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Originally Posted by Mencoe View Post
Well, at least we have posts to read. LOL

I'm interested in what you and TIOT have to say about the "losing on purpose" thread. A lot of everyday posters seem to be avoiding the topic.
I have no problem with it whatsoever.

Sectionals isn't seeded. That drives this whole problem. You have a problem with what you're seeing? Remove the cause, not the symptoms.

Same like with holdbacks, everyone's else's favorite topic du jour. If you don't want 15 or 16 year old freshmen then change the rules which allow for it. Soon, you'll find out you really CAN'T and all the bleating is for nothing.

Nobody can force you to wrestle a match. You want to injury default and take your chances that way, go get 'em tiger.

Is it the manly, tough thing to do? Nope. Just the smart thing.

Too much of the former, not enough of the latter.
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