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Originally Posted by Red Turban View Post
Did you ever wrestle in college or have a kid wrestle in college?

MY experience is HS was easily the most pressure I have seen. College is MUCH more difficult. MUCH more of a grind. Lots of great wrestlers who love the sport just aren't willing to put up with the nearly insane demands of NCAA D1 wrestling.

But in terms of psychological/emotional pressure? High School hands down.
Yes I did and obviously it's going to differ from person to person but generally I would say there's more pressure to perform in college.

But now you're contradicting yourself. "Insane demands of NCAA D1 wrestling" sounds like psychological pressure to me.

So Rudy who made it through the psychological/emotional burden of high school suddenly quit wrestling in college when all the pressure was off? That doesn't sound right.

There's way more high school wrestlers that make it than college ones. Sure, you're not going from 8 hours of school straight to 3 hours of wrestling practice anymore. You usually only have about 4 college classes at a time so that takes some pressure off but it's put back on with the need to perform in order to maintain a starting spot or risk losing a scholarship. (Side note: did this change in the last year where now you can't lose promised money anymore?)
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