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I don't have a dog in this fight but of the last 88 shooters who were tabulated & met that criteria, only 14.8 percent had been diagnosed with a psychotic disorder. And even for them, it’s hard to say with any certainty that mental illness caused or contributed to their shooting.

The US does not have more crazy people and we already lock up more people than anyone. Its not like there are other countries with hunting and legal guns that we can compare to, which is a shame because that might be helpful. It is possible the 2nd Amendment was meant as a suicide pact, and if that is the cost of freedom we should live with it. As for Trump naming video games and not the real reason that statisticians have found is for entertainment only. We have had 249 mass shootings this year compared to the next country at 3, but they up'd the count required so officially we are at 130. I see arguments on both sides of this one, but the American way is for the majority of the cost of the deaths to be distributed upon the gun owners via tax. The 55 people shot every weekend in the summer should be of some concern to the locals you might think. I went to NIU, we had a mass shooting there & then just this year an intern from NIU was shot in a mass shooting, that one seemed a bit personal. These cases proved the good guy with a gun argue null as well, 9 people in 32 seconds.

I called this situation in the other thread about two weeks ago, it was inevitable.
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