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Originally Posted by MslWrestler119 View Post
Real Woods is no doubt an All-American threat next year. I know my post says Past IHSA wrestlers but I was only referring to wrestlers that their hometown is in Illinois. Woods hometown is in New Mexico, and wouldn’t feel right claiming him as an Illinois boy. Even though wrestlers like DJ Shannon, Jacob Kaminski, and Vinny Zerban go to high schools in different states, they are still products of the Illinois wrestling community and hometowns reside in Illinois. I wish we could claim him because I think he’s going to do some great things at Stanford.
Your post and your list but IMO IHSA alum are more "Illinois wrestlers" than kids that grew up here but wrestled hs out of state.

Real Woods is more of an Illinois wrestling product than Devin Kane who grew up here and wrestled HS in GA before making the round of 12 as a redshirt freshman last month.
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