Mid-Illini

103- ??? Don't know who will return to this weight class?? Rudd for sure if he is 103 again, but I am guessing he will go up. I know Washington's three pounder from last year is going up. Maybe Vicary from Pekin??

112 - Rudd...this is where I am guessing him to be

119 - Vincent Hill or I have heard rumors Gonzalez from EP will be back this year. I also think EP has a pretty good froshie coming in somewhere around this weight class??

125 - Max Burling was here last year and I thought was pretty small, so he could be here again?? Glascock from Morton and McIntosh from Washington are also good possibilities?

130 - Colton Gladwell - Washington. Might be him and Glascock from Morton here?? I would take Gladwell in that one!!

135 - Brandon Rice Washington...noone else I dont think!!

140 - Holeman- Pekin if he is here?? Washington will have a couple pretty good kids competing for this spot possibly. Lamb was there at 140 last year, and I know they have a pretty good transfer that might be up around that weight, but he might end up smaller though.

145 - Holeman- Pekin..this is where I expect him?? If he is not here, then Miller from Metamora or whichever Washington wrestler doesn't make the 140 spot??

152 - Burling - Pekin and Wright - Washington are 1 and 2...where will they be weight class wise though??

160 Reel - Washington - nuff said!!

171 - Massengill - shoulld be the favorite..but how the weight classes shake out over there will tell alot!

189 - Butner - if he is back at this weight?? If not Joseph from EP??

215 - Wide Open

285 - Wide Open
I hear EPs frosh will be closer to 103.