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Originally Posted by rascal13 View Post
How about discussing ideas on how to get school administrations behind wrestling programs. Coming from a small school we play second fiddle to anything else that is in the works in our school. It would be interesting to hear how other programs gain respect from the administration??????? just an idea?

*A few ideas...(but you probably know all this) no particular order

Increase the number of kids who participate in wrestling (a kids program always helps)

Increase parent involvement. Parents talk to teachers and administrators

Make sure you are the coach to ALL wrestlers, not just the stars of the team

If you are a teacher at the school (and even if you aren't), talk to teachers and try to get them to attend duals. Although students want to be too cool to care, most really like it if a teacher attends a dual

See if you can get the student newspaper to cover wrestling more

Provide administrators lists of prominent people who have wrestled, especially at the college level (I can help here, but not now).

Emphasize over and over to the wrestlers that they need to make good decisions off the mat--nothing hurts a program more than when a wrestler gets into trouble

Best of luck!
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