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Jordan Burroughs versus Denis Tsargush (cont.)

We left Burroughs and Tsargush early in the first period of their Olympic semifinal match with the Russian having just scored a takedown to lead 1-0. At about the 2:00 mark of the video, Burroughs gets upset that Tsargush is pushing on his face. You might have noticed that Burroughs likes to use the head-push often, but he doesn't want anybody doing it to him.

In a quick flurry near the end of the first period, it is Tsargush who succumbs to his "choleric temper" and leaves himself exposed as he clubs down on the American's arms. Burroughs shoots a double, a quick exposure with a leg lace and then a step out a few seconds later. That gives Burroughs the first period at 3-1.

In the second period, Tsargush seems like he's going for a 2-on-1 but instead uses a drag by to pull Burroughs into a single leg. He scores. Burroughs is now behind and tries a single, but Tsargush uses a whizzer to defend, which magically turns into his 2-on-1. The second time that happens, he forces Burroughs out for a step-out point. Here's Tsargush turning a whizzer into a 2-on-1 and using the leverage to force Burroughs out of bounds:

Second period goes to the Russian 2-0.

The third period has Tsargush trying the Roman Knuckle lock as a set up to a double-leg. (This must be taught by the Russians!). It doesn't work. Tsargush makes the mistake of not getting in close with his ties, and Burroughs shoots a double that scores.

They trade step outs in the last few seconds, and Burroughs escapes with the 2-1 win.


It is possible to get under the skin of Jordan Burroughs. You can't let yourself get caught up in it. That mistake left Tsargush open to attacks while he was trying to throw haymakers. Also, it might be nice to see IMAR throw in a 2-on-1 if he finds himself in a whizzer position, or he just grabs it.
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