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Originally Posted by 8-Bit Luchador View Post
Are Ragusin, Swier and Mayora eligible?

In addition to the above posted.
Farmer YG

Norfleet HPDT

Pucino FACT
Smith, R HPDT (He'll pop up by the deadline, lol)

Smith, B HPDT (He'll pop up by the deadline, lol)
Lopez MVFE (My 2 cents he will go down from 115)

Nash LEM (My 2 cents he will go up from 115)
Breen BBJR
All the top clubs know that Mayora is eligible because they've all been trying to recruit him up unitl a couple weeks ago. Also this has already been handled with the IKWF because there were some rumors started at the 2nd tournament of the year. So any questions can be directed to our governing body.
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