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First off Elias, Bolingbrook and Ambrose great event.

Now the reality. Teams and coaches cheat. Usually the same ones too. A lot of our SOT-C wrestlers looked like they were in the wrong bracket. Half of our 12 wrestiers we had participating won the event. FYI The 1st place team belt was awesome. But to me a bit tainted. Have a check scale and a few random kids from the top 5-10 teams step on the scales. Or any obvious kids way off weight. Take the Roller approach, charge $10/20 to challenge a weight ??? With the hosts keeping all profits.

I bet all our club wrestlers weigh probably less or tops 1 lbs different. Why ? We wanted the competition. I knew we weren’t belt worthy

Where is the Truth and mat side weigh ins ?

Great event we will be back. With 10 hammers next year. And all will be on weight. For the comp and well run event. Team trophies are Nice but at what price ?

Let’s wrestle

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