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Originally Posted by onyourtoes View Post
A. No kids around here - and I'm using 'kids' as 11 and younger - are dropping that kind of weight, so feel free to turn the alarm down a notch.

B. It is NOT easy for these kids to shed weight in most cases, which is why, a week out, kids who have to spend a little bit of time working on it, are close to their weigh-in weight 3 - 4 days before the weigh in (Tulsa weighs in tomorrow).

If you're worried about 6 / 7 year old weights, might I suggest lightening up a tad bit.
You missed my point entirely. I get it that some of the novice and seniors are cutting for Tulsa, Jon Davis and Iowa. I have no issue with that.

My point is that I am seeing some of these younger kids stepping out on the mat and they are clearly much bigger and stronger than their opponent. Second year bantams are not cutting weight for these local tournaments. Do their clubs forgot they have an official weigh-in at last year's regional that anyone can reference on trackwrestling?
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