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Originally Posted by PapaBearSLIM View Post
Ref had a beef but the kid is doing himself no favors. According to a couple WI guys this is the kids MO and the apple didn't fall far from the tree. That was dad that was almost ejected and supposedly the parents mf'd the refs at the tail of all of that. Again repeating that though most of us see no harm in the flex at the end, the kid has to know better especially after the 1st UC and the fact that he was hit for a costly UC for flexing last season. He used to be on the team he flexed on and cost them a chance at team finals last year with a UC for flexing.

1st UC ok we get it ref and you showed him. 2nd UC....

16 yr old immaturity that almost cost him dearly. I'm glad that it seems they are figuring out a way to let him wrestle and hopefully he learns his lesson.
Agree with all points presented.

I'd like to do away with beef-y officiating as much as I would celebrations. That's what I was going on about.
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