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Originally Posted by allpowerfuloz View Post
Do some quick math $12,000 X 14. You really think ANY private school can afford that or has those kind of resources? Instead of crying follow what Sandburg started and OPRF made famous and what Lockport and Washington are now following. Get a good coach, good feeder program, make a tough schedule and kids will want to be apart of your program even if it means they have to move.
Thanks for proving my point that you have to be a one of the largest schools in Illinois to compete with these private schools. The exception is Washington but they're a growing town that's a suburb of a major city, where they have more bodies to recruit from/have move-in. I'm sure in time they'll get their numbers closer to the OPRF/Lock/Sandburg size. At the end of the day you need bodies with talent and if you're a smaller school, it's going to be a statistical oddity that you could compete with an Aurora Christian, Marian Central (either one), PC's , etc...
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